Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Nov 2023

I made a major update to the Egg Bag Reference Guide. Jen Myers from SteveMyersMagic wrote to let me know about Steve's Egg Bag and related products, and I realized that I hadn't updated that reference guide in some time. So, over 150 book references added, 50 magazine references, and more.
See here:

The Magic Book Table of Contents had a small update, just 17 books added (serveral related to the Egg Bag reference guide):

Aldini: Magic Sermonettes
Andrews, Val: Egg Bags and Egg Gags
Andrews, Val: Fred Culpitt: A Brief Biography
Bauer, Ron: Siamese Goose Egg Bag
Busby, Jeff: Routines & Handlings for the Sterling Egg Bag
Hughes, Tom: Unicorns, Dragons and Bookworms…Oh My!
Knepper, Kenton: Q
Kunard, Professor: Book of Card Tricks
Kustes, Bill: Magic With a Hand Puppet
Lewis, Trevor & Phil Willmarth: Routines Matter
Myers, Steve: Magic Journey
Pentz, Collins: Everybody's Magic
Steinmeyer, Jim: Devilish Impuzzibilities
Steinmeyer, Jim: Treacherous Impuzzibilities
Wilson, Del: 12 Gospel Tricks With a Thumb Tip
Wilson, William (Will De Seive): Sensational Card Tricks
Windsor, Tommy: The Tommy Windsor Egg Bag Routine


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