Septembe 2019 Magic Book ToC Update

59 books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents listing at:

Johnson, George (editor): Sixty Sleights
Martyn, Topper: Topper's Lecture Notes, American Tour Edition
Price, Barry: Palming for the Terrified
Racherbaumer, Jon & Giovanni Livera: The Amazing Cigar
Racherbaumer, Jon: Another Roadside Attraction
Racherbaumer, Jon: Cavorting Ladies
Racherbaumer, Jon: Edward Marlo's Compleat K.M. Move A Retrospective
Racherbaumer, Jon: Grifty Business - Memes to Quicken
Racherbaumer, Jon: Inside Tracks, Lecture Four
Racherbaumer, Jon: Midwest Magic Jubilee
Racherbaumer, Jon: Psi-Clones
Racherbaumer, Jon: Synergistic Sandwiches
Rauscher William V.: The Mind Readers, Masters of Deception
Ream, Lamont: Treasured Treats of Magic
Redford, Patrick: Temporarily Out of Order - the Redford Stack
Reid, Wally: Magic On Stage
Reilly, S.W.: Index Brain or Brain Control
Richman, Michael S.: The Magic House of Babcock
Sankey, Jay: Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy
Saville, Thomas & Herb Dewey: Red Hot Cold Reading
Scarne, John: Scarne On Cards - How To Win
Seewald: Card Tricks
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjurers' Hydraulic and Pneumatic Secrets
Shaxon, Alan: The Alan Shaxon Lecture (blue#2)
Shaxon, Alan: The Alan Shaxon Lecture (yellow)
Shoesmith, Tim: Fountains and Acorns
Shonk, Ronald: Magic Of The Mind
Shotts, Floyd: Shotts In the Dark
Sicnarf: A Half Hour of Magic
Sinclair, Myles: From The Sublime To The Meticulous
Sisti, Jim: The Pick of the Menu
Slaight, Allan: Pins & Needles
Sminkey, Don "The Clown": Handbook for the Magical Party Clown
Smith, J. Stewart: The Weird Influence
Smith, Ricky: Nothing As It Seems
Smith, Roger: The Ultimate Card Book No. 1
Smith, Roger: The Ultimate Card Book No. 4
Smith, Samuel Patrick: Kiddie Patter and Little Feats
Solomon, David: Solomon's Notes 2011
Solomon, David: Solomon's Notes Blackpool 2008
Sommers, Jim: Blow by Blow
Spelmann, Mark: 101108
Spillman, Steve: Amazing Frauds
Sreenivas, A.P.: Card Circus
Stadelman, Paul: Ventriloquism of Today
Stanley, Harry (editor): Flash Magic
Stanyon, Ellis: New Juggling Tricks
Stein, Max (pub): Magic Card Tricks Anyone Can Do; or - The Expert at Cards
Stein, Max: Magic for Home and Stage
Steinmeyer, Jim: Art & Artifice
Steinmeyer, Jim: Discovering Invisibility
Steinmeyer, Jim: Two Lectures on Theatrical Illusion
Sterling Harold: No Bottoms, or 50 Tricks With a Bottomless Tumbler
Sterling, Max: Problems in Mystery for Practical Magicians
Stickland, William G.: Wessex Wizardry
Stickland, William G: Introducing Bill's Magic
Stoddard, Edward: The First Book of Magic
Walker, Robert & Jon Racherbaumer (editor): Walker's Hyper-Twist

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