April 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

For April, there are 50 new magic book table of contents listings added, and about 11 older ones updates with fixes, or descriptions added.
Mostly with authors who's last names start with "E" for this round.

Beam, Steve: Obie's F.F.F.F. 2011 Teach-a-Trick
Benge, Ken: The Art of Juggling
Blackmore, Kent: Levante, His Life, No Illusion
Cannon, Andy: 404
Charvet, David: Willard, a Life Under Canvas
Crawhall, Joseph: The Magic Oracle or Conjuror's Guide
Drane, E.O. (Enardoe) & Robert Parrish: Enardoe's Tru-Tone Life-Time Linking Rings
Earl, Benjamin: F For Fiction
Earl, Benjamin: Inside Out
Earl, Benjamin: Less is More
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 1
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 2
Earl, Benjamin: The Shift Volume 3
Earle, Lee: SYZYGY'S BEST Volume 3
Eastman, Chas. C.: Magic For You
Eastman, Chas. C.: Subtle Card Sleights
Ecklund, Bob: Superior Perception
Edmonds, Gregory: Rules of Thumb
Edmonds, I.G.: The Magic Makers
Edward, Mark: Top Ten Mentalism With Cards
Edwards, Doug: Cardmania
Edwards, Doug: Nukes (updated)
Einhorn, Nicholas: 200 Easy-to-Learn Magical Illusions, Amazing Puzzles & Stunning Stunts
Einhorn, Nicholas: Abracadabra! Cool Magic Tricks With Cards
Einhorn, Nicholas: Alakazam! Sensational Magic Tricks With Silk, Thimbles, Paper and Money
Einhorn, Nicholas: Card Magic
Einhorn, Nicholas: Presto Change-O! Jaw-Dropping Magic with Dinner Table Objects
Einhorn, Nicholas: Small-Scale Magic, Party Tricks and Optical Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stand Up Magic and Optical Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stunning Stunts, Stand-Up Magic and Stage Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: Stunts, Puzzles and Stage Illusions
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Art of Magic and Sleight of Hand (updated)
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Mysterious Puzzle of the Mi$ing Dollar Bill
Einhorn, Nicholas: The Ultimate Compendium of Magic Tricks
Eldin, Peter (editor): Magic, Presenting the World's Greatest Magicians, Tricks, Illusions
Eldin, Peter: Amaze And Amuse Your Friends
Eldin, Peter: Crazy Magic
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Card Tricks
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Illusions
Eldin, Peter: FunFax Magic Tricks
Eldin, Peter: Lets Make Magic (updated)
Eldin, Peter: Pocket Book of Magic, Magic Handbook (updated)
Eldin, Peter: The Most Excellent Book of How to Be a Magician
Eldin, Peter: The Most Excellent Book of How to Do Card Tricks
Eldin, Peter: The Trickster's Handbook
Ellis, Robert: VISHNU, the Perfect Hindu Rope Miracle
Ellis, Tim & Sue-Anne Webster: 24 Years of Living Next Door to Ellis (Updated)
Ellis, Tim & Sue-Anne Webster: Ellis in Wonderland (Updated)
Elmsley, Alex: Alex Is At It Again
Elray: Behind the Scenes with the Night Club Magician
Emerson, Arthur J. Jr.: Third Evening at the Magic Circle
Emerson, Arthur, Jr.: The Fifth Evening At The Magic Circle
Emerson, Arthur, Jr.: The Sixth Evening At The Magic Circle
Enfield, William, M.A.: Scientific Amusements in Philosophy and Mathematics
England, Donald: A Magic Lecture (descriptions added)
Ernst, John: Escape King, the Story of Houdini
Feinman, Jeffrey: The Catalogue of Magic (updated Chapters to full ToC)
Fleischman, Sid: Mr. Mysterious's Secrets of Magic (descriptions added)
Fulves, Karl: Deceptive Practices (updated)
Fulves, Karl: Easy Magic (updated)
Fulves, Karl: Setting Up Exercises (updated)

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