April 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

About 65 additonal Magic Book table of contents listings added:

Asher, Lee: Diving Board Double
Asher, Lee: Thunderbird
Berg, Joe: The Berg Book (added descriptions)
Bowen, A.F.: A Lesson in Magic - My Coin Combination
Branson, L.H. (Elbiquet): A Text Book of Magic
Branson, L.H. (Elbiquet): Supplementary Magic
Britland, David: Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man
Cs0AzCEjwFmPbrichton, Knox: Magi Magoria
DeCourcy, Ken: Ken On Kards
Douglas, Bert: ABC Book of Patter
Douglas, Bert: Magical Patter
Duffie, Peter & Fred Robinson: the Magic of Fred Robinson
Duffie, Peter & Jerry Sadowitz: Card Zones
Duffie, Peter & Robin Robertson: Diamonds From Coal
Dunninger, Joseph: Complete Encyclopedia of Magic
Durham, Geoffrey: Geoffrey Durham Professional Secrets
Eastman, Chas & David Lustig: In the Mirror
Edmonds, L.G.: the Magic Man
Edwards, Doug: Doug Edwards Lecture 2004
Eldin, Peter: Giant Book of Tricks and Puzzles
Elias, Neal: Gambling Notes
Elsdon, Mark: Eye-Popping Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Gripping Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Rubik Notes
Engstrom, A.B.: The Humorous Magician Unmasked
Erens, Oliver: Concertos for Pasteboard
Fern, Will: Bring It
Ferrentino, John & Joe Silke: Lecture Notes 1994
Finnell & Fulves: Gene Finnell's Card Magic
Fisher, Aaron: The Graduate
Fleischman, Sid: Mr. Mysterious's Secrets of Magic
Forton, Piet: Lecture Notes
Fox, Karrell: Foxy Features
Fox, Wayne: Chatterfox
Frame, Tom: Framework
Fulves, Karl: Close Up Mental Magic
Fulves, Karl: Magical World of Slydini
Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Controls Part Two Blocking Off
Fulves, Karl: Setting Up Exercises
Fulves, Karl: The Magic Book
Gallo, Mike & Richard Kaufman: Mike Gallo (lecture)
Garcia, Frank: Million Dollar Card Secrets
Gardner, Martin: Science Magic
Ginn, David: Colorful Magic
Ginn, David: School Show Presentation
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Chicago Chicanery
Goldston, Will: Tricks That Mystify
Graham, Walter: Magic Secrets From the 7 Circles
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Challenge Mental Act
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets Vol. 2
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Mental Key
Grant, U.F.: 25 One Man Mind Reading Secrets
Grant, U.F.: 50 Crazy Card Stunts
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Thirteen Mysteries
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Volume One
Grant, U.F.: Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes
Grant, U.F.: The Medium's Scrapbook
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With a One Way Deck
Grismer, Ray: Spongey
Gustavsson, Christer (El Duco): Out of My Hands
Hallas, Paul: The Best of Mindful Mentalism
Kleinman, Benjamen J.; Tan Bah Chee: Best of Magic Around the World
Tunstill, Henry and Delveen (H. Naylor): The Magical Record
Zak, Frank: On the Boards

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