29 March 2018 Magic ToC Update

This month adds a little over 50 additonal magic book table of contents listings, mostly with author's with the last name starting with S.

Acer, David & Jay Sankey: The Night Before
Burger, Eugene: Rediscoveries
Hagy, James: Early English Conjuring Collectors - James Savren and Henry Evanion
Rosenthal, Harvey: Share My Pleasure
Schindler, George: Close-Up Standing Up Lecture Notes
Schlutz, Ryan: Making the Cut
Schneider, Al: On Coins
Schoneck, F.V.: Hit the Deck
Schulte, George: Magical Monologues
Schulte, George: Patter Paragraphs
Schulte, George: Words for Wizards
Science & Mechanics Magic Handbook 1968
Scott, Lionel: Fire Mysteries
Scott, Lionel: Practical Paper Tricks
Scott, Lionel: Scott's True Black Art for the Entertainer
Scott, Lionel: Twist and Fancies of the Modern Magician
Searles, Lin: Slow Motion Poker Deals
Searles, Lynn: The Card Expert
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume One
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume Two
Selbit: The Magical Entertainer
Setteducati, Mark & Anne Benkovitz: The Magic Show
Setterington, Arthur: Magic Fun and Games (partial)
Setterington, Arthur: The Joe Smith Mysteries
Severn, Bill: Best Magic
Severn, Bill: Big Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Complete Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic In Mind
Severn, Bill: Magic Money
Severn, Bill: Magic Shows You Can Give
Severn, Bill: Magic With Paper
Severtsen, Arty: They Call Me Mr. Peabody
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Children's Routines
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Hat Productions
Sharpe, Alton: Expert Card Chicanery
Sharpe, Alton: Ollapodrida Apr 1998
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjured Up
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets
Sharpe, S.H.: Devant's Delightful Delusions
Sharpe, S.H.: Good Conjuring
Sharpe, S.H.: Great Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic Artistry
Sharps, Les: Sharp Sorcery
Shaxon, Alan: Ideal Entertainment
Shaxon, Alan: My Kind of Magic
Shay, Gene: Secrets of Magic Revealed
Sheets, Bob: Accumulations
Sheets, Bob: Lecture Book #1
Sheldon, George: The Amateur Magician
Shelley, Mike: Magical Mysteries
Temple, Phil: Thurston the Magician - Our Life of Magic

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