27 April Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Over 90 New Book Table of Contents Added: 27 April 2021

Acer, David: Sudden Impact
Adair, Ian: A La Zombie
Andrews, Val: Stand and Deliver (The Gags!)
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Trephine, A Collection of Magic
Beam, Steve: 52 - The Buffalo Gathering Notes
Beam, Steve: Tea Time With the Pasteboards
Becker, Larry: Mentalism for the Millennium
Becker, Larry: Mostly Card-Mental
Becker, Larry: The Finishing Touches
Behnke, Leo: Cues - Variations of the Second Sight Act
Behnke, Leo: Fake Card Tricks
Behnke, Leo: Find the Ace
Behnke, Leo: Professional Close Up
Bellon, Alain: Obsidian Oblique - the Bellon Billet Techniques
Ben, David: New York Notes
Benatar, Rafael: E-Cups, a Cups and Balls Routine
Bender, Steve: Laughter Is Contagious Start an Epidemic
Bengel, Robert: Close-Up Lecture #3
Bengel, Robert: The Information Super Highway
Bennett, Nils: Creating New Magic
Beresford, Bill: Comic's Trip
Bergen, Edgar: How to Become a Ventriloquist
Bergeron, Bev: 7-11
Berglas, David: David Berglas Lecture 1976 Brighton Convention
Binarelli, Tony: My Way to Mentalism
Biro, Pete: Indian Cups & Balls
Bishop, Jonathan: Situational Sleights
Biss, James: Messing With Minds
Blackstone, Harry: Mysteries of Magic
Breese, Martin: The Bendix Bombshell
Cohen, Cambria, Elizabeth Wood, Lisa Melton, and Eric Ladizinsky: 150 Nifty Crafts, Magic Tricks and Science Experiments
Daws, Jamie: Opening Daws
Daws, Jamie: Shipwrecked
De Bevere, L.: Alphabetical Mysteries
Duffie, Peter:  Deck Direct
Duffie, Peter: 21 Card Tricks
Duffie, Peter: 7 A Collection of Miracles
Duffie, Peter: Area 52
Duffie, Peter: Card Flair
Duffie, Peter: Card School
Duffie, Peter: Card Secrets Unlocked
Duffie, Peter: Card Selection
Duffie, Peter: CarDeceits
Duffie, Peter: Cards By All Means
Duffie, Peter: Cards In Principle
Duffie, Peter: Cards Insight
Duffie, Peter: Covert Concepts
Duffie, Peter: Method In Effect
Duffie, Peter: Miraculous Minds
Duffie, Peter: N.D.E. A Near Deck Experience
Duffie, Peter: New Inspirations
Duffie, Peter: Open Secrets
Duffie, Peter: Ulterior Motifs
Duffie, Peter: Untold
Duffie, Peter: Virtual Miracles
Duffie, Peter: With Cards
Gardner, Robert: Magic Through Science
Harada, Ricardo: Escamoteur - A Study About Cone & Ball
Harris, Ben: Truly Visual Card Magic
Hawkesworth, Eric: Conjuring
Hudson, Walt: Mentalistrix for Kids
Johnson, V.E.: Chemical Magic
Jonousky, Josh: Just Joshin'
Kaye, Marvin: Handbook of Mental Magic
Larsen, William W.: The Gyp Artist
LeRoy, Arthur: Outline of Mystery
Longe, Bob: Money Magic Tricks
MacCarthy, E. Brian: Modern Sleights
MacCarthy, E. Brian: The Chameleon Cups and Balls
McBride, George: Best of Osmosis
Mellon, Ed: Mental-Wise Volume Four
Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With Credit Cards
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: Legacy - Heirloom's Darkest Secrets
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: The Underground Collection Volume One
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: The Underground Collection Volume Two
Racherbaumer, Jon: Sea Scams, Memes to Quicken
Robson, Stuart: Tips on Thumbs
Romhany, Paul & Hal Spear: Extreme Magic Makeover Comedy Classics
Romhany, Paul & Wayne Rogers: Briefcase Illusion
Romhany, Paul: Mental Epic Compendium
Romhany, Paul: Merge - Close Up Linking Finger Rings
Romhany, Paul: Performing Mentalism for Young Minds Volume 1
Romhany, Paul: Performing Mentalism for Young Minds Volume 2
Romhany, Paul: Secrets of a Walkabout Ventriloquist
Rose, Jim: Snake Oil
Rowland, Ian: The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading
Roxo, Rudy: Modern Master Magic
Roy, Marvyn: Mr. Electric Unplugged
Roy, Rob: Easy Card Magic
Ruthchild, Myriam & Clettis Musson: Crystal Gazing Then & Now
Rutledge, Ned & J.G. Thompson: Card Party
Samelson, Peter: Sensations
Scarne, John & Jacob Daley (editor): John Scarne's Think-a-Card
Schenk, Uwe & Michael Sondermeyer: Performing Magic for Children
Scholes, Ken: StunTrix
Sebastiano, the Great: The Book of Magic Bollocks
Van Rensselaer Alexander: The Complete Party Book

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