York, Scotty: For Your Eyes Only
©1993 Scott B. York
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 125 pages
For Your Eyes Only
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Comments: "A Most Unique Selection of Distinctive Close-Up Magic From the Extraordinary Repertoire of a Professional Tricky Bartender." Featuring "The Scotty York Light Bulb" - detailed instructions on how to make it and how to present it, plus the Fred Kap's Handling of the Scotty York b"Lamp". He has expanded upon Mike Close's "Origami Frog" trick.


i Foreword
iv Introduction
1 The Performing Bartender
9 The Skil Saw Compatibility Test
18 Froggy Goes A'Courtin: Scotty's version of Mike Close's Origami Frog card trick
25 How to Fold the Frog
31 The Signed Card in the Watch
39 The Marked Coin in the Pocket Watch
47 The Marked Coin in the Sugar Packet
51 My Lady's Teddy Bear
56 Poor Charlie Smith
65 The Rising Cards
72 The Borrowed Bill in Cigarette
85 Scotty's Pen Switch for Bill in Cigarette
91 The Scotty York Light Bulb
96 Construction Details for the Original Scotty York Light Bulb
103 Assembly, Testing, and Adjustment of The Scotty York Light Bulb
109 The Scotty York Handling and Presentation of the Light Bulb
116 The Fred Kap's Handling of the Scotty York Lamp
119 Shuffling Off Lucille