Magic Book Table of Contents Update, June 2023

Added 80 additional magic book table of contents listings to the section.
Mostly authors whose last name starts with K.

Alford, Jason & Jack Parker: Ashes to Ashes (updated)
Anonymous: Houdini - The Adventurous Life of a Versatile Artist
Bauer, Ron: Ron Bauer's Mechanical Deck
Boleware, Tom & Danny Orleans: The Daycare Magician
Brahams, Anthony (editor): Fred Kaps' Purse
Gravatt, Glenn: Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks (updated)
Kahn, Scott: Kahnceptual Card Magic
Kahn, Scott: Kahnjuring
Kahn, Scott: Swindles, Scams & Kahns
Kalush, Bill: Bill Kalush Presents Cards
Kam, Curtis: Wrestling With Magic
Kaminskas, Michael: Miracle Material
Kamm, Jonathan: ToiBox - The Ungimmicked Card to Box
Kaps, Fred: 11-Bill Trick
Kaufman, Gerald Lynton: The Book of Modern Puzzles
Kaufman, Richard & So Sato: The Secrets of So Sato
Kaufman, Richard, David Berglas: The Berglas Effects
Keable, Ian: Stand-Up
Kelly, Frank J.: Twin Deception
Kemp, Joseph Elon: Emergency Full Evening Show
Kendall, Ian: Basic Training The Book
Kennedy (Ken Dyne): Thoughts So Far
Kenner, Chris: Band Across the Globe
Kenyon, John: Thumbs Up! Tricks With a Thumb Tip (updated w/descriptions)
Kersten, Peter: Lecture Notes No. 1
Kett, Michael: Applied Magic
Khubchandani, Rohit (Incredible Rohit): Magic Moments
Kim, Sungwon: Seven Thoughts
Kimlat, Kostya: A Lecture Collection (updated)
Kimlat, Kostya: Humid Shenanigans & Card Tricks for Strangers, Pets and Magician's Wives
Kimlat, Kostya: The Joker Game
King, Bob: Card Notes
King, Bob: Great Britain 2001
King, Bob: The Breather 3
King, Kevin: The Buiness of Magic
King, Mac & Bill: Lunchbox 'O Magic
King, Mac: Howdy! I'm Mac King (updated w/descriptions)
King, Mac: Mac King's Other Rope Routine
Kirk, Gene: Your Buttons Are Loose!
Kirkham, Kirk: TV Dove Classics
Kissell, Steve: Top Hat Treasury
Klamm, R.W.: Rig Up the Ropes Expanded Edition
Kleefeld, Jim: Locked
Kleefeld, Jim: The Book Test Book
Kleefeld, Jim: The Contract Book
Klein, Jim: Balloons With Your Magic
Klutz (John Cassidy): The Klutz Book of Knots
Klutz (John Cassidy, editor): The Klutz Book of Card Games
Klutz (John Cassidy, Michael Stroud): The Klutz Book of Magic
Klutz (Pat Murphy & Michael Stroud, editors): Card Trickery
Klutz (Paula Hannigan, John Cassidy): No Practice Magic
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 1
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 2
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 3
Knecht, Larry: Larry Knecht On Mentalism
Kneitel, Ashford: Natural Born Card$hark
Knepper, Kenton: An Enchanted Evening (partial)
Knight, Devin & Jerome Finley: Cloud Busting Secrets
Knight, Devin: Knight's Tour Excalibur
Knight, Devin: Mindvention 2011 Lecture Notes
Knoles, David: Spooky Magic Tricks
Kok, Zenneth: 08 Cards Act II
Kok, Zenneth: 15 Maneuvers
Kok, Zenneth: A-List Material
Kok, Zenneth: Cards You Softly
Kole, Andre: From Illusion to Reality
Korem, Danny: Danny's Bag
Korem, Danny: Taking a Stand
Korem, Danny: The Upside Down Toppit
Korn, Chris: Be Fruitful and Multiply
Korn, Chris: Korn-Flakes...
Kort Milt: Cups and Balls in Miniature
Kort, Milton; Ron Bauer (editor): Milton Kort Lecture Notes
Kosby, Ray: Scratching the Surface
Kosby, Ray: Tricks
Kovari: Kovari's Master Magic
Kranzo, Nathan: Bill Plots
Kranzo, Nathan: California Lecture Notes
Kranzo, Nathan: Detroit Lecture Notes
Kraske, Robert: Harry Houdini - Master of Magic
Krenzel, Ken: Close-Up Power
Krenzel, Ken: Vintage Ken Krenzel
Kronzek, Allen Zola: Artful Deceptions
Marlo, Edward: The K.M. Move (Kardyro-Marlo)
Steele, W.F. (Rufus): 50 Tricks (updated w/descriptions)

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