March 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

52 additional table of contents listings for the Magic Books section:

Abbott's Vintage Collection of Old Magic Instructions 1930's and 1940's
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 10
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 9
Berg, Joe: The Berg Book (updated)
Berland, Sam: The Magic of Sam Berland (updated)
Cannell, J.C.: Modern Conjuring
Cannell, J.C.: The Master Book of Magic
Carreon, Luis: Danzas de Monedas
Carreon, Luis: Tricks From the Border
Carrington, Hereward: Handcuff Tricks
Caruba, Bill: The Art of Folding Money
Castro, Rick & Mr. Lefty: The Cardfather
Charles, Kirk: Complete Guide to Restaurant and Walk-Around Magic
Charles, Kirk: Tricked Again
Charney, Steve: Amazing Tricks With Everyday Stuff
Charney, Steve: Awesome Coin Tricks
Charney, Steve: Cool Card Tricks
Charney, Steve: Incredible Tricks at the Dinner Table
Charney, Steve: The Kid's Guide to Magic Tricks
Charvet, David: The Bill in Lemon Book
Chuan, Tan Hock: Rough & Smooth Possibilities
Coby, Rudy: How to Become a World Famous Magician
Cole, Bryan: Lecture Notes No. 2 Bits and Pieces
Cole, Joe: MicroEconomics
Cole, Joe: Table-Hopping Tonics
Colombini, Aldo: Ensemble
Colombini, Aldo: On the Ropes
Colucci, Donato: Encyclopedia of Egg Magic
Conn, Doug: Purse'n'l Coin Routine
Conradi, F.W.: Some More Exquisite Conjuring & Soap Bubbles
Contento, Marcelo: Notes
Cox, Robert: The Trouble With Magic Is...
Crosthwaite, Roger: Foundations 1
Curzon, Roger: Lecture Notes
Cutts, Tom: AM/PM Magazine July 2002
Cyrpian, Father: You Are Magic No. 6
Daisy Bank Book of Tricks (1914)
Daisy Bank: Forty Tricks With Cards (1915)
Daryl: Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 1992
Dayton, Ron (as KOTAH): By Darkness Influenced
Dayton, Ron: Brainstorm in My Pajamas
DelGaudio, Derek: Only Notes
Denton: The Conjurer Unmasked (1790)
Desmond, Graham: How to Entertain With a Trick Pack of Playing Cards
Detweiler, Clinton: Dialogues that Teach Bible Truths Vol 2 (vent)
DeVega: Miscellaneous Manipulations and Effects (1927)
Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Zany Balloons
Dick & Fitzgerald: The Boy's Own Conjuring Book (circa 1880)
Dietrich & Jarrow: The Trade Show Handbook
Dixon, Doc: Magic of Cox Dixon
Dixon, Doc: Magic Tricks David Ginn Can't Do
Wilson, William (Will de Seive): What! No Card Tricks?

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