Feb 2020 New Magic Book Table of Contents Listings

For February, I've added about 54 new table of contents listings to the Magic Books page:

Andrews, Val: Unfaked Book Test
Arnold, Peter: Easy Card Tricks
Clarke, Sydney: The Annals of Conjuring
Crew, Robert & Colette Muir: Ripley's Believe it or Not! Magic and Magicians
Evans, Henry Ridgley: Some Rare Old Books on Conjuring and Magic
Fulves, Karl & Bob Ostin: Bob Ostin's New Submarine Card
Goldston, Will: Simple Conjuring Tricks That Anyone Can Perform
Miesel, Bill: Fork Full of Appetizers, Book 2
Mulholland, John: The Early Magic Shows
Orrin, J.F.: Ring Up the Curtain
Osborne, Paul: 1 Man Illusions and Illusionettes
Osborne, Paul: Holiday Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Step Right Up
Pallas, Norvin: Calculator Puzzles, Tricks and Games
Pavel 15 Micro Tricks
Pitchford, Peter: Presenting Magic
Posgate, Bruce: Dove Pan-ORama
Posgate, Bruce: Table Hopping
Prace, Jeff: Outside the Box
Priest, Carroll K.: The Blindfold Enigma
Purnell, Kyle: Never Finished Lecture Notes
Rachun, Jim (Penny Ante Jim): Short-Changing
Rauscher, William: The Great Raymond
Redford, Patrick G.: Glemme
Redford, Patrick G.: Small Word
Reed, Graham: Audience Tested Originals
Reed, Graham: Audience Tested Originals
Reilly S.W.: Abba Dabba The Mystic
Remnet, Andrew B.: Paper Bag Magic A Handbook of Ideas
Remnet, Andrew B.: Spring Snake Pandemonium!
Reum, Dr. Earl & Lindsay E. Smith: Communicating With Magic
Reum, Earl: Magic for the Civic Club
Reynolds, Charles: Card Magic
Reynolds, Steve: Route 52
Riboulet, Thomas: The Invisible Choice
Riggs, John: Psychic Psingularities
Riobòo, Ramòn: Thinking the Impossible
Ripley, G. Sherman: Magic for Boys
Riser, Harry: Secrets of an Escamoteur
Robertson, John: John's Magic Dozen
Robertson, Robin: Card Modes
Robinson, Scott & Steve Beam: Illogical - A Lecture
Robinson, Scott: Last Night at the Round Table Volume 1
Robinson, Scott: Last Night at the Round Table Volume 2
Rogers, John: Know Sleight Intended, Again!
Romano, Chuck: The Art of Deception
Romano, Chuck: The Mechanics of Marvels
Romhany, Paul & Wayne Rogers: Signed Card on Blue Stake
Romhany, Paul: Multiplying Bottles
Silano, Rocco: Lessons In Sleeving
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Magic
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Stunts
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Ventriloquism
Van Rhee, Tony: Lecture Notes
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