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29 March 2018 Magic ToC Update

This month adds a little over 50 additonal magic book table of contents listings, mostly with author's with the last name starting with S.

Acer, David & Jay Sankey: The Night Before
Burger, Eugene: Rediscoveries
Hagy, James: Early English Conjuring Collectors - James Savren and Henry Evanion
Rosenthal, Harvey: Share My Pleasure
Schindler, George: Close-Up Standing Up Lecture Notes
Schlutz, Ryan: Making the Cut
Schneider, Al: On Coins
Schoneck, F.V.: Hit the Deck
Schulte, George: Magical Monologues
Schulte, George: Patter Paragraphs
Schulte, George: Words for Wizards
Science & Mechanics Magic Handbook 1968
Scott, Lionel: Fire Mysteries
Scott, Lionel: Practical Paper Tricks
Scott, Lionel: Scott's True Black Art for the Entertainer
Scott, Lionel: Twist and Fancies of the Modern Magician
Searles, Lin: Slow Motion Poker Deals
Searles, Lynn: The Card Expert
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume One
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume Two
Selbit: The Magical Entertainer
Setteducati, Mark & Anne Benkovitz: The Magic Show
Setterington, Arthur: Magic Fun and Games (partial)
Setterington, Arthur: The Joe Smith Mysteries
Severn, Bill: Best Magic
Severn, Bill: Big Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Complete Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic In Mind
Severn, Bill: Magic Money
Severn, Bill: Magic Shows You Can Give
Severn, Bill: Magic With Paper
Severtsen, Arty: They Call Me Mr. Peabody
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Children's Routines
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Hat Productions
Sharpe, Alton: Expert Card Chicanery
Sharpe, Alton: Ollapodrida Apr 1998
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjured Up
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets
Sharpe, S.H.: Devant's Delightful Delusions
Sharpe, S.H.: Good Conjuring
Sharpe, S.H.: Great Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic Artistry
Sharps, Les: Sharp Sorcery
Shaxon, Alan: Ideal Entertainment
Shaxon, Alan: My Kind of Magic
Shay, Gene: Secrets of Magic Revealed
Sheets, Bob: Accumulations
Sheets, Bob: Lecture Book #1
Sheldon, George: The Amateur Magician
Shelley, Mike: Magical Mysteries
Temple, Phil: Thurston the Magician - Our Life of Magic

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28 Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Only 25 books added this month - too much other stuff going on! Hopefully I'll add a larger number in March.

Brent, Christopher: The Flying Silk
Dell, Ralph: Magic With a Smile
Dobson, Wayne: Ping & Pong
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky Lecture Notes
Lewis, Eric: Open Sesame - full contents
London, Ron: A Magical Journey
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Every Little Boy's Book
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Games of Skill and Conjuring
Sanders & Sankey: When Creators Collide
Sanders, Toby: How to be a Compleat Clown
Sands, George: 3 Sandsational Rope Effects
Sands, George: George Sands Lecture Notes
Sands, George: Sandsational Rope 1971 Edition
Sankey, Jay: Making People Wonder
Sankey, Jay: Sankey '90
Sankey, Jay: Sankey Goes Public
Scalbert, Geoffrey: Scalbert's Selected Secrets
Scalbert, Geoffrey: There's a Trick In It
Scarne, John: The Amazing World of John Scarne
Schatz, Dr. Edward R.: Practical Contact Mind Reading
Schenk, Uwe & Michael Sondermeyer: The Magic of Paul Potassy
Scherer, Christian: Card News
Schindler, George: Ventriloquism - Magic With Your Voice
Stride, Richard & Alan Wassilak: Scatter Thought
White, Jeff: Visual Inspirations Part Two

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Jan 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

This is my first post at the new website! Hope this works out well for everone.

This month I've added over 75 additonal books to the Magic Book Table of Contents section.

Dermon, Lou: Close-Up Capers
Hauptmann, Henry Rex: How to Routine Magic
Hauptmann, Henry Rex: The Wicked Uncle
Madsen, Bill: The New Jinx (compiled) - descriptions added
Page, Patrick: The Pull Book
Racherbaumer, Jon: Clockwork 2.0
Racherbaumer, Jon: Tri Psi
Read, Ralph: 'One Man' Mind Reading Secrets
Read, Ralph: The Calostro Mind Reading Act
Read, Ralph: The Radio Vision Mind-Reading Code
Reed, Frank M. (Publisher): How to Entertain a Social Party
Reed, Frank M. (Publisher): The Black Art Fully Exposed and Laid Bare
Regan, John (Publisher): No. 16 Book of Parlor Tricks
Renaker, Jeff: Magic 25 Easy Tricks
Richardson, Barrie: 7 Modest Miracles
Richardson, Barrie: Six Powerful Routines You Can Do
Richardson, Barrie: Subtleties, Boldness and Misdirection
Riebe, Wolfgang: Compelling Mental Magic
Riebe, Wolfgang: It's a Stage I'm Going Through
Riebe, Wolfgang: Kids Party Magic
Riebe, Wolfgang: My Favourite Mental Effects
Riebe, Wolfgang: Sleightly Close-Up
Riebe, Wolfgang: The Complete Works
Riebe, Wolfgang: The Wolfgang Riebe Magic Castle Lecture
Riedel, W.C.: Effective Bible Magic
Riggs, John: Devious Contraptions
Riggs, John: Fat-Free Mentalism
Riggs, John: Heavy Mental
Riggs, John: The Man With the $1.98 Hands
Riggs, John: The Psychic Agenda
Riggs, John: The Suburban Charlatan
Rigney & Murray: Fun With Paper Folding
Robbins, Apollo: Time for a Change
Robbins, Barry: Everybody's Book of Magic
Robbins, David: 102 Startling Tricks
Robbins, David: Over 264 Instant Magic Tricks
Robert-Houdin & Hoffmann: Secrets of Stage Conjuring
Robert-Houdin & Mackenzie: Memoirs of Robert-Houdin
Robert-Houdin, Jean Eugene: Card Sharping Exposed
Robertson, Robin: Handle With Care
Robinson, Fred: Magic of Fred Robinson
Robinson, Richard: Science Magic In the Bedroom
Robinson, Richard: Science Magic In the Living Room
Robinson, William: Spirit Slate Writing
Robson, Read: Flash Paper Tips (added full ToC)
Rogers, Don: Merrie Magical Chatter
Rogers, John: John Rogers Lecture Notes #3
Rollins, Walt: A Walt Rollins Collection of "Laid Back" Close-In Magical Effects
Romaine: The Perplexing Persian Pearls
Romano, Chuck: House of Cards (Magic of Rosini)
Romanoff, Prof: Card Tricks
Rome, Fred: Conjuring Chatter
Rome, Fred: More Patter
Rome, Fred: Popular Patter
Romhany, Paul & T.C. Tahoe: Lunch Is Served
Romhany, Paul: Magic From Down Under - World Lecture Tour
Roper, David: The Comedy Magic Textbook
Rose, Michael E.: Joe Karson Beyond Zombie
Rosenthal, Harvey: Close-Up Sampler Part 1
Rosenthal, Harvey: Close-Up Sampler Part 2
Rosenthal, Harvey: The Masterful Card & Coin Magic of Larry Jennings - The 1960s & 1970s
Roth, David: A Lecture on Magic
Roth, David: Close-Up Coins Lecture
Rourke, Dennis: THe Everything Card Tricks Book
Rowe, Dr. Richard: 50 Easy Pocket Ticks
Rowe, Dr. Richard: New Tricks and Stunts
Rowe, Dr. Richard: Thirty Pocket Tricks That Anyone Can Do
Rowland, Ian: Alpha Series Lecture Notes Set 1
Ruiter, Andrew de: Illusion Design Book Four
Ruiter, Andrew de: Illusion Design Book Three
Russell, W.: Amateur Conjuring
Ryan, Dick: Confidential Booking Report #1
Rydell, Wendy & George Gilbert: The Great Book of Magic
Sadowitz & Duffie: Inspirations
Sakai, Hiro: Lecture 1999
Salvano: 1985 Lecture Ropes
Salvano: 1985 Lecture Thump Tip
Salwak, Dale: A Trip to the Orient

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