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April 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

108 More magic book tables of content added this month.
Mostly for authors with the last name ending in "S".
Next month I'll be working on the T's!

Aragon, Woody: A Book in English
Craven, Tom: FABulous Lecture
Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Part One
Ganson, Lewis: Routined Manipulation Part Two (separated)
Kelly, Kristen & Ken: Abracadabra!
London, David: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors
London, David: Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors
Scalbert, Geoffrey: Scalbert's Selected Secrets
Schneiderman, Steven & Rocco Silano: If It Fits, Sleeve It!
Severn, Bill: Magic As a Hobby
Sherman, Jim: 29 Clever Card Tricks With the Svengali Deck
Sherman, Jim: Flash Lites
Shields, Cyril: Broadcast Conjuring Tricks
Shiels, Tony: Daemons, Darlkings and Doppelgangers
Shiels, Tony: Entertaining With ESP
Shrewesbury Publishing: Magic for Home and Stage
Shryock, John: Sleightly Tricky
Shutters, Rev. Daniel: Magic Ministry
Sibbernsen, Michael: Enigmas Lecture Tour 2001
Siegel, Paul J.: Doorway to Delusion
Siegel, Paul J.: Mentalism A La Mode
Simmons, Ken: A Final Farewell Lecture
Simmons, Ken: Banded Deck Effects
Simmons, Ken: Close Up With Cards
Simmons, Ken: Finally!
Simmons, Ken: Onyx Number Eleven
Simmons, Ken: Onyx Number Ten
Sing, Wu-Fang (Walter Geary): Oriental Temple of Magic
Sing, Wu-Fang (Walter Geary): Wonders of the East
Sing, Wu Fang (Walter Geary): Magic for the Bairns
Skinner & Busby: Intimate Magic
Skinner, Michael: 1995 Lecture
Skinner, Michael: Classic Sampler
Skinner, Michael: Classic Sampler
Skomp, Steve: Devious Deceptions
Skomp, Steve: S'Komplimentary Mentalism
Slydini & Alma Richie: Slydini Linking Rubber Band Mystery
Smith, Aaron: Methodical
Smith, Aaron: Mr. Gadfly all issues
Smith, Al: Another Card Book
Smith, Al: Another Spell of Cards
Smith, Bruce: Book of Magic
Smith, Chuck: What If?
Smith, H. Adrian: It's In the Bag!
Smith, J. Stewart: An Approach to Genuine Magic Part
Smith, J. Stewart: An Approach to Genuine Magic Part 1
Smith, J. Stewart: Realm of the Incredible
Smith, J. Stewart: Silent Evidence
Smith, J. Stewart: This Intangible Something
Smith, Les and Gertrude: Floyd Thayer Book
Smith, Roger: Smith on Cards 2
Smith, Samuel Patrick: Sell Your Act With Posters
Smith, Willar S.: Magic of Willard S. Smith
Snider, John: Pockety Chop
Solari, Bob: Repeat Offender
Solomon, Ed: Money Matters
Somonon, David: Solomon's Mind booklet
Sorcer, PC: History of Magic
Spence, Jim: Miracles with a Pop Eyed Deck
Spencer, Robert: Fetsching Magic
Sperber, Burton: Miracles of My Friends
Spillman, Steve: Imagine Magic
Spitari, Laurance W.: The Wizard's Annual 1913
Spitari, Laurance W.: The Wizard's Annual 1914
Spitari, Laurance W.: The Wizard's Annual 1915-6
Stadleman, Paul: Sandu Writes Again
Stanfield, John: Nothing In My Hands
Stanley, Harry: Coin Fakery
Stanley, Harry: I Wouldn't Like to Play Cards With You
Stapleton, Don: Sophisticated Sorcery
Stapleton, Don: Sticks That Go Zoom
Stebbins, Si: Men-Telo-Card-Ology
Steinmeyer, Jim: Charles Fort
Steinmeyer, Jim: Device and Illusion
Steinmeyer, Jim: Further Impuzzibilities
Steinmeyer, Jim: Impuzzibilities
Steinmeyer, Jim: Magic of Alan Wakeling
Steinmeyer, Jim: Strange Power
Steinmeyer, Jim: Subsequent Impuzzibilities
Steinmeyer, Jim: Trade Secrets
Sterling Magic: Card Coin Wizardry
Stickland, Wm & Eric Wilson: Join the Party
Stilwell, Geo.: Stillwell's Handkerchief Manipulation Act
Stone, David: Cocoon
Stone, David: Light My Fire
Stone, David: Made In France
Stone, David: X-Rated Lecture Notes
Stone, Sol: Patter Punches
Stoner, Dick: I Spell Magic F-U-N!!
Stoppard, Jimmy: A Pocket Book of Patter
Strivings, Mark: Anatomy of a Successful Magic Show
Strivings, Mark: Annemann for the 90's
Strivings, Mark: Miracles From the Hip
Strivings, Mark: Mobile Mentalism Volume II
Strivings, Mark: Psi Psampler
Sum, J.C.: Equilateral
Sum, J.C.: Illusionary Departures
Supreme Magic: 27 Tricks With a Change Bag
Swain, James: Don't Blink
Swinford, Paul: More Faro Fantasy
Swinford, Paul: Sumthin' for Everyone
Swiss, Jany Ian & Scott York: A Rumor In Their Own Time
Swiss, Jany Ian: 10 in 10
Swiss, Jany Ian: Shattering Illusions
Swiss, Jany Ian: The Magic of Johnny Thompson
Swiss, Jany Ian: Theatrics II
Swiss, Jany Ian: Theories III
Vernon, Dai & Harry Stanley: European Tour 1955
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29 March 2018 Magic ToC Update

This month adds a little over 50 additonal magic book table of contents listings, mostly with author's with the last name starting with S.

Acer, David & Jay Sankey: The Night Before
Burger, Eugene: Rediscoveries
Hagy, James: Early English Conjuring Collectors - James Savren and Henry Evanion
Rosenthal, Harvey: Share My Pleasure
Schindler, George: Close-Up Standing Up Lecture Notes
Schlutz, Ryan: Making the Cut
Schneider, Al: On Coins
Schoneck, F.V.: Hit the Deck
Schulte, George: Magical Monologues
Schulte, George: Patter Paragraphs
Schulte, George: Words for Wizards
Science & Mechanics Magic Handbook 1968
Scott, Lionel: Fire Mysteries
Scott, Lionel: Practical Paper Tricks
Scott, Lionel: Scott's True Black Art for the Entertainer
Scott, Lionel: Twist and Fancies of the Modern Magician
Searles, Lin: Slow Motion Poker Deals
Searles, Lynn: The Card Expert
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume One
Selbit: Conjuring Patter Volume Two
Selbit: The Magical Entertainer
Setteducati, Mark & Anne Benkovitz: The Magic Show
Setterington, Arthur: Magic Fun and Games (partial)
Setterington, Arthur: The Joe Smith Mysteries
Severn, Bill: Best Magic
Severn, Bill: Big Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Complete Book of Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic In Mind
Severn, Bill: Magic Money
Severn, Bill: Magic Shows You Can Give
Severn, Bill: Magic With Paper
Severtsen, Arty: They Call Me Mr. Peabody
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Children's Routines
Sharp, Eric: Specialised Hat Productions
Sharpe, Alton: Expert Card Chicanery
Sharpe, Alton: Ollapodrida Apr 1998
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjured Up
Sharpe, S.H.: Conjurers' Mechanical Secrets
Sharpe, S.H.: Devant's Delightful Delusions
Sharpe, S.H.: Good Conjuring
Sharpe, S.H.: Great Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic
Sharpe, S.H.: Neo-Magic Artistry
Sharps, Les: Sharp Sorcery
Shaxon, Alan: Ideal Entertainment
Shaxon, Alan: My Kind of Magic
Shay, Gene: Secrets of Magic Revealed
Sheets, Bob: Accumulations
Sheets, Bob: Lecture Book #1
Sheldon, George: The Amateur Magician
Shelley, Mike: Magical Mysteries
Temple, Phil: Thurston the Magician - Our Life of Magic

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28 Feb Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Only 25 books added this month - too much other stuff going on! Hopefully I'll add a larger number in March.

Brent, Christopher: The Flying Silk
Dell, Ralph: Magic With a Smile
Dobson, Wayne: Ping & Pong
Kosky, Gerald: The Magic of Gerald Kosky Lecture Notes
Lewis, Eric: Open Sesame - full contents
London, Ron: A Magical Journey
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Every Little Boy's Book
Routledge, Warne & Routledge: Games of Skill and Conjuring
Sanders & Sankey: When Creators Collide
Sanders, Toby: How to be a Compleat Clown
Sands, George: 3 Sandsational Rope Effects
Sands, George: George Sands Lecture Notes
Sands, George: Sandsational Rope 1971 Edition
Sankey, Jay: Making People Wonder
Sankey, Jay: Sankey '90
Sankey, Jay: Sankey Goes Public
Scalbert, Geoffrey: Scalbert's Selected Secrets
Scalbert, Geoffrey: There's a Trick In It
Scarne, John: The Amazing World of John Scarne
Schatz, Dr. Edward R.: Practical Contact Mind Reading
Schenk, Uwe & Michael Sondermeyer: The Magic of Paul Potassy
Scherer, Christian: Card News
Schindler, George: Ventriloquism - Magic With Your Voice
Stride, Richard & Alan Wassilak: Scatter Thought
White, Jeff: Visual Inspirations Part Two

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