February Magic Book Table of Contents Update

February 2019 - 42 books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page

Albright, Howard: Albright's Exclusives
Allen, Harry & Irv Cook: Lecture Notes of Impromptu Magic
Anderson, Gene: The Part Time Pro
Anderson, George: Let the Audience Do the Show
Anderson, George: My Favorite Easy Mental Card Magic
Anderson, George: My Favorite Sucker Card Tricks
Anderson, George: You Too Can Read Minds
Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 4
Andrews, Val: Floor Show Fun and Fantasy
Arch, Dave: Tricks 4 Trainers
Archer, John: No. 1 Handy Lecture
Armstrong, Jon: Thoughts From a Former Boy Wonder
Armstrong, Jon: You Don't Know Union Jack
Aviles, Rich: Above the Fold
Ayers, Micky & Robert Moreland: The Holy City Session
Baker, James: Illusions Illustrated
Bauer, Ron: 2008 Lecture
Becker, Herbert: All the Secrets of Magic Revealed
Becker, Larry & Lee Earle: Mentalism Super Symposium II
Behnke, Leo: Entertaining With Cards
Bender, Steven: Bits and Pieces
Berglas, David: Ultimate Newspaper Prediction
Berland, Sam: Super Thimble Routine
Bernstein, Bruce: Three
Biro, Pete: Funny Stuff
Blyth, Will: Impromptu Conjuring
Bobo, J.B.: Modern Coin Magic
Bodley, Rev. Donald: Lessons In Scripture
Bodley, Rev. Donald: More Lessons in Scripture
Brent, Lu: Five Star Card Effects
Britland, David: Zennerism
Bryden, Dean: Fun With Cards (updated)
Buck, Dan and Dave: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands
Buff, R.C.: Claudio's Mysteries
Buff, R.C.: Wizard of Knotsville
Burgoon, Tom: Breaking Bones for Fun and Profit
Burke, Eddie: Club and Cabaret Mentalism
Burke, Eddie: More Professional Mental Secrets
Burrows, J.F.: Programmes of Magicians
Busby, Jeff: Secret of the Palmettos
Chadwick, Bruce: Illusion Ministr
Cohen, Morris: Mentalistrix Encore

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