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Magic Book Table of Contents Page update, Nov 2022

Table of Contents listings were added (or updated) for the following Magic books on the Magic Book Table of Contents page ( Enjoy!

Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery (updated)
Collis, Len: Magic Tricks for Children
Educational Insights: Magic Show 25 Tricks
Educational Insights: Magic Show! 75 Tricks
Evans, Henry Ridgely: A Master of Modern Magic (Robert-Houdin)
Garcia, Frank: Magic by Garcia
Gilbert, A.C.: Mysto Magic Book of Instructions
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 5
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 6
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 7 (updated)
Gresham, William Lindsay: Houdini, the Man Who Walked Through Walls
Grosso, Vinny: Nothing New, Just Different
Harsh, Michael: Coin Magic Lecture Notes
Hinchliffe, Jeff: Pointing in Different Directions
Hinchliffe, Jeff: Riffs - Tuned in the Key of Mnemonica
Hira, David: Neat Things I Know
Ho, Oliver: Young Magician Magic Tricks
Hoffmann, Professor: Mechanical Puzzles
Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Handkerchiefs
Holiday, John Henry: My Way Volume One
Holiday, John Henry: My Way, Volume Three (The Routines)
Holiday, John Henry: My Way, Volume Two
Hollingworth, Guy: Quartet
Hollingworth, Guy: Waiting for Inspiration
Horwitz, Basil: The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume III
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Book of Magic
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Book of Magic and Party Pastimes
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Magic Secrets
Houston, Opie R.: Magical Ramblings of an Idle Mind (updated)
Houston, Will: The Notebook
Howarth, David A.S.: Winners All
Howie, John: Routines With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Hudson, Walt & Tom Ogden: A Volunteer From the Audience
Hudson, Walt: Saturday's Kid Show
Huggins, Wilfred: Secrets of the Street Conjurer
Hugo, Oscar: Magi Card System
Hull, Burling: "13" A Baker's Dozen
Hull, Burling: 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases (updated)
Hull, Burling: Art Rubber Magic
Hull, Burling: Impromptu Cigarette Routine
Hull, Burling: Miracle Floating Light Effects (revised)
Hull, Burling: The Last Word Blindfold Methods
Hull, Burling: The Miracle Floating Light Effects
Hull, Burling: The Original One Man Mindreading Act
Hull, R.W., Paul Gordon (editor): The Complete Eye-Openers
Hull, R.W.: Hull's Wonder Trick Namo-O-Card
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): A Baker's Dozen Hummers
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): Another Dozen Hummers
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): Still More Hummers
Hummerston, R.A.: The Book of Fun, Mirth & Mystery
Hunter, Norman: New and Easy Magic (updated cover)
Hunter, Norman: New Conjuring Without Skill (updated cover)
Hurst, Andy: Project Latnem (updated cover)
Rensselaer, Alexander Van: Magic (updated)

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October 2022 Magic Book ToC Update!

Added a bit over 40 additional Magic Book table of content listings to the site here:
Mostly with authors who's last names start with H.

Davies, Toby (editor): Ten for Thom
Fogel, Maurice: The Gambling Ghost - Fogel's Top Secrets No. 1
Gloviski, Peter: Lecture 1985 cover image added
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: The Blueprint Volume 3
Groves, David: Be a Street Magician!
Hallas, Paul: O.O.P.S. Magic and Mentalism
Hamilton, Cara: Storytelling for Magicians
Hamilton, Greg: Hare Brain Ideas for the Rabbit in the Hat Puppet Vol.1
Hanes, Justin: Mystery Engineering
Hanky Panky: Super Magic 100 Tricks
Harbin, Robert: How to Be a Wizard
Harel, Nimrod: Shalosh - Stage Work
Hargraves, Bob: A Lesson in Magic!
Harlan, Dan: Warning: Prolonged Exposure May Induce Severe Brain Trauma
Harris, Ben: Crossroads
Harris, Ben: Mentallica - Heavy Mental Magic
Harris, Ben: New Directions Five
Harris, Ben: New Directions One
Harris, Ben: New Directions Six
Hart, Steve: Tricks to Make them Laugh
Hartman, Jerry K.: After Craft, More Card Trickery
Hartman, Jerry K.: Card Devilry
Hasbun, Bob: Out of the Box
Havil, Julian: Impossible?
Hawkesworth, Eric: Conjuring
Hawkesworth, Eric: Pleated Paper Folding
Hawkesworth, Eric: Rag Picture Shows
Hawkesworth, Eric: The Art of Paper Tearing
Hayden, Allan: New 'Modified' Mighty Silver Bulldog
Hecklau, Axel: Details
Hedan, Vincent: Lecture Notes
Hemingway, David: Aspects of Magic
Henderson, Brad: The Dance
Herman, Black (Benjamin Rucker): Secrets of Magic-Mystery & Legerdemain
Hetzler, Bruce: Bev Taylor's Town House Magic
Hickey, Preston Langley: Parlor Problems
Hickok, Chuck: First and Last Lecture
Hickok, Chuck: Thought-Full Telepathy
Higham, Justin: Bold and Illogical Card Moves
Higham, Justin: Clairvoyant, Mental Topper and The Mind-Reader's Dream
Higham, Justin: Highlights
Higham, Justin: The 75% Production and the Trick With No Method
Higham, Justin: The Complete Illogical Dribble Force
Mentzer, Jerry: Eddie Fechter´s Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians
Mentzer, Jerry: Paul Harris' Super Swindle!

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August 2022 Magic Book ToC Update

Small update this month, just 17 new Magic Book Table of Contents entries, four books updated with descriptions, and a few miscellaneous updates not listed.

Anderson, George B.: How To Be A Junior Magician
Bordner, Greg (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4 Secrets and Routines (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (producer); Chuck Kleiber (compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 5 Mentalism (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 6: The Halloween Magic (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 9: Carnival Magic (updated with descriptions)
Cohen, Steve: Max Malini, King of Magicians, Magician of Kings
Crosthwaite, Roger: Lecture Notes 1
Crosthwaite, Roger: Lecture Notes 2
Fetsch, Hen: Who's Fooling Who!
Fisher, Rick: The Three Magic Words Just Say No!
Fitch, Bob: Hidden Secrets
Fogel, Maurice: Gives Himself Away
Galsworthy, John: Concerning the Palming of Cards
Gladwin, Andi: 52 Explorations; Jack Parker's Final Legacy
Guimarães, Helder: Don't Xerox Lecture Notes
Guinn, Scott: 2001 A Magical Odyssey
Hallas, Paul: Card Magic for the Enthusiast
Hallas, Paul: Magic From the Overground (partial contents)
Hallas, Paul: Mentalism With Cards
Hallas, Paul: The Englishmen's Lecture Notes
Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Cards, Condensed From Modern Magic (updated)

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July 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

98 Magic book table of contents listings have been added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page (
This update includes mostly books authored by authors whose last name ends in G.
Also 21 updates were made to other listings to correct listings, add descriptions, and so forth.

Brooke, Maxey: Fun For the Money
Brown, Robert J.: 333 Science Tricks & Experiments
Fiedman, Jonathan: The 80's Called They Want Their Magic Book Back
Ganson, Lewis: Complete Routined Manipulation
Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Ball, Cone and Handkerchief
Ganson, Lewis: The Essential Dai Vernon
Ganthony, Robert: Practical Ventriloquism
Garcia, Frank: The Very Best of Cups and Balls
Gardner, Martin: Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions
Gardner, Martin: The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
Gauci, Charles: Encore
Gazzo: Street Cups and Balls (updated)
Geddes, Alan Dee: The Card Magic Of Alan Dee Geddes
Geddes, Johnny: Gags With Gimmicks
Gerard, Antony: A Triangle of Treasures
Gibbons, Bob: Performing With Kids
Gibson, Walter B.: Advanced Magic, Fell's Know-it-All Guide
Gibson, Walter B.: Magic Made Easy
Gibson, Walter B.: Sixteen Master Card Mysteries (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring; Complete Book of Magic
Gibson, Walter: Fell's Beginner's Guide to Magic; Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Magic (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Knots and How to Tie Them
Gibson, Walter: Magic for Beginners
Gibson, Walter: Practical Card Tricks Volume One
Gibson, Walter: Secrets of Magic Ancient and Modern
Gibson, Walter: The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic
Gibson, Walter: Twenty New Practical Card Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Two Dozen Effective Practical Card Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Walter Gibson's Big Book of Magic for All Ages
Gilbert, Albert C.: Mysto Magic Book of Instructions
Gilbert, Blair L.: Patter Chatter Volume I & II
Gilbey, Gordon G.: Elmsleys and Doubles and Crimps...Oh My!
Ginn, David: Bringing Home the Laughs
Ginn, David: Christmas Magic Workbook
Ginn, David: Colorful Magic (updated)
Ginn, David: Comedy Card on Back
Ginn, David: Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief (updated)
Ginn, David: Comedy Warm-Ups for Children's Shows (updated)
Ginn, David: Crash Course on Kid Shows
Ginn, David: Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No. 4 (updated)
Ginn, David: Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No. 5 (updated)
Ginn, David: Feather Flowers From Nowhere (updated)
Ginn, David: Kidshow Magic Kompendium
Ginn, David: Live Kidbiz
Ginn, David: Live Kidbiz 2
Ginn, David: Nearly Unpublished
Ginn, David: New Dove Magic
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals (updated)
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals Two
Ginn, David: Only 3 Ways to Book Your Show (updated)
Ginn, David; Samuel Patrick Smith; Steve Taylor: Creative Kid Talk
Giobbi, Roberto: Card College Lighter
Giobbi, Roberto: Deck Switch
Giobbi, Roberto: Homage to Dai Vernon Life & Work
Gladwin, Andi, John Campbell: Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination
Gloviczki, Peter: The Real Linking Ropes
Goldin, Horace: Horace Goldin's Secrets of Magic
Goldin, Horace: It's Fun to be Fooled
Goldman, Bill: One for the Money
Goldman, Bill: Two for the Show
Goldstein Phil: MajorMinor (updated)
Goldstein, Phil (aka Max Maven): Houston & Reality
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Dallas in December
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Desert Seminar Notes
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Hollywood Hyperbole
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Ideas By Max
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Las Vegas Lecture
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Segreti De Saint-Vincent
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): CHICAGO II
Goldstein, Phil: Fifth (updated)
Goldstein, Phil: Flaunting Five Fanciful Formulae
Goldstein, Phil: Masque
Goldstein, Phil: MINDvention Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Quasimodo - A Fine Mesh
Goldstein, Phil: Saint Louis Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Scarborough '95
Goldstein, Phil: Shuffled Lecture (updated)
Goldstein, Phil: Spectacle
Goldstein, Phil: Tearable
Goldstein, Phil: Texas Notes
Goldston, Will: Easy Road to Magic in Seven Lessons
Goldston, Will: Goldston Reader
Goldston, Will: Magical Hints, Valuable Information, &c., &c.
Goldston, Will: More Modern Card Tricks
Goldston, Will: Paper Tricks
Goldston, Will: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men (updated)
Goldston, Will: Sleights and Tricks
Goldston, Will: Tricks and Illusions (updated)
Goldston, Will: Tricks That Mystify (updated)
Goldston, Will: Who's Who in Magic
Good, Arthur: 100 Amazing Magic Tricks (updated)
Goodliffe: Simply Wizard
Goodsell, David: A Faker's Dozen
Gordon, Paul & Tom Craven: The Keeper Card Book
Gordon, Paul: Carbon Footprints
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Companion (updated)
Gordon, Paul: Cause and Effect
Gordon, Paul: Pack Up Your Cards
Gordon, Paul: The Unplanned Card Book
Gorham, Ace: People Know Everything!
Goswick, Tim: Goswick's Evolution
Goulet, Ray: The Magic Art Of This "N" That
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: The Blueprint Extra - Featuring the Magic of Tom Gagnon
Grant, Jamie D.: The Approach
Grant, U.F. & Don Tanner (editor): Center Tear Methods
Grant, U.F. & Don Tanner (editor): Snip-Snip Want Ad Test
Grant, U.F.: 100 Tips and Gags (updated)
Grant, U.F.: 99 Tips and Gags (updated)
Grant, U.F.: Counterfeit Card Miracles
Grant, U.F.: Don Tanner (editor): Top Secret
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Secret Service
Grant, U.F.: T.A. Whitney (editor): 25 Improved One-Man Mindreading Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With A Short Card
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Cellophane
Gravatt, Glenn G.: Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt (partial)
Green, Harry: Harry Green Says You Are a Magician!
Griffith, Tony: Further Reflections
Hull, Burling: Volta's Giant ESP Thought Projection

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Magicref Site Updates June 2022

Made a large update to the Article on Color Changing Knives here:

Also, added 60 books and 5 updates (with descriptions or corrections) to the Magic Book Table of Contents page:

Carey, John: The Very Best of John Carey
Dean, Jack: Soothsayer (updated)
Evans, Cheryl & Ian Keable-Elliott: The Usborne Complete Book of Magic
Evans, Shawn C.: Build Your Own Psychic Calculator and Various Mentalist Tricks
Evans, Shawn C.: Card Through Window
Evans, Shawn C.: Fingertip Safe-Cracking by the Numbers
Evans, Shawn C.: Geeking Gallium Gaffs & Gimmicks: The Disappearing Spoon Revitalized
Evans, Shawn C.: How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini
Evans, Shawn C.: Hyper Houdini Handcuff Hacks
Evans, Shawn C.: Mimic Money Methods: The Magic of Bill Gaffing
Evans, Shawn C.: Prestige Pen Projects
Fields, Keith: If Ever A Wiz There Was 2
Findlay, James B.: How's Your Library?
Finley, Stu: Hot Stuff (partial)
Firman, Pete: Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends
Fitzkee, Dariel: Cut and Restored Rope Manipulation
Ford, Jim: 101 Best Stunts
Forman, Al: Handbook of Telephone Telepathy
Forrest, David: Fandango Part 1
Forrest, David: Fandango Part 2
Forrest, David: Inside The Head of Donny Orbit
Forrester, Stephen: The Art Of Street Magic
Fox, Karrell: "New" Lecture Notes
Foxwell, Philip: Missionary Magician Philip Foxwell
Frailich, Ariel: Sub Rosa
Francis, Cameron: Aberrations
Francis, Cameron: Just About Anywhere
Franco, Dick: Three Club Juggling
Franke, Harry G.: The Magician's Round Table Lecture
Franklin, Eric: Kamut The Art of Making Pictures in String
Friebe, Dennis: Insomnia - The Card Notes of Dennis Friebe
Friedhoffer, Bob: Ravings
Frost-Sharratt, Cara: 101 Clever Card Tricks
Frost, Ron: To the Point
Fullman, Joe: Fantastic Big Book of Magic Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Card Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Coin and Rope Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Mind Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Sleight of Hand Tricks
Fulves, Karl: Cards 1, Four Card Brainwave
Fulves, Karl: Cards 2, 51 Faces North
Furst, Arnold: Famous Magicians of the World
Furst, Arnold: Great Magic Shows
Furst, Arnold: Mightier Than The Bullet (partial)
Gagnon, Tom & Wesley James (author): Avant-Cards
Gagnon, Tom: Gagnon Unfiltered
Galloway, Andrew: Diverting Coin Magic
Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Legend - Revised & Enlarged Edition
Gans, Arthur D.: Object Lessons in Selling Safety
Giobbi, Roberto: Standup Card Magic
Gordon, Henry: Henry Gordon's World Of Magic, Revealed!
Gordon, Paul: Card Thoughts
Gordon, Paul: Paul Gordon Strikes Back!
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter (editors): The Blueprint Volume 2
Grant, Gene: More Phantini Mental Secrets
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets (descriptions added)
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Mental Key (descriptions added)
Hallas, Paul: Baby Totat
Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booklet (updated)
Hallas, Paul: TOTAT (updated)
Hastings, Arthur, et al: ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit (updated)
Havel, Victor: Fun-Time Magic
Heldman, Ernie: Cards That Mean Business (descriptions added)
Karson, Joe & Neil Foster (compiler): Further Tips on Zombie
Tyler, Diamond Jim: Close-Up Magic Secrets

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May 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents update

Small update this month - just 26 books added, mostly from authors whose last name start with "F".
More to come!
The magic book table of contents page is found here:

Falkenstein, Glenn & Frances Willard: One Step Mentalism Lecture Notes
Fallon, Pat: Old Ideas, New Twists, Lecture One
Farina, Joe: Lecture Notes From the Magic Touch
Farmer, Bob: Cyclops
Farmer, Bob: The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier
Fay: Fay's Latest Mystifying Tricks
Fedko, John: Children's Magic Close Up Number Two (partial)
Fedko, John: Children's Magic Stage Number Two (partial)
Fedko, John: Magic Classics III
Fedko, John: Magic Classics VII (partial)
Fedko, John: Magic Classics X
Ferrell, Tom & Lee Eisenberg: Sneaky Feats
Fetsch, Hen: The Five O' Fetsch
Fields, Keith: An Alien With Extraordinary Ability
Fields, Keith: If Ever a Wiz There Was
Fife, Bruce: The Birthday Party Business
Findlay, J.B.: Tenth Collectors' Annual
Finley, Jerome: Thought Dial
Fiscus, Dave: Birthday Magician's Handbook
Fisher, John (editor): The Magic of Lewis Carroll
Fisher, John (editor): Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic & Mischief
Fisher, John: Tommy Cooper Always Leave Them Laughing
Fitzsimons, Raymund: Death and the Magician - the Mystery of Houdini
Fleischman, Sid: Between Cocktails, With a Packet of Matches
Fleischman, Sid: Escape! The Story of The Great Houdini
Ivan, Joseph (editor): The Fakir Magazine, Vol 02, Number 09

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April 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

For April, there are 50 new magic book table of contents listings added, and about 11 older ones updates with fixes, or descriptions added.
Mostly with authors who's last names start with "E" for this round.

Beam, Steve: Obie's F.F.F.F. 2011 Teach-a-Trick
Benge, Ken: The Art of Juggling
Blackmore, Kent: Levante, His Life, No Illusion
Cannon, Andy: 404
Charvet, David: Willard, a Life Under Canvas
Crawhall, Joseph: The Magic Oracle or Conjuror's Guide
Drane, E.O. (Enardoe) & Robert Parrish: Enardoe's Tru-Tone Life-Time Linking Rings
Earl, Benjamin: F For Fiction
Earl, Benjamin: Inside Out
Earl, Benjamin: Less is More
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 1
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 2
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 3
Earle, Lee: SYZYGY'S BEST Volume 3
Eastman, Chas. C.: Magic For You
Eastman, Chas. C.: Subtle Card Sleights
Ecklund, Bob: Superior Perception
Edmonds, Gregory: Rules of Thumb
Edmonds, I.G.: The Magic Makers
Edward, Mark: Top Ten Mentalism With Cards
Edwards, Doug: Cardmania
Edwards, Doug: Nukes (updated)
Einhorn, Nicholas: 200 Easy-to-Learn Magical Illusions, Amazing Puzzles & Stunning Stunts
Einhorn, Nicholas: Abracadabra! Cool Magic Tricks With Cards
Einhorn, Nicholas: Alakazam! Sensational Magic Tricks With Silk, Thimbles, Paper and Money
Einhorn, Nicholas: Card Magic
Einhorn, Nicholas: Presto Change-O! Jaw-Dropping Magic with Dinner Table Objects
Einhorn, Nicholas: Small-Scale Magic, Party Tricks and Optical Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stand Up Magic and Optical Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stunning Stunts, Stand-Up Magic and Stage Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stunts, Puzzles and Stage Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Art of Magic and Sleight of Hand (updated)
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Mysterious Puzzle of the Mi$ing Dollar Bill
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Ultimate Compendium of Magic Tricks
Eldin, Peter (editor): Magic, Presenting the World's Greatest Magicians, Tricks, Illusions
Eldin, Peter: Amaze And Amuse Your Friends
Eldin, Peter: Crazy Magic
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Card Tricks
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Illusions
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Tricks
Eldin, Peter: Lets Make Magic (updated)
Eldin, Peter: Pocket Book of Magic, Magic Handbook (updated)
Eldin, Peter: The Most Excellent Book of How to Be a Magician
Eldin, Peter: The Most Excellent Book of How to Do Card Tricks
Eldin, Peter: The Trickster's Handbook
Ellis, Robert: VISHNU, the Perfect Hindu Rope Miracle
Ellis, Tim & Sue-Anne Webster: 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis (Updated)
Ellis, Tim & Sue-Anne Webster: Ellis in Wonderland (Updated)
Elmsley, Alex: Alex Is At It Again
Elray: Behind the Scenes with the Night Club Magician
Emerson, Arthur J. Jr.: Third Evening at the Magic Circle
Emerson, Arthur, Jr.: The Fifth Evening At The Magic Circle
Emerson, Arthur, Jr.: The Sixth Evening At The Magic Circle
Enfield, William, M.A.: Scientific Amusements in Philosophy and Mathematics
England, Donald: A Magic Lecture (descriptions added)
Ernst, John: Escape King, the Story of Houdini
Feinman, Jeffrey: The Catalogue of Magic (updated Chapters to full ToC)
Fleischman, Sid: Mr. Mysterious's Secrets of Magic (descriptions added)
Fulves, Karl: Deceptive Practices (updated)
Fulves, Karl: Easy Magic (updated)
Fulves, Karl: Setting Up Exercises (updated)

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Magic Book Table of Contents Update - March 2022

60 more Magic Book table of contents entries added here:
This month, mostly Author's who's last names start with "D".
(And about 13 books had some significant updates, such as better cover photo, added descriptions, corrections, etc.)

Andrews, Val: Komedy For Kid Shows
Bartram, Richard, Jr: Close-Up of the Damned (updated)
Berland, Sam: Tear-a-Bill
Bowman & Bard: Mental Magic
Britland, David: Zenner Effect
Clifton, John Lee: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (updated)
Cremer, W.H. (ed): Hanky Panky, A Book of Conjuring Tricks
Dalal, Sam: Change Bags and 101 Tricks
Dawes, Edin A. & Michael E. Dawes: John Henry Anderson - The Great Wizard of the North
Dawes, Edwin A.: Stodare - The Enigma Variations
Dayton, Ronald J.: A Darker Light
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part One (updated)
De-Val, David: Lock Picking Part Two
De Cova, Alexander: Treasures
Dean, Jack: Lecture Notes - 1
Dean, Jack: Psychic Sight
Delgaudio, Derek & Glenn Kanio: A. Bandit, A Secret Has Two Faces
DelGaudio, Derek: Magic Con Notes 2010
Dell, Alan: Nu Way Cut and Restored Bill
Delvin, Jack: Magic in the Family Circle
Demaline, Jesse: Jesse Demaline's DeMagic
Derris, John: KISS
Desmond, Paul: The Art of Emceeing
DeSouza, Marc: Flights of Fantasy
DeSouza, Marc: Master Words of Conjuring - The Lecture
Devereux, Eve & Peter Eldin: Card & Magic Tricks
Devereux, Eve: Start-A-Craft Card Tricks
Dexter, S. Edward: Entertaining With Contact Mind Reading
Dexter, Will: 101 Magic Secrets
Dexter, Will: A Little Magic Among Friends
Dick, William Brisbane: Dick's One Hundred Amusements
Dickson, Craig R.: For the Entertainer Collection No. 1
Dickson, Craig R: For the Entertainer II (updated)
Dixon, Doc: MonkeyShines Volume Two
Dobrowolski, Tom: Arizona 2021 Notes
Dobrowolski, Tom: First, Find a Layman
Dobrowolski, Tom: The Retirement Notes
Dobski, Chester: Thimble Trix
Dobson, Steve: Dobson's Dimensions
Dobson, Wayne: Look No Hands
Dobson, Wayne: Look No Hands - the Lecture
Dobson, Wayne: More Look No Hands
Dobson, Wayne: Outlines
Dobson, Wayne: Young Ideas
Docherty, Doc: Trampled Under Cards
Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): The Chop Cup
Doggett, Robert (Dr. Bob): The Coin Box
Dolan, Edward F., Jr.: The Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
Douglas, Bert: Magic As You Like It
Douglas, Bert: Modern Magic
Downs, T. Nelson: Book of New Coin Tricks, No. 14
Dracup, Rev. Jim: Magic That Points to the Upward Life (updated)
Drake, David: Working the Tables
Dreher, Carl: Lecture II Keeping an Eye on Close-Up
Duce, Bert: Magic for All (updated)
Duck, Russel (Russduck): The Cardiste Magazine (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Close Up To the Point (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Duet (updated)
Duffie, Peter: Trio (updated)
Duffy, Trevor: Crossing the Fine Line
Dunhill, Ed: Miracles in Magic from My Friends
Dunn, Bob: Magic for All, or Make Magic (updated)
Dunninger, Joseph: How to Make a Ghost Walk
Dunninger, Joseph: Monument to Magic
Dusheck, Steve & James Klein (editor): Dusheck's Card Magic
Dusheck, Steve: Lecture No. 1
Dusheck, Steve: Thumb Tip Magic
Duzer, Eric Van: The Seven Basic Secrets of Illusion Design
Dyment, Doug: Calculated Thoughts
Dyment, Doug: Mindsights (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Stimulacra (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Trycilic
Dyne, Ken: Lecture Notes Summer 2015
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February 28 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Added 36 new magic book table of contents listings (and update the listings of 6 other books)

Aldo Colombini: React (updated with descriptions)
Alexander, the Magician: The Magic Show Book
Allen, Alexander: Shared Secrets of Card Magic
Andruzzi, Tony: The Grimoire of the Mages
Annemann, Theodore: Jinx Program No. 5 "No Code" Telepathy
Arce, Greg: Four Thought
Baumann, Fred & Janet Traynor: A Magical Duet
Becker, Larry: More Mentalism for Magicians, a Lecture
Behnke, Leo: Entertaining Close Up (updated)
Berg, Harvey: Sleight of Mind
Biro, Pete: Comedy Magic Lecture!
Bjorklund, H.C.: Fun for All!
Branson, Major LH: Indian Conjuring (updated)
Canning, Doug: Canning's Card Capers
Chavel (compiler): Reelistic Magic
Cheng, Danny & Jeremiah Zuo (editor): Coin Monster
Clark, Tony: Unmasks Award-Winning Dove Techniques
Clifton, John Lee: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (updated to revised edition)
Collins, A Frederick: The Boy Chemist
Colombini, Aldo: First Impressions
Congreave, Chris: Curiouser & Curiouser
Cox, Robert: Magic From the Front Line
Crandall, Clarke "The Senator": MGA Lecture Notes 1952
Cristall, Leslie: My 25 Years of Magic
Cummings, Walter: Billiard Balls
Dalal, Sam: 42 Amazing Tricks & Stunts with Rope
Dalal, Sam: Cabaret Capers
Dalal, Sam: Magic With an ESP Deck (updated with descriptions)
Dalal, Sam: Sound Mentalism
Darci, Steve: Magic Secrets
Daryl: 4F XII
Das, B.: Levitation Secrets
Das, B.: Sawing Illusion Secrets
De Courcy, Ken: Sleightly Easier
De Courcy, Ken: World's Fastest Card Trick
DeBarros, Jules: Techniques and Principles of Sleight of Hand Vol. 1
DeCourcy, Ken: A Case for Cards
DeCourcy, Ken: Patently Obscure
DeCourcy, Ken: Rink Goes Loop La-La
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles
Ganson, Lewis: Reelistic Magic (updated)
McCabe, Pete: Scripting Magic (updated)

By Admin

Hey, a 2nd Magic Book Table of Contents Update for Jan 2022!

Finally I was able to get to a larger update - 101 Magic Book table of content listings added:

Alan, Don & T.A. Whitney (editor): Don Alan's Bowl Routine (Revised)
Allen, Ken: Pilfered Patter No. 1
Andrews, Val: Club Comedy
Andrews, Val: How to Give a Magic Lecture
Andrews, Val: Impromptu Show
Andrews, Val: Once Hung a Gilded Lamp
Andrews, Val: Patter Supreme
Andrews, Val: The Magical Clown
Andruzzi, Tony: Negromicon of Masklyn Ye Mage
Astor, Victor Jamnitzky: Top Secrets, Sealed Miracles No. 4
Beam, Steve: The Underhand Shuffle
Beckwith, Tobias: Beyond Deception
Beckwith, Tobias: Beyond Deception Volume 2
Behr, Denis: Handcrafted Card Magic Volume 3
Bender, Steven: Sixteen of My Current Favorites
Bengel, Robert: Corporate Ways And Means
Berg, Joe, Al Aldini: Rough Stuff (added revised edition ToC)
Biro, Pete: Lecture No. 2 Pete Biro Tries Again!
Black Aretefacts: Enter The Devil
Bowman, Robert P.: The Magic Counselor
Brown, Bob: The Entertainmentalist
Burger, Eugene: Teaching Magic
Carter, Christopher: Jake Spade and Other Strange Stories
Friedman, Jonathan: The Magic of Jonathan Friedman - The Musical
Geris, Brent Arthur James: Best of All Worlds
Hey, Graham: The Comedy Cosmonaut
Magician, Christopher T.: A Show for All Seasons
Matney, Ryan: The Midnight Oil - Late Sessions with a Pug
McGill, Ormond: Balancing Magic and Other Tricks
Peris, Daniel: The Peristance
Redford, Patrick: Cardboard
Reynolds, Steve: Output Issues 1-20
Richardson, Barrie: Curtain Call
Richie, Alma M.: Slydini's Linking Rubber Band Mystery
Rogers, Wayne (Chicane): Nothing to Declare
Rowland, Ian: Alpha Series Lecture Notes Set 2 - Cards
Shane, R.: Automata
Shane, R.: Five
Shane, R.: Four
Shane, R.: One
Shane, R.: Pentology
Shane, R.: Three
Shane, R.: Two
Shotts, Floyd: Devilish Deceits
Silkie, Joe; Steve Pittella: Walrus Tails
Simmons, Ken: Riffling the Pasteboards
Slaight, Allan: The Essential Stewart James
Sminkey, Don: It's Not What You Do, But How You Do It!
Smith, Al: Card Stalking
Smith, Al: Cards on Demand
Smith, Havarston: Hot Slots
Smith, Phillip: Passport to Marked Cards
Sorcar, P.C.: Sorcar On Magic
Stagnaro, Angelo: Shibboleth, Mentalist Secrets
Stagnaro, Angelo: Something From Nothing
Stanley, Harry: Gems with Jumbo Cards
Stanley, Harry: Magic With Jumbo Cards
Stapleton, Dan: Magic for the Working Magician
Stern, Deane: No Secrets
Stevens, Eric: Thought Space
Stone, Capt. J.E.: Tricky Tricks and Telling Talk
Stone, Jeff: Diary of a Madman
Stone, Tom: A Toast for Charon
Stone, Tom: Abstract Passions
Stone, Tom: Flatland Fever
Stone, Tom: Gravel
Stone, Tom: Maelstrom
Stone, Tom: Moonshine Monologues
Stone, Tom: Random Walk
Stone, Tom: Runes of Tomorrow
Stone, Tom: Skerries
Stone, Tom: Sleepless in a Pipedream
Stone, Tom: Snapshots
Stone, Tom: The Eye of the Last Dragon
Stone, Tom: The Warpsmith's Toolbox
Stone, Tom: Tripodal by Sundown
Strange, Caleb: The Garden of the Strange
Strivings, Mark: An Omelet for Denver
Strivings, Mark: Constructive Mentalism
Strivings, Mark: Strange Thoughts
Strong, Todd: The Devil Stick Book
Strout, Cushing: On the Other Side of the Mirror
Sugar, Bert Randolph & James Randi: Presenting Houdini His Life and Art
Sumpter, Gary: Ultimate Street Magic
Surath, Avrom, Webster Bull: Life With A Magic Company
Swadling, Bob: FFFF Lecture Notes
Swan, Parker: How to Force a Watermelon
Swigert, Ryan: KickBack, the Real Work
Swiss, Jamy Ian: Dichotomies
Swiss, Jamy Ian: Theurgical Thread II
Sylber, Charles & T.A. Whitney: 33 Deceptions With a Change Bag
Tank, J.: Tidbits & Touches
Tanner, Don: How To Do Headline Predictions (updated with revised edition info)
Tappan, Peter: The Peter Tappan Lecture
Thompson, J.G., Jr. & B.W. McCarron (editor): Strongest Thought
Thornton, Dr. Spencer: Thornton's Secrets of Mental Magic
Thurston, Howard: Thurston's Easy Pocket Tricks Book No. 2
Thurston, Howard: Thurston's Easy Pocket Tricks Book No. 3
Tillar, Jack Kent: Trio
Tiong, Phoa Yan: Subtlety and Utility In Magic
Tong, Dan: Master Lecture Series 1 Close Up

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