Magic Book Table of Contents July 2021 Update

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Mostly books starting with the letter "M"

Abbott's Magic Co.: Abbott's Cups and Balls Routine
Acer, David: More Power To You
Allen, Stan (editor): Magic Live! 2019 Las Vegas, NV
Briggs, J. Albert (Merbak): Magical Revelations
Carey, John: Me, My Cards and I
Foster Neil: Tops Treasury of Cigarette Magic
Foster, Neil (editor): Tops Treasury of Dove Magic
Ireland Magic: How to Do Cigarette Tricks
Kartsakis, Manos: UnVeil Part I
Lakin, Nick: SuperCool
LeClair, Jon: The LeClair Lecture II
Lee, Wallace: X-Jargon
Liebertz, Arnold: Marvelous Mysteries of Marvillo
Mackenzie, Geo. M.: Compere's Corner
Madden, Dave (Editor): The Jim Vic and Shag Lecture Notes II
Madison, Daniel: How to Cheat at Cards
Madison, Daniel: How to Cheat at Cards, Revised
Magic-Con: Magic-Con San Diego 2011 Program
Magic Magazine Editorial Board: Magic for Beginners
Magic Magazine Editorial Board: The Jumbo Book of Magic
Magus, Jim: Arcana of Bizarre Magick
Magus, Jim: Magical Heroes, The Lives and Legends of Great African American Magicians
Mandelberg, Robert: Easy Mind Reading Tricks
Mandelberg, Robert: Mystifying Mind Reading Tricks
Mandelberg, Robert: Tricks With Dollar Bills
Manos, Christopher A.: Using Magic in Drug and Alcohol Prevention Presentations
Marcom, Ralph A.: The Magic of MarcoM
Marconick: Marconick Magic Nr. 2
Marconick: Marconicks Original Magic
Marconick: Marconicks Original Magic Book 5
Mardo, Senor: The Act
Mark, Richard: Mindbending Meltdown
Markwood, Bob: Poof II You!!! The Business of Entertaining Children Continues...
Marlo, Ed & Bill Gusias: Tricks with Daub
Marlo, Ed: Card To Wallet
Marsh, Alexander: Head Wired
Marshall, Frances: A Magic Primer
Marshall, Frances: Magic Bookman
Marshall, Frances: The Super Show
Marshall, Jay: Jaspernese Thumb-Tie
Marvin, Gene: Gene Marvin's Confidential Mental Secrets
Matney, Ryan: Bada-Bing!
Matney, Ryan: Distilled
Matney, Ryan: Powerful Stuff
Matney, Ryan: Spoiler Alert
Matney, Ryan: The End Times (Book One)
Matney, Ryan: The End Times (Book Two)
Matney, Ryan: Ultramodern
Maue Rick: Theatrical Deception
Maxwell, Michael: Montreal 2000 Lecture Notes
Mayer, Ralph: Short Changed
Mayhew, Steve & John Lovick (editor): Full Frontal Mayhew
Mayhew, Steve & John Lovick (Editor): Mayhew What Women Want
Mayol, Henry: Good Magic
Mayoral, Juan: Today's Magic I
McAthy, George: Gags, Tricks and Patter
McAthy, George: Laff-Tested Dialogues
McAthy, George: New Laff-Tested Dialogues
McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Vol. 5
McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Vol. 6
McComb, Billy: I Did It My Way
McCormick, Tom: Safety Chalk Talks
McDaniel Robert: Pipe Dreams
McDermott, Hurt: Artifice, Ruse & Erdnase
McDuff, Algonquin: Watch Winder Handbook
McGill, Ormond: Presenting Psychic Magic
McGill, Ormond: The Art of Stage Hypnotism
McLanachan, Peter: A Force Much Greater Than Luck
McLanachan, Peter: The Difficult Second Album
McMahan, Greg: Balloons On The Mailbox
McMahan, Greg: Birthday Fun!
McMahan, Greg: Kids Think It's Funny!
Menard, Kevin: Calculated Magic
Menard, Kevin: Spellers
Menotti, Francis: Mouthing Off
Menotti, Francis: The Creativity Show
Mentzer, Jerry: Card File
Mentzer, Jerry: Card File Two
Mentzer, Jerry: Card Routines Number Two
Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up Cues
Mentzer, Jerry: Club Clues
Merlin, Jean: Great Balloons!
Merrill, Rick: Home Schooled
Messina, Jason: Method Impossible
Meyer, Orville W. & R.M. Jamison: 13 Jumbo Card Effects
Michaels, Chris: I Could Have Been A Brain Surgeon
Michaels, Loren Christopher: Kick the Trick
Miesel, Bill: Best of Mental-Wise
Miesel, William P.: Visionary Card Effects
Miller, Anthony: Damn'd Screwball Ideas!
Millward, George: Lecture Notes
Minch, Stephen & Giacomo Bertini: Giacomo Bertini's System for Amazement
Minch, Stephen & Martin A. Nash: Four Class Acts


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