July 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

I added about 50 new Magic Books to the Table of Contents listings at http://www.magicref.net/magicbooks/ Also, every month I'm fixing small issues I find here and there - replacing book cover images with better ones, adding page numbers as I find them, etc. Hope you all keep finding this helpful!

Book contents added this month:

Aaronson, Sam: 26 Originals
Abbott, Bill: People Pleasing Magic
Abbott, Percy: Escapes
Adair, Ian: Novel Notions
Adams, Howard: 666 Mentalism
Adams, Howard: Mathcasts Aspellonu
Adams, Morley: Tricks That Anyone Can Do
Alan, Don: Don Alan's Bowl Routine
Allen, Jon: The B Movies
Allen, Jon: The Director's Cut
Allen, Jon: The Director's Cut - the Sequel
Amato, Bruce: This That and the Other
Amira, Pablo: 5 Miracles with 5 ESP Cards
Anderson, Gene: Tricks for the Part Time Pro
Andrews, Val: Balloon Modeler's Companion
Andrews, Val: Cabaret Comedy
Andrews, Val: Idiot At The Card Table
Andruzzi, Tony: Daemon's Diary
Anverdi, Tony: Lezing Lecture 1962
Anverdi, Tony: Lezing Lecture 1963
Arcana, Homer: ESP Arcana
Arce, Greg: Deep Thought
Arce, Greg: Lost In Thought
Armstrong, Jon: Magical Adventures of Jon Armstrong
Attacky: Mo Mo
Ayala, Joaquind: What I Think
Ayling, Will: The Lilliputians
Bagshawe, Edward: The Le Walke Mysteries
Baker, Roy: Time Flies
Baker, William: A Baker's Dozen
Bargatze, Stephen: The Magic of Stephen
Baron, Harry: Magic Simplified
Baumann, Fred: Milestone In Coin Magic
Beam, Steve: Steve Beam on Coins Volume 1
Beam, Steve: The Card Book
Beam, Steve: Vienna Notes
Beck, Norman & Jared Kopf: An Ear Full of Cider
Becker & Earle: Symposium Secrets
Ben, David: Dai Vernon, a Biography
Benatar, Rafael: Ascanio's Favorites 1
Benatar, Rafael: Ascanio's Favorites 2
Benatar, Rafael: Ascanio's Favorites 3
Benatar, Rafael: Parlour
Brush, Charles: Flower Magic
Bryant, Steve: Little Egypt Book of Numbers
DeCourcy, Ken & Ian Adai: The Magical Jumbo Chinese Coin
Etcheverry, Jesus: The Magic of Ascanio - The Structural Conception of Magic
Kleiber, Chuck & Greg Borner: Abbott Magic Collection 01: Percy Abbott Years
Kleiber, Chuck & Greg Borner: Abbott Magic Collection 12: Coin Magic
West, Bill: Capers With Papers
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