Magicref Site Updates June 2022

Made a large update to the Article on Color Changing Knives here:

Also, added 60 books and 5 updates (with descriptions or corrections) to the Magic Book Table of Contents page:

Carey, John: The Very Best of John Carey
Dean, Jack: Soothsayer (updated)
Evans, Cheryl & Ian Keable-Elliott: The Usborne Complete Book of Magic
Evans, Shawn C.: Build Your Own Psychic Calculator and Various Mentalist Tricks
Evans, Shawn C.: Card Through Window
Evans, Shawn C.: Fingertip Safe-Cracking by the Numbers
Evans, Shawn C.: Geeking Gallium Gaffs & Gimmicks: The Disappearing Spoon Revitalized
Evans, Shawn C.: How to Hack Handcuffs Like Houdini
Evans, Shawn C.: Hyper Houdini Handcuff Hacks
Evans, Shawn C.: Mimic Money Methods: The Magic of Bill Gaffing
Evans, Shawn C.: Prestige Pen Projects
Fields, Keith: If Ever A Wiz There Was 2
Findlay, James B.: How's Your Library?
Finley, Stu: Hot Stuff (partial)
Firman, Pete: Tricks to Freak Out Your Friends
Fitzkee, Dariel: Cut and Restored Rope Manipulation
Ford, Jim: 101 Best Stunts
Forman, Al: Handbook of Telephone Telepathy
Forrest, David: Fandango Part 1
Forrest, David: Fandango Part 2
Forrest, David: Inside The Head of Donny Orbit
Forrester, Stephen: The Art Of Street Magic
Fox, Karrell: "New" Lecture Notes
Foxwell, Philip: Missionary Magician Philip Foxwell
Frailich, Ariel: Sub Rosa
Francis, Cameron: Aberrations
Francis, Cameron: Just About Anywhere
Franco, Dick: Three Club Juggling
Franke, Harry G.: The Magician's Round Table Lecture
Franklin, Eric: Kamut The Art of Making Pictures in String
Friebe, Dennis: Insomnia - The Card Notes of Dennis Friebe
Friedhoffer, Bob: Ravings
Frost-Sharratt, Cara: 101 Clever Card Tricks
Frost, Ron: To the Point
Fullman, Joe: Fantastic Big Book of Magic Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Card Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Coin and Rope Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Mind Tricks
Fullman, Joe: Magic Handbook - Sleight of Hand Tricks
Fulves, Karl: Cards 1, Four Card Brainwave
Fulves, Karl: Cards 2, 51 Faces North
Furst, Arnold: Famous Magicians of the World
Furst, Arnold: Great Magic Shows
Furst, Arnold: Mightier Than The Bullet (partial)
Gagnon, Tom & Wesley James (author): Avant-Cards
Gagnon, Tom: Gagnon Unfiltered
Galloway, Andrew: Diverting Coin Magic
Galloway, Andrew: The Ramsay Legend - Revised & Enlarged Edition
Gans, Arthur D.: Object Lessons in Selling Safety
Giobbi, Roberto: Standup Card Magic
Gordon, Henry: Henry Gordon's World Of Magic, Revealed!
Gordon, Paul: Card Thoughts
Gordon, Paul: Paul Gordon Strikes Back!
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter (editors): The Blueprint Volume 2
Grant, Gene: More Phantini Mental Secrets
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets (descriptions added)
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Mental Key (descriptions added)
Hallas, Paul: Baby Totat
Hallas, Paul: The Even Cheaper Booklet (updated)
Hallas, Paul: TOTAT (updated)
Hastings, Arthur, et al: ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit (updated)
Havel, Victor: Fun-Time Magic
Heldman, Ernie: Cards That Mean Business (descriptions added)
Karson, Joe & Neil Foster (compiler): Further Tips on Zombie
Tyler, Diamond Jim: Close-Up Magic Secrets

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