Jan 2022 Update!

Sorry for no new entries the last few months - I haven't been able to make the time!
Just a small update this month, only 16 books added, with thanks to Najee Williams and Ricky Pascual for promting the update with a few significant additions!

Table of Contents entries made for the following books:

Copperfield, David, Richard Wiseman, David Britland: David Copperfield's History of Magic
Jaks, Dr. Stanley: Who Is This Dr. Jaks?  
Lavand, René: Magic from the Soul
Lavand, Rene: New Orleans/Dallas Soiree
Lavand, René: Slow Motion Magic II
Marlo, Ed, Elliot Cutler (editor): Revolutionary Card Technique
Pearlman, Oz: Born to Perform (Lecture Notes)
Presto, Fay: Gems From the Junk
Pyka, John: & Bill Palmer (Editor): Theatrical Magic, The Book
Racherbaumer, Jon & Ed Marlo: The Definitive Slip Cut
Racherbaumer, Jon (Editor) & Ed Marlo: Low-Down and Cozy
Racherbaumer, Jon (Editor): The Legendary Kabbala (1971-1981)
Scarne, John: Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling
Scarne, John: Scarne on Dice
Schlutz, Ryan: False Anchors
Walton, Roy: The Complete Walton, Volume 3


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