Dec 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Small update this month: 18 new book table of contents listings, and 12 book listings updated

Anonymous: 24 Tricks From Your Vest Pocket
Bagley, William A.: One Man Show (updated)
Brant, Bob: As I See It
Castle, Fred: Magic With Giant Cards
Culpitt, Frederick: Laughter and Legerdemain (updated)
Curry, Paul: The Power of Thought
Downs, T. Nelson & Nathan Dean (editor): Conjuring With Coins (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Calculated Thoughts (updated)
Eastman, Charles: Inspired Magical Effects (updated)
Fajuri, Gabe: Slush!
Fajuri, Gabe: Sponge Ball Magic
Frame, Tom: Covert Operations
Frame, Tom: Sinister Ministrations
Frame, Tom: The Hypercard Project
Frame, Tom: The Hypercard Project
Furman, Frederick F.: Domino Deceptions (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Escapes and Magic (updated)
Hagan, Dave: Christmas Magic (updated)
Hammond, Rae: Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles (updated)
Haywood, Glenn: Cause for Applause
Hudson, Walt: Saturday's Kid Show (updated)
Illusionist (pseudonym): Amateur Conjurers Guide (updated)
Jahn, Vic (Viggo): Professional Magic for Magicians No. 1
Jaks, Stanley: The Mysteries of Dr. Jaks
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 1 Three 4 One
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 2 A Kick to the One-A-Head
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 3 Divide and Conquer
James, Ardan: Magic And Motion The Mechanics Of Body Illusion
Lainsbury, Bill: Billy Benbo's Best (updated)
Tanner, Don: Fifty Ways to Use a Card Box

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