Dec 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Happy New Year! Just added 28 additional books this month to the Magic Book Table of Contents page:

Ackerman, Allan: Here´s My Card (added descriptions)
Banachek (Steve Shaw): Psychokinetic Time
Banachek (Steve Shaw): Psychokinetic Touches
Banachek: Psychophysiological Thought Reading
Banfield, Jake: Magic Tricks With Coins, Cards and Everyday Objects (needs cover)
Becker, Larry: Larry Becker's Stunners! Plus! (updated)
Berland, Samuel: Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
Bordner, Greg (Producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 14: Card Magic & Routines (added descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4 Secrets and Routines (added descriptions)
Congreave, Chris: Congreave's Curiosities
DeCourcy, Ken: After Dinner Technique
DeSouza, Marc & David Acer (editor): DeSouza's DeCeptions
Elsdon, Mark: Mentalism Reveals
Goldstein, Phil: Mawny Notes
Gravatt Glenn: Second Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Gravatt, Glenn: Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks
Johnson, Matthew: Mixing It Up
Leveridge, Mark: British Close-Up Magic Symposium: All nine Symposium books (descriptions added)
Wind, Asi: Asi Wind Chapter One
Windley, Charles: Teaching & Learning With Magic
Windsor, Tommy: Suitcase Side Show
Wisch, Bill & Rocco Silano: The Winning Edge
Wiseman, Ronaldo: Lecture Notes
Woodbury, Rand: Illusionworks
Wright, T. Page & William Larson: Page Wright's Notebook
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