28 Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Only 25 books added this month - too much other stuff going on! Hopefully I'll add a larger number in March.

Brent, Christopher: The Flying Silk
Dell, Ralph: Magic With a Smile
Dobson, Wayne: Ping & Pong
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky Lecture Notes
Lewis, Eric: Open Sesame - full contents
London, Ron: A Magical Journey
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Every Little Boy's Book
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Games of Skill and Conjuring
Sanders & Sankey: When Creators Collide
Sanders, Toby: How to be a Compleat Clown
Sands, George: 3 Sandsational Rope Effects
Sands, George: George Sands Lecture Notes
Sands, George: Sandsational Rope 1971 Edition
Sankey, Jay: Making People Wonder
Sankey, Jay: Sankey '90
Sankey, Jay: Sankey Goes Public
Scalbert, Geoffrey: Scalbert's Selected Secrets
Scalbert, Geoffrey: There's a Trick In It
Scarne, John: The Amazing World of John Scarne
Schatz, Dr. Edward R.: Practical Contact Mind Reading
Schenk, Uwe & Michael Sondermeyer: The Magic of Paul Potassy
Scherer, Christian: Card News
Schindler, George: Ventriloquism - Magic With Your Voice
Stride, Richard & Alan Wassilak: Scatter Thought
White, Jeff: Visual Inspirations Part Two

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