Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Jan 2023

I made the update on 31 January, but forgot to post this Blog on what the updates were! Sorry about that!
For January 31, 2023, there were 71 new books added, and 9 books updated with descriptions or other corrections

Magic book table of contents page is here:

Buttitta, Hope: It's Not Magic, It's Science!
James, Al: Conjuror At the Table
James, Len (Eljay): Counting on Cards
James, Len (Eljay): The Eljay Book of Ventriloquism
James, Stewart (editor): Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume Two
James, Stewart: Nullifactor
James, Stewart: Quick Hypnotic Tricks
James, Stewart: Sefalaljia Number 2
James, Stewart: Stewart James in Print - The First Fifty Years
Jarrow, Emil: Rope Magic
Jay, Joshua (editor): Magic In Mind
Jay, Joshua: Big Magic for Little Hands
Jay, Joshua: DesTROYers, The Superlative Magic of Troy Hooser
Jay, Joshua: Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards
Jay, Joshua: Magic Atlas (updated)
Jay, Joshua: Session - The Magic of Joel Givens
Jefferies, Peter: The Ultimate Perverse Magic of Peter Jefferies
Jefferson, John N.: Beginner Magic
Jefferson, John, N.: Magic Lecture
Jeffreys, Michael: Speaking With Magic
Jeffreys, Michael: The Enlightened Magicians
Jensen, Jon, Steve Fearson: The Art of Close-Up Levitation
Jensen, Jon: Street Monte
Jensen, Jon: The Goody Bag, Magic Set, Magic Club Book
Jermay, Luke : Building Blocks Extended
Jermay, Luke:  7 Deceptions
Jermay, Luke: Real Mind Reading Notes
Jermay, Luke: Real Mind Reading Notes
Jermay, Luke: The Big Three
Jermay, Luke: Three Cheers For The Underrated
Jillette, Penn & Teller: How to Play With Your Food
Johnson Smith & Co. (Publisher): The Secrets of Ancient and Modern Magic
Johnson, Deej: Magic By Phone
Johnson, George: Conjurers' Tales
Johnson, Roy: Be My Guest
Johnson, Roy: Roy Johnson's Unique
Johnson, Roy: Secrets 2 - Impressive
Johnson, V.E.: Chemical Magic (updated)
Johnston, Hugh R. & F.B. Sterling: Modern Card Miracles
Jonas, Luke: Away With Words
Jones, Barscom & Herb Dewey: King of the Cold Readers
Jones, Bascom (editor): Mindfields
Jordan, Charles Thorton: Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Prepared Card Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks  (descriptions added)
Joseph, Eddie: Last Word on Cups and Balls (descriptions added)
Judah, Stewart: The Magic World of Stewart Judah (descriptions added)
Karson, Joe, Michael E. Rose, Chris Wasshuber (editors): Joe Karson Compilation
Karson, Joe: Complete Club Act
Karson, Joe: Complete Mental Club Act
Karson, Joe: Hypnotricks
Karson, Joe: Illusion Magic 2nd Edition
Karson, Joe: Illusion Magic!
Karson, Joe: Karson's Miniature Mysteries (updated)
Karson, Joe: Magic A La Mode
Karson, Joe: Sensational Poison Swallowing Act
Karson, Joe: The World's Fastest Card Trick
Karson, Joe: Tips on Zombie
Kaufman, Gerald Lynton: How's Tricks?
Klingsor, Claude: Easy and Effective Magic Lecture Notes
Koehlert, Henning: Henning's Workable & Hands-On Magic
Kronzek, Allan Zola: Grandpa Magic
Lampkin, Al: The Funniest Magic Show In the World
Lane, Frank: Frank Lane's Ideas 3
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: More L.W. Card Mysteries
Larsen, William W.: Evidence of Deception
Larsen, William: I Won't Play Cards With Him
Larsen, William: Twenty-Five Ideas With a Billiard Ball (partial)
Leach, Chuck: Chuck Leach's Gemini Ring
Leach, Chuck: Oddities
Leach, Chuck: PK Magic Book Volume One
Lewis, Eric: The Crowning Miracles
Livera, Giovanni & Jon Racherbaumer: The Amazing Cigar
Lorraine, Sid & Devin Knight: Paper Folding Giveaways for Magicians
Lorraine, Sid: Sid Lorraine's Lecture Notes No. 4
Poncher, Jeff (Jheff): A Symbol Act
Poncher, Jeff: Jheffsmind – The Collected Works of Jheff
St. James, Jesse: Lucky Seven Unique Illusions
St. John, Eddie: The Pitchman's Svengali Routine

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