October 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

43 Additional book table of contents listings added to the Magic Book page:

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Andrews, Val: How to Write a Magical Best Seller
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 11
Caveney, Mike: Mike Caveney Wonders & The Conference Illusions
Clark, James L., MBA, MSc.: Mind Magic & Mentalism for Dummies
Cleve, Van: How to Win a Magic Contest
Daryl (Martinez) & Jon Racherbaumer: Double-Dazzling Triumph
Furota, Masatoshi: The Thoughts of Tenkai Lecture Notes
Henry, Thomas: Handbook of ESP Card Mentalism
Lewis, Eric C.: Well I Never
Marshall, Frances & Jay: The Success Book Volume III
Nikola, Louis: Hand Shadows
Normansell, Andrew: House of Fortune
Nosek, Terry: Fraud! The Collected Works of Sigmund Fraud
Osborne, Paul: The Classic Illusions Volume One
Osborne, Paul: The Classic Illusions Volume Three
Osborne, Paul: The Classic Illusions Volume Two
Osterlind, Richard & Jeff Busby: The Blindfold Book
Osterlind, Richard: Metalblast
Pecor, Charles J.: The Craft of Magic
Pierri Nicolas: Poesia Faro, or Faro Poetry
Poidevin, Jeremy Le: Practical Magic
Poinc, Eugene: The Practitioner - Journeys Into Grey
Salwak, Dale: For That Special Occasion
Schalk, Larry: The Magic of Custom Advertising
Schattenreich, De'vo vom: The Secret Books of De'vo, Volume 1
Siegfried & Roy: A Life of Magic
Stone, David: Secrets of Table Hopping
Stone, Eugene (editor): The Boy's Book of Conjuring
Strange, Scott: Where Nudists Keep Spare Change
Stringer, Charles H.: Ten Secrets Of Modern Magic
Strivings, Mark: Before the Curtain Rises
Strivings, Mark: Magic for Younguns
Strivings, Mark: Pseudo-Psi
Supreme Magic: 25 Miniature Miracles with Miniature Cards
Swinford, Paul: The Three File Problem
Swiss, Jamy Ian: Preserving Mystery
Tanner, Don: 50 Tricks and Ideas With Spring Flowers
Tarbell, Harlan: Comedy Stunts for Laughing Purposes
Taylor, Bev: Silk Gun Routines
Theobald, Don: T-Bone's Magic-Circus Magic Book
Thompson, J.G., Jr.: Centermental
Tong, Danny: ESP
Treborix: Diversions With Dice

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