November 2019 Magic Book ToC Update

Over 75 new Magic Book table of contents added to the Magicbooks page at:

Bellman, Dan: Patter Tricks nd Quips
Boyar, Vynn: Sleights, Secrets and Suggestions
Burger, Eugene & Jeff McBride: Mystery School
Chavez, Marian (Marion): Encyclopedia of Dove Magic
Chavez, Marian: Encyclopedia of Dove Magic, Revised
Craven, Tom & Paul Gordon: The Second 16th Card Book: Volume 1
Craven, Tom: Something Old, Something New, something Borrowed, Something For You
Craven, Tom: Tom Craven's 16th Card Book
Fulves, Karl: Prolix Issues 1-6
Fulves, Karl: Punch Out Puzzle Kit
Furota, Masatoshi: The Thoughts of Tenkai
Geoff Williams: The Lecture Your Father Never Gave You
Gilbert, Charles: Endless Mirth and Amusement
Ginn, David: Strictly Visuals
Giobbi, Roberto: The Art of Switching Decks
Gordon, Paul: Card Collective
Hart, Harold: 50 Simple Tricks You Can Do Without Practice
Hull, Burling "Volta": World's Best Psychic Book Tests
Jennings, Madeleine & Colin Francome: Magic Step by Step
Leslie, Wally Jr.: Balloons For Fun
Magician, Christopher T.: Just for Fun
Neighbors, David: Stand and Deliver
Racherbaumer, Jon: Dustbin Dossier 1
Racherbaumer, Jon: Dustbin Dossier 2
Sharpe, Sam H.: Conjurers’ Psychological Secrets
Sharpe, Sam H: Conjurers’ Optical Secrets
Thayer Quality Magic Catalog Instruction Sheets Vol. 1
Thayer Quality Magic Catalog Instruction Sheets Vol. 2
Thayer Quality Magic Catalog Instruction Sheets Vol. 3
Thayer Quality Magic Catalog Instruction Sheets Vol. 4
Tong, Dan: An Evening With Dan Tong
Trikosko, Marion S.: Trouping With Dante
Tucker, Stephen: The Torn and Restored Card Book
Tucker, Tommy: 30th Century Magic
Tuffs, J. Elsden: Making Magical Apparatus
Tullock, Eddie: Tullock, the Phantom Founder of Trade Show Magic
Turner, Ray: Surprise Comedy and Magic
Van Zandt, Jeanne: Jeanne's Magic As You Like It
Varro, Steve: Tricks of the Trade
Vereker, Sydney: Ventriloquism As a Hobby
Vernon, Dai & Faucett Ross (editor): The Famous $25 "Dee-Vee" Manuscript of Exclusive Card Mysteries
Viceroy, Monte R.: 40 Best Pocket Tricks
Wade, John: Do Get the Name Right
Wagner, Bob: Wagnerian Magic
Wakeman, Randy: The Expert Card to Wallet
Walker, A.H. & Horace Walker: Secrets of Modern Conjuring
Walker, Mark: Spook Shows on Parade
Waller, Charles: Magical Nights at the Theatre
Ward the Wizard: The New Wiles of a Wizard
Wardle, Chris: Beyond Svengali
Wardle, Chris: Investigating the Mene-Tekel Deck
Wathen, Douglas L.: Realm of the Rabbit
Watson, Brian: Eclectic Lecture Notes
Watts, Lester: Collected Mental Mysteries
Weber Michael: Making Things Right
Weber, Michael & Tim Trono: 23
Weber, Michael: 13 Steps Backwards For Mentalism
Weber, Michael: Blackpool Twenty Thirteen
Weber, Michael: Old Dog
Weber, Michael: Red Black Notes
Weber, Michael: Weber's Winning Idea
Weber, Michael: Weber 2015
West, Larry: New Directions In Magic
Weston, Mark: Weston's Ways With Cards
White Jeff: A Visual Concept in Magic
Wiley Barry H.: The Indescribable Phenomenon
Wilker, Peter: The Creation of Magic
Williams, Dick & Virginia: Lights! Cameras! Magic!
Williams, Geoff: Close-Up Miracles
Williams, Geoff: Stuff That Violates My Parole But I Do Anywa Because It Gets Such A Good Reaction
Wilson, Dave: The Servante Number Three
Wilson, Eric P.: The Art of Conjuring to Children
Wilson, Gregory: Deja Vu
Wilson, R. Paul: Chaos Theories
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