July 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

98 Magic book table of contents listings have been added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page (https://magicref.net/magicbooks/).
This update includes mostly books authored by authors whose last name ends in G.
Also 21 updates were made to other listings to correct listings, add descriptions, and so forth.

Brooke, Maxey: Fun For the Money
Brown, Robert J.: 333 Science Tricks & Experiments
Fiedman, Jonathan: The 80's Called They Want Their Magic Book Back
Ganson, Lewis: Complete Routined Manipulation
Ganson, Lewis: Dai Vernon's Ball, Cone and Handkerchief
Ganson, Lewis: The Essential Dai Vernon
Ganthony, Robert: Practical Ventriloquism
Garcia, Frank: The Very Best of Cups and Balls
Gardner, Martin: Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions
Gardner, Martin: The Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
Gauci, Charles: Encore
Gazzo: Street Cups and Balls (updated)
Geddes, Alan Dee: The Card Magic Of Alan Dee Geddes
Geddes, Johnny: Gags With Gimmicks
Gerard, Antony: A Triangle of Treasures
Gibbons, Bob: Performing With Kids
Gibson, Walter B.: Advanced Magic, Fell's Know-it-All Guide
Gibson, Walter B.: Magic Made Easy
Gibson, Walter B.: Sixteen Master Card Mysteries (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring; Complete Book of Magic
Gibson, Walter: Fell's Beginner's Guide to Magic; Complete Beginner's Guide to Magic
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Magic (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Knots and How to Tie Them
Gibson, Walter: Magic for Beginners
Gibson, Walter: Practical Card Tricks Volume One
Gibson, Walter: Secrets of Magic Ancient and Modern
Gibson, Walter: The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic
Gibson, Walter: Twenty New Practical Card Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Two Dozen Effective Practical Card Tricks
Gibson, Walter: Walter Gibson's Big Book of Magic for All Ages
Gilbert, Albert C.: Mysto Magic Book of Instructions
Gilbert, Blair L.: Patter Chatter Volume I & II
Gilbey, Gordon G.: Elmsleys and Doubles and Crimps...Oh My!
Ginn, David: Bringing Home the Laughs
Ginn, David: Christmas Magic Workbook
Ginn, David: Colorful Magic (updated)
Ginn, David: Comedy Card on Back
Ginn, David: Comedy Cut & Restored Neckerchief (updated)
Ginn, David: Comedy Warm-Ups for Children's Shows (updated)
Ginn, David: Crash Course on Kid Shows
Ginn, David: Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No. 4 (updated)
Ginn, David: Fantasio Cane and Candle Book No. 5 (updated)
Ginn, David: Feather Flowers From Nowhere (updated)
Ginn, David: Kidshow Magic Kompendium
Ginn, David: Live Kidbiz
Ginn, David: Live Kidbiz 2
Ginn, David: Nearly Unpublished
Ginn, David: New Dove Magic
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals (updated)
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals Two
Ginn, David: Only 3 Ways to Book Your Show (updated)
Ginn, David; Samuel Patrick Smith; Steve Taylor: Creative Kid Talk
Giobbi, Roberto: Card College Lighter
Giobbi, Roberto: Deck Switch
Giobbi, Roberto: Homage to Dai Vernon Life & Work
Gladwin, Andi, John Campbell: Scott Robinson's Pure Imagination
Gloviczki, Peter: The Real Linking Ropes
Goldin, Horace: Horace Goldin's Secrets of Magic
Goldin, Horace: It's Fun to be Fooled
Goldman, Bill: One for the Money
Goldman, Bill: Two for the Show
Goldstein Phil: MajorMinor (updated)
Goldstein, Phil (aka Max Maven): Houston & Reality
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Dallas in December
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Desert Seminar Notes
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Hollywood Hyperbole
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Ideas By Max
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Las Vegas Lecture
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Segreti De Saint-Vincent
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): CHICAGO II
Goldstein, Phil: Fifth (updated)
Goldstein, Phil: Flaunting Five Fanciful Formulae
Goldstein, Phil: Masque
Goldstein, Phil: MINDvention Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Quasimodo - A Fine Mesh
Goldstein, Phil: Saint Louis Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Scarborough '95
Goldstein, Phil: Shuffled Lecture (updated)
Goldstein, Phil: Spectacle
Goldstein, Phil: Tearable
Goldstein, Phil: Texas Notes
Goldston, Will: Easy Road to Magic in Seven Lessons
Goldston, Will: Goldston Reader
Goldston, Will: Magical Hints, Valuable Information, &c., &c.
Goldston, Will: More Modern Card Tricks
Goldston, Will: Paper Tricks
Goldston, Will: Sensational Tales of Mystery Men (updated)
Goldston, Will: Sleights and Tricks
Goldston, Will: Tricks and Illusions (updated)
Goldston, Will: Tricks That Mystify (updated)
Goldston, Will: Who's Who in Magic
Good, Arthur: 100 Amazing Magic Tricks (updated)
Goodliffe: Simply Wizard
Goodsell, David: A Faker's Dozen
Gordon, Paul & Tom Craven: The Keeper Card Book
Gordon, Paul: Carbon Footprints
Gordon, Paul: Card Magic Companion (updated)
Gordon, Paul: Cause and Effect
Gordon, Paul: Pack Up Your Cards
Gordon, Paul: The Unplanned Card Book
Gorham, Ace: People Know Everything!
Goswick, Tim: Goswick's Evolution
Goulet, Ray: The Magic Art Of This "N" That
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: The Blueprint Extra - Featuring the Magic of Tom Gagnon
Grant, Jamie D.: The Approach
Grant, U.F. & Don Tanner (editor): Center Tear Methods
Grant, U.F. & Don Tanner (editor): Snip-Snip Want Ad Test
Grant, U.F.: 100 Tips and Gags (updated)
Grant, U.F.: 99 Tips and Gags (updated)
Grant, U.F.: Counterfeit Card Miracles
Grant, U.F.: Don Tanner (editor): Top Secret
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Secret Service
Grant, U.F.: T.A. Whitney (editor): 25 Improved One-Man Mindreading Secrets
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With A Short Card
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With Cellophane
Gravatt, Glenn G.: Collected Writings of Glenn Gravatt (partial)
Green, Harry: Harry Green Says You Are a Magician!
Griffith, Tony: Further Reflections
Hull, Burling: Volta's Giant ESP Thought Projection

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