Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Mar 2023

47 Additional Magic Books added to the Table of Contents page, with 5 others updated (among other minor updates)

Close, Michael: A Workers Series Sampler (updated)
Fayne, Chuck: Something Old, Something New (added descriptions)
Fulves, Karl: Charles T. Jorda Collected Tricks (page numbers added)
Hutchison, G.A.: The Boy's Own Book (additional details added)
Jillette, Penn & Teller: How to Play in Traffic
Johnsom, Matthew: One Step at a Time
Jon, Finn: Magic of Finn Jon - German
Jones, Eric: Fingertips Pt. 1
Jones, Erwin Beck: The Erwin Linking Rings
Jones, Lewis: Card Party
Jones, Lewis: Counter Feats
Jones, Lewis: Persona
Jones, Tom & Rachel Wild: Wild About Harry
Joro (Bruno Hennig): Joros Schwamm Ball Becher Spiel
Joseph, Eddie: Card Bonanza
Joseph, Eddie: Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar
Joseph, Eddie: Complete Dumbfounders With Cards
Joseph, Eddie: Heart Throb
Joseph, Eddie: Magic of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: Master Blindfold Act
Joseph, Eddie: More Dumbfounders with Cards  
Joseph, Eddie: The Hindu Gaming Shells
Joseph, Eddie: Thought Reflection
Joseph, Eddie: Tricks for Informal Occasions
Joyal, Martin: The Six-Hour Memorized Deck
Jupiter: Lecture Notes 1988
Juzan, Sylvain: Every Card You Take
Kajar (Reuben Bowen): Magic Secrets
Kalver, Bruce: Birthday Party Portfolio
Kalver, Bruce: Bits of Magic
Kalver, Bruce: Classic Details
Kalver, Bruce: Himber Ring Magic
Kam, Curtis: By All Means
Kam, Curtis: Earning Interest
Kaminskas, Michael: Seemingly Impromptu
Kamm, Jonathan: Restaurant And Bar Magic
Kane, Marty: Card ChiKANEry
Kane, Peter: Kane at Table
Kane, Peter: Tetrad One
Kaps, Fred: Fred Kaps Chinese Coin Trick
Kaps, Fred: It's So Simple
Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Kards
Kardyro, Tony (Torino): T.K.'s Card Change Supreme Effects
Kardyro, Tony: Kardyro's Klose-Up Konjuring
Karmilovich, Ted: Food For Thought
Karmilovich, Ted: Target Number - The Manual
Karr, Todd (editor), William Henry Robinson: The Silence of Chung Ling Soo
Kattner, Wilbur: The Prolix Spirit Writes
Kattner, Wilbur: You're On! (updated)
Kaye, David: Super Sized Silly
Kettelkamp, Larry: Magic Made Easy
Kettelkamp, Larry: Song, Speech and Ventriloquism

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