May 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents update

Small update this month - just 26 books added, mostly from authors whose last name start with "F".
More to come!
The magic book table of contents page is found here:

Falkenstein, Glenn & Frances Willard: One Step Mentalism Lecture Notes
Fallon, Pat: Old Ideas, New Twists, Lecture One
Farina, Joe: Lecture Notes From the Magic Touch
Farmer, Bob: Cyclops
Farmer, Bob: The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier
Fay: Fay's Latest Mystifying Tricks
Fedko, John: Children's Magic Close Up Number Two (partial)
Fedko, John: Children's Magic Stage Number Two (partial)
Fedko, John: Magic Classics III
Fedko, John: Magic Classics VII (partial)
Fedko, John: Magic Classics X
Ferrell, Tom & Lee Eisenberg: Sneaky Feats
Fetsch, Hen: The Five O' Fetsch
Fields, Keith: An Alien With Extraordinary Ability
Fields, Keith: If Ever a Wiz There Was
Fife, Bruce: The Birthday Party Business
Findlay, J.B.: Tenth Collectors' Annual
Finley, Jerome: Thought Dial
Fiscus, Dave: Birthday Magician's Handbook
Fisher, John (editor): The Magic of Lewis Carroll
Fisher, John (editor): Tommy Cooper's Mirth, Magic & Mischief
Fisher, John: Tommy Cooper Always Leave Them Laughing
Fitzsimons, Raymund: Death and the Magician - the Mystery of Houdini
Fleischman, Sid: Between Cocktails, With a Packet of Matches
Fleischman, Sid: Escape! The Story of The Great Houdini
Ivan, Joseph (editor): The Fakir Magazine, Vol 02, Number 09

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