Magic Book Table of Contents Sep 2021 Update

The following 37 book table of contents listings have been added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page at:

Ackerman, Allan: The Cardjurer
Dalal, Sam: Psychic Dominoes
Finnell, Gene: Free Cut Principle
Kaufman, Richard: Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy
Leroy, Arthur: Jimmy Shannon's At Your Fingertips
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Colors on the March
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Jacks or Better
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Ovation, A Professional Act in Lecture Form
Musson, Clettis V.: Additional Weird and Psychic Effects
Musson, Clettis V.: Musson's Magic
Neale, Robert E. & Lawrence Haas: Magic Inside Out
Neuville, Christiane: Magic Tricks
Nu, Alain: Any Card...
Nu, Alain: Serial Thrillers
Nu, Alain: Serial Thrillers
Osborne, Paul: Illusions: The Evolution and the Revolution of the Magic Box
Page, Patrick: Magic Page by Page (Lecture)
Palmer, Mike: Card Magic
Parker, Mark: 4e Illusion Design
Parker, Mark: Vivify
Paul, Eric: How to Become Your Area's Top Children's Entertainer!
Pavel: 100% Magic 100% Pavel
Schär, Lorenz: Cards Against Reality
Schneiderman, Steve: Ruminations (periodical)
Schwartz, Michael & Eddie Fields: Invisible Secrets Revealed
Schwarzman, Howard: Dynamic Deceptions
Sellers, Tom: Three For Magicians Only
Severin, Florian: What Lies Inside
Severn, Bill: Amazing Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic Wherever You Are
Shane, R.: Tractare
Shankar, Junior: How's That?
Shepherd, Jack: A Lesson in Card Magic
Shepherd, Jack: Who-dunnit?
Ward, John B. (Hon. Secretary): The Mysteries Of The Mystic Seven
Whittaker, J. Burke: Guerilla Magic
Wissner, Wayne R.: Handbook for the Theme Park Magician

Hope these are helpful in you magic studies!

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