Magic Book Table of Contents May 2021 Update

For May update, I've added (or modified) an additional 95 Magic Book table of contents listings.

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Book contents added this month (mostly authors with last names staring with "B" and "C"):

Ackerman, Allan: Card Theater
Alexander, Scott: Denny Haney Collected Wisdom
Bacon, Reginald W.: The Jugglers Manual of Cigar Box Manipulation & Balance
Baillie, Marilyn (editor): Magical Fun
Baron, Harry: Instant Magic, the 65th Lecture
Blake, George: More Master Magic
Bloom, Gaetan: Full Bloom Volume I
Bloom, Gaetan: Full Bloom Volume II
Blyth, Will: How to Become a Conjurer
Blyth, Will: Match-Stick Magic
Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Lecture Miracles of Magic
Bongo, Ali: Ali Bongo iTBFA 1986 Lecture Notes
Bongo, Ali: Bongo Mania 92
Bongo, Ali: Bongo Mania 92 Tokyo
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo '94
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo '98
Bonville, Frank: The Little Secrets
Booth, John: Magical Mentalism
Borodin: Final Curtain
Bowman, Robert P.: 50 Magic Tricks Using Comment Objects That Teach Children Strategies for Success
Boys' Magazine: New Wonder Books No. 3 Secrets of Famous Magicians
Brahams, Anthony: A Last Look at Leech
Brahams, Anthony: Rara Avis
Bridwell, Jack: Pull-ing Ahead With Your Magic
Broadway Magic Shop: Mickey's Manuscript
Brodien, Marshall: 100 Magic Tricks
Brook, Charles: Magic In the Real World
Brook, Tony: Hidden in Plain Sight
Brooke, Ken: Series Number 1 The Magic Box
Brooke, Ken: Series Number 6 Al Koran's Three Silver Rings
Brown, Mel (editor): Steve Bruecker & Mike Rogers Present Their Three Shell Game Routine
Brusselback, Bryan: The Right Way to Buy Magic
Buchanan, Lovell: Magic Lamp
Buck, Dan and Dave & Ricky Smith (editor): Card Men
Bugbee, Willis N.: Nutty Stunts
Burlingame, Hardin J: Herrmann The Magician (update)
Busby, Jeff: Secret of the Palmettos (update)
Campbell, Jeffrey L. & Ronald J. Dayton: Jeffrey L. Campbell's Crystal Cups
Campbell, Loring: Magic That Is Magic
Canar, Harry A.: Poker Deal - A Deal-Lightful Routine
Carey, Chris: Find the Stuff That's You
Carey, John: Minimalistica
Carlton, Paul: Magician’s Handy Book Of Cigarette Tricks
Carnegie, Dean Alan: One & Done Lecture
Carney, John: Enigma
Carney, John: Sleights & Insights
Carpenter, Jack & Jamie Masterson: Shadow & Shake
Carrington, Hereward: Side-Show Tricks Explained, Little Blue Book No. 1279
Carrington, Hereward: Side Show and Animal Tricks
Carter, Chas J: Magic and Magicians
Cassidy, Bob: Fundamentals
Cassidy, Bob: Strange Impressions
Cassidy, Bob: The Art of Mentalism Part One Revisited
Cassidy, Bob: The Black Book of Mentalism
Cassidy, Bob: Theories and Methods for the Practical Psychic
Cassidy, Bob: Universe
Cassidy, Mike: Lecture Notes
Chapman, Greg: Details of Deception
Chapman, Greg: The Devil's Staircase
Charles, Kirk & Boris Wild: Hidden In Plain Sight
Chartwell Books, Inc.: Card & Magic Tricks Handbook
Charvet, David: Alexander - The Man Who Knows
Charvet, David: Jack Gwynne
Chemcraft: Chemical Magic
Chesbro, Verne & Larry West: Tricks You Can Count On
Choquette, Alain: A Tribute to Gary Ouellet 1945-2002
Christianer, Louis F.: Effective Card Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: Thimble Manipulation
Clarke, Harry: Burke's Pastime Series for Boys - Magic
Cohen, Daniel: Real Magic
Colombini, Aldo et al: Close-Up and in the Parlour – Special Effects
Colombini, Aldo: 11 Great Tricks
Colombini, Aldo: Throw in the Sponge
Colombini, Aldo: Tight Rope
Colombini, Aldo: What's Up Deck?
Colombini, Rachel: Magnets for Magic
Conley, Ron: Chicken Soup for Magicians
Conley, Ron: Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers
Cook, Steve: Legend: An Anecdotal Tribute to Ken Brooke
Corbitt, Steve: Everybody's Favorite Uncle
Costi, Davide: For Friends Only…
Cox, L. Raymond: Tips and Tricks
Cox, Robert: Cox At The Castle
Craddock, Justin & Alex Linian: 19/20
Creasey, Scott: Mental (Magic)ism
Crockett, Jeremy: Crockett Calling
Crosthwaite, Roger: Arcadia
Curry, Paul: Out of This World
Curzon, Roger: The Guild of Magicians Nottingham Lecture Notes
Fenik: The Code
Fleischman, Sid & Bob Gunther: Top Secrets (added descriptions)
Lewis Shari & Dick Zimmerman: 101 Magic Tricks for Kids to Do
Longe, Bob: Mind Reading Magic Tricks
Marechal, Greer, Jr.: Magic for the Millions; The Compleat Magician


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