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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, June 2023

Added 80 additional magic book table of contents listings to the section.
Mostly authors whose last name starts with K.

Alford, Jason & Jack Parker: Ashes to Ashes (updated)
Anonymous: Houdini - The Adventurous Life of a Versatile Artist
Bauer, Ron: Ron Bauer's Mechanical Deck
Boleware, Tom & Danny Orleans: The Daycare Magician
Brahams, Anthony (editor): Fred Kaps' Purse
Gravatt, Glenn: Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks (updated)
Kahn, Scott: Kahnceptual Card Magic
Kahn, Scott: Kahnjuring
Kahn, Scott: Swindles, Scams & Kahns
Kalush, Bill: Bill Kalush Presents Cards
Kam, Curtis: Wrestling With Magic
Kaminskas, Michael: Miracle Material
Kamm, Jonathan: ToiBox - The Ungimmicked Card to Box
Kaps, Fred: 11-Bill Trick
Kaufman, Gerald Lynton: The Book of Modern Puzzles
Kaufman, Richard & So Sato: The Secrets of So Sato
Kaufman, Richard, David Berglas: The Berglas Effects
Keable, Ian: Stand-Up
Kelly, Frank J.: Twin Deception
Kemp, Joseph Elon: Emergency Full Evening Show
Kendall, Ian: Basic Training The Book
Kennedy (Ken Dyne): Thoughts So Far
Kenner, Chris: Band Across the Globe
Kenyon, John: Thumbs Up! Tricks With a Thumb Tip (updated w/descriptions)
Kersten, Peter: Lecture Notes No. 1
Kett, Michael: Applied Magic
Khubchandani, Rohit (Incredible Rohit): Magic Moments
Kim, Sungwon: Seven Thoughts
Kimlat, Kostya: A Lecture Collection (updated)
Kimlat, Kostya: Humid Shenanigans & Card Tricks for Strangers, Pets and Magician's Wives
Kimlat, Kostya: The Joker Game
King, Bob: Card Notes
King, Bob: Great Britain 2001
King, Bob: The Breather 3
King, Kevin: The Buiness of Magic
King, Mac & Bill: Lunchbox 'O Magic
King, Mac: Howdy! I'm Mac King (updated w/descriptions)
King, Mac: Mac King's Other Rope Routine
Kirk, Gene: Your Buttons Are Loose!
Kirkham, Kirk: TV Dove Classics
Kissell, Steve: Top Hat Treasury
Klamm, R.W.: Rig Up the Ropes Expanded Edition
Kleefeld, Jim: Locked
Kleefeld, Jim: The Book Test Book
Kleefeld, Jim: The Contract Book
Klein, Jim: Balloons With Your Magic
Klutz (John Cassidy): The Klutz Book of Knots
Klutz (John Cassidy, editor): The Klutz Book of Card Games
Klutz (John Cassidy, Michael Stroud): The Klutz Book of Magic
Klutz (Pat Murphy & Michael Stroud, editors): Card Trickery
Klutz (Paula Hannigan, John Cassidy): No Practice Magic
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 1
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 2
Knapp Electric, Inc.: Secrets of Master Magic Set No. 3
Knecht, Larry: Larry Knecht On Mentalism
Kneitel, Ashford: Natural Born Card$hark
Knepper, Kenton: An Enchanted Evening (partial)
Knight, Devin & Jerome Finley: Cloud Busting Secrets
Knight, Devin: Knight's Tour Excalibur
Knight, Devin: Mindvention 2011 Lecture Notes
Knoles, David: Spooky Magic Tricks
Kok, Zenneth: 08 Cards Act II
Kok, Zenneth: 15 Maneuvers
Kok, Zenneth: A-List Material
Kok, Zenneth: Cards You Softly
Kole, Andre: From Illusion to Reality
Korem, Danny: Danny's Bag
Korem, Danny: Taking a Stand
Korem, Danny: The Upside Down Toppit
Korn, Chris: Be Fruitful and Multiply
Korn, Chris: Korn-Flakes...
Kort Milt: Cups and Balls in Miniature
Kort, Milton; Ron Bauer (editor): Milton Kort Lecture Notes
Kosby, Ray: Scratching the Surface
Kosby, Ray: Tricks
Kovari: Kovari's Master Magic
Kranzo, Nathan: Bill Plots
Kranzo, Nathan: California Lecture Notes
Kranzo, Nathan: Detroit Lecture Notes
Kraske, Robert: Harry Houdini - Master of Magic
Krenzel, Ken: Close-Up Power
Krenzel, Ken: Vintage Ken Krenzel
Kronzek, Allen Zola: Artful Deceptions
Marlo, Edward: The K.M. Move (Kardyro-Marlo)
Steele, W.F. (Rufus): 50 Tricks (updated w/descriptions)

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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, May 2023

The following book contents were added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page:

Allen, Harry: Sleight of Foot in Mouth
Allen, Harry: Sleight of Lips
Allen, Harry: Sleight of One Liners
Allen, Harry: Sleight of Tongue
Allen, Harry: Sleight of Tongue in Cheek
Garrett, Dan: Dan Garrett's Top 10 Lecture Notes
Kaye, Marvin: The Complete Magician
Keable, Ian: A Professional's Repertoire
Kellar, Harry: A Magician's Tour
Kellar, Harry: Kellar's Wizards' Manual
Miesel, Bill: Fork Full of Appetizers, Book 2

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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Apr 2023

Small number of books added this month. The contents for Sam Dalal's Mantra magazine took a long time to go through, but was very interesting.

Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica (updated with descriptions)
Dalal, Sam: Mantra Magazine Complete
Dalal, Sam: Swami Magazine (updated with descriptions)
De Courcy, Ken: Zodiac Telepathy
De Cova, Alexander: The California Lecture 2006
Dick & Fitzgerald: The Play Room, or Indoor Sports for Boys and Girls
Dobrowolski, Tom: Tom and His Merry Men (updated with descriptions)
Kaye, Marvin: Catalog of Magic
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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Mar 2023

47 Additional Magic Books added to the Table of Contents page, with 5 others updated (among other minor updates)

Close, Michael: A Workers Series Sampler (updated)
Fayne, Chuck: Something Old, Something New (added descriptions)
Fulves, Karl: Charles T. Jorda Collected Tricks (page numbers added)
Hutchison, G.A.: The Boy's Own Book (additional details added)
Jillette, Penn & Teller: How to Play in Traffic
Johnsom, Matthew: One Step at a Time
Jon, Finn: Magic of Finn Jon - German
Jones, Eric: Fingertips Pt. 1
Jones, Erwin Beck: The Erwin Linking Rings
Jones, Lewis: Card Party
Jones, Lewis: Counter Feats
Jones, Lewis: Persona
Jones, Tom & Rachel Wild: Wild About Harry
Joro (Bruno Hennig): Joros Schwamm Ball Becher Spiel
Joseph, Eddie: Card Bonanza
Joseph, Eddie: Cigarette Tricks and Gags at the Bar
Joseph, Eddie: Complete Dumbfounders With Cards
Joseph, Eddie: Heart Throb
Joseph, Eddie: Magic of the Mind
Joseph, Eddie: Master Blindfold Act
Joseph, Eddie: More Dumbfounders with Cards  
Joseph, Eddie: The Hindu Gaming Shells
Joseph, Eddie: Thought Reflection
Joseph, Eddie: Tricks for Informal Occasions
Joyal, Martin: The Six-Hour Memorized Deck
Jupiter: Lecture Notes 1988
Juzan, Sylvain: Every Card You Take
Kajar (Reuben Bowen): Magic Secrets
Kalver, Bruce: Birthday Party Portfolio
Kalver, Bruce: Bits of Magic
Kalver, Bruce: Classic Details
Kalver, Bruce: Himber Ring Magic
Kam, Curtis: By All Means
Kam, Curtis: Earning Interest
Kaminskas, Michael: Seemingly Impromptu
Kamm, Jonathan: Restaurant And Bar Magic
Kane, Marty: Card ChiKANEry
Kane, Peter: Kane at Table
Kane, Peter: Tetrad One
Kaps, Fred: Fred Kaps Chinese Coin Trick
Kaps, Fred: It's So Simple
Kaps, Fred: Kaps on Kards
Kardyro, Tony (Torino): T.K.'s Card Change Supreme Effects
Kardyro, Tony: Kardyro's Klose-Up Konjuring
Karmilovich, Ted: Food For Thought
Karmilovich, Ted: Target Number - The Manual
Karr, Todd (editor), William Henry Robinson: The Silence of Chung Ling Soo
Kattner, Wilbur: The Prolix Spirit Writes
Kattner, Wilbur: You're On! (updated)
Kaye, David: Super Sized Silly
Kettelkamp, Larry: Magic Made Easy
Kettelkamp, Larry: Song, Speech and Ventriloquism

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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Feb 2023

Very small update this month. Found that the "Boy's Own Book" of magic, sports and other activities has has multiple editions over the years (1800's), so took some work to document those. There are likely a few other editions as well, but the three added should cover the majors.
Magic book table of contents page is here:

Dayton, Ronald: Hung Up On Ropes / Off the Beaten Path (descriptions added)
Chemcraft: Chemical Magic (updated slightly)
Chemcraft: The Chemcraft Book for Outfit Number 2
Clarke, William; Paul Preston, et al: Boy's Own Book Extended
Clarke, William: Boy's Own Book
Clarke, William: The Boy's Own Book, A New Edition

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Magic Book Table of Contents Update, Jan 2023

I made the update on 31 January, but forgot to post this Blog on what the updates were! Sorry about that!
For January 31, 2023, there were 71 new books added, and 9 books updated with descriptions or other corrections

Magic book table of contents page is here:

Buttitta, Hope: It's Not Magic, It's Science!
James, Al: Conjuror At the Table
James, Len (Eljay): Counting on Cards
James, Len (Eljay): The Eljay Book of Ventriloquism
James, Stewart (editor): Abbott's Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks Volume Two
James, Stewart: Nullifactor
James, Stewart: Quick Hypnotic Tricks
James, Stewart: Sefalaljia Number 2
James, Stewart: Stewart James in Print - The First Fifty Years
Jarrow, Emil: Rope Magic
Jay, Joshua (editor): Magic In Mind
Jay, Joshua: Big Magic for Little Hands
Jay, Joshua: DesTROYers, The Superlative Magic of Troy Hooser
Jay, Joshua: Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards
Jay, Joshua: Magic Atlas (updated)
Jay, Joshua: Session - The Magic of Joel Givens
Jefferies, Peter: The Ultimate Perverse Magic of Peter Jefferies
Jefferson, John N.: Beginner Magic
Jefferson, John, N.: Magic Lecture
Jeffreys, Michael: Speaking With Magic
Jeffreys, Michael: The Enlightened Magicians
Jensen, Jon, Steve Fearson: The Art of Close-Up Levitation
Jensen, Jon: Street Monte
Jensen, Jon: The Goody Bag, Magic Set, Magic Club Book
Jermay, Luke : Building Blocks Extended
Jermay, Luke:  7 Deceptions
Jermay, Luke: Real Mind Reading Notes
Jermay, Luke: Real Mind Reading Notes
Jermay, Luke: The Big Three
Jermay, Luke: Three Cheers For The Underrated
Jillette, Penn & Teller: How to Play With Your Food
Johnson Smith & Co. (Publisher): The Secrets of Ancient and Modern Magic
Johnson, Deej: Magic By Phone
Johnson, George: Conjurers' Tales
Johnson, Roy: Be My Guest
Johnson, Roy: Roy Johnson's Unique
Johnson, Roy: Secrets 2 - Impressive
Johnson, V.E.: Chemical Magic (updated)
Johnston, Hugh R. & F.B. Sterling: Modern Card Miracles
Jonas, Luke: Away With Words
Jones, Barscom & Herb Dewey: King of the Cold Readers
Jones, Bascom (editor): Mindfields
Jordan, Charles Thorton: Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Prepared Card Tricks (descriptions added)
Jordan, Charles: Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks  (descriptions added)
Joseph, Eddie: Last Word on Cups and Balls (descriptions added)
Judah, Stewart: The Magic World of Stewart Judah (descriptions added)
Karson, Joe, Michael E. Rose, Chris Wasshuber (editors): Joe Karson Compilation
Karson, Joe: Complete Club Act
Karson, Joe: Complete Mental Club Act
Karson, Joe: Hypnotricks
Karson, Joe: Illusion Magic 2nd Edition
Karson, Joe: Illusion Magic!
Karson, Joe: Karson's Miniature Mysteries (updated)
Karson, Joe: Magic A La Mode
Karson, Joe: Sensational Poison Swallowing Act
Karson, Joe: The World's Fastest Card Trick
Karson, Joe: Tips on Zombie
Kaufman, Gerald Lynton: How's Tricks?
Klingsor, Claude: Easy and Effective Magic Lecture Notes
Koehlert, Henning: Henning's Workable & Hands-On Magic
Kronzek, Allan Zola: Grandpa Magic
Lampkin, Al: The Funniest Magic Show In the World
Lane, Frank: Frank Lane's Ideas 3
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: More L.W. Card Mysteries
Larsen, William W.: Evidence of Deception
Larsen, William: I Won't Play Cards With Him
Larsen, William: Twenty-Five Ideas With a Billiard Ball (partial)
Leach, Chuck: Chuck Leach's Gemini Ring
Leach, Chuck: Oddities
Leach, Chuck: PK Magic Book Volume One
Lewis, Eric: The Crowning Miracles
Livera, Giovanni & Jon Racherbaumer: The Amazing Cigar
Lorraine, Sid & Devin Knight: Paper Folding Giveaways for Magicians
Lorraine, Sid: Sid Lorraine's Lecture Notes No. 4
Poncher, Jeff (Jheff): A Symbol Act
Poncher, Jeff: Jheffsmind – The Collected Works of Jheff
St. James, Jesse: Lucky Seven Unique Illusions
St. John, Eddie: The Pitchman's Svengali Routine

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Dec 2022 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Small update this month: 18 new book table of contents listings, and 12 book listings updated

Anonymous: 24 Tricks From Your Vest Pocket
Bagley, William A.: One Man Show (updated)
Brant, Bob: As I See It
Castle, Fred: Magic With Giant Cards
Culpitt, Frederick: Laughter and Legerdemain (updated)
Curry, Paul: The Power of Thought
Downs, T. Nelson & Nathan Dean (editor): Conjuring With Coins (updated)
Dyment, Doug: Calculated Thoughts (updated)
Eastman, Charles: Inspired Magical Effects (updated)
Fajuri, Gabe: Slush!
Fajuri, Gabe: Sponge Ball Magic
Frame, Tom: Covert Operations
Frame, Tom: Sinister Ministrations
Frame, Tom: The Hypercard Project
Frame, Tom: The Hypercard Project
Furman, Frederick F.: Domino Deceptions (updated)
Gibson, Walter: Houdini's Escapes and Magic (updated)
Hagan, Dave: Christmas Magic (updated)
Hammond, Rae: Willane's Complete Methods for Miracles (updated)
Haywood, Glenn: Cause for Applause
Hudson, Walt: Saturday's Kid Show (updated)
Illusionist (pseudonym): Amateur Conjurers Guide (updated)
Jahn, Vic (Viggo): Professional Magic for Magicians No. 1
Jaks, Stanley: The Mysteries of Dr. Jaks
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 1 Three 4 One
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 2 A Kick to the One-A-Head
Jakutsch, Jas: Completely Mental Vol 3 Divide and Conquer
James, Ardan: Magic And Motion The Mechanics Of Body Illusion
Lainsbury, Bill: Billy Benbo's Best (updated)
Tanner, Don: Fifty Ways to Use a Card Box

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Magic Book Table of Contents Page update, Nov 2022

Table of Contents listings were added (or updated) for the following Magic books on the Magic Book Table of Contents page ( Enjoy!

Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Blackstone's Magic A Book of Mystery (updated)
Collis, Len: Magic Tricks for Children
Educational Insights: Magic Show 25 Tricks
Educational Insights: Magic Show! 75 Tricks
Evans, Henry Ridgely: A Master of Modern Magic (Robert-Houdin)
Garcia, Frank: Magic by Garcia
Gilbert, A.C.: Mysto Magic Book of Instructions
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 5
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 6
Govan, Barry, Ian Baxter, Murray Cooper, Gerry McCreanor: The Blueprint Vol 7 (updated)
Gresham, William Lindsay: Houdini, the Man Who Walked Through Walls
Grosso, Vinny: Nothing New, Just Different
Harsh, Michael: Coin Magic Lecture Notes
Hinchliffe, Jeff: Pointing in Different Directions
Hinchliffe, Jeff: Riffs - Tuned in the Key of Mnemonica
Hira, David: Neat Things I Know
Ho, Oliver: Young Magician Magic Tricks
Hoffmann, Professor: Mechanical Puzzles
Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Handkerchiefs
Holiday, John Henry: My Way Volume One
Holiday, John Henry: My Way, Volume Three (The Routines)
Holiday, John Henry: My Way, Volume Two
Hollingworth, Guy: Quartet
Hollingworth, Guy: Waiting for Inspiration
Horwitz, Basil: The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume III
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Book of Magic
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Book of Magic and Party Pastimes
Houdini, Harry: Houdini's Magic Secrets
Houston, Opie R.: Magical Ramblings of an Idle Mind (updated)
Houston, Will: The Notebook
Howarth, David A.S.: Winners All
Howie, John: Routines With the Jardine Ellis Ring
Hudson, Walt & Tom Ogden: A Volunteer From the Audience
Hudson, Walt: Saturday's Kid Show
Huggins, Wilfred: Secrets of the Street Conjurer
Hugo, Oscar: Magi Card System
Hull, Burling: "13" A Baker's Dozen
Hull, Burling: 33 Rope Ties and Chain Releases (updated)
Hull, Burling: Art Rubber Magic
Hull, Burling: Impromptu Cigarette Routine
Hull, Burling: Miracle Floating Light Effects (revised)
Hull, Burling: The Last Word Blindfold Methods
Hull, Burling: The Miracle Floating Light Effects
Hull, Burling: The Original One Man Mindreading Act
Hull, R.W., Paul Gordon (editor): The Complete Eye-Openers
Hull, R.W.: Hull's Wonder Trick Namo-O-Card
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): A Baker's Dozen Hummers
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): Another Dozen Hummers
Hummer, Bob; B.W. McCarron (editor): Still More Hummers
Hummerston, R.A.: The Book of Fun, Mirth & Mystery
Hunter, Norman: New and Easy Magic (updated cover)
Hunter, Norman: New Conjuring Without Skill (updated cover)
Hurst, Andy: Project Latnem (updated cover)
Rensselaer, Alexander Van: Magic (updated)

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October 2022 Magic Book ToC Update!

Added a bit over 40 additional Magic Book table of content listings to the site here:
Mostly with authors who's last names start with H.

Davies, Toby (editor): Ten for Thom
Fogel, Maurice: The Gambling Ghost - Fogel's Top Secrets No. 1
Gloviski, Peter: Lecture 1985 cover image added
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: The Blueprint Volume 3
Groves, David: Be a Street Magician!
Hallas, Paul: O.O.P.S. Magic and Mentalism
Hamilton, Cara: Storytelling for Magicians
Hamilton, Greg: Hare Brain Ideas for the Rabbit in the Hat Puppet Vol.1
Hanes, Justin: Mystery Engineering
Hanky Panky: Super Magic 100 Tricks
Harbin, Robert: How to Be a Wizard
Harel, Nimrod: Shalosh - Stage Work
Hargraves, Bob: A Lesson in Magic!
Harlan, Dan: Warning: Prolonged Exposure May Induce Severe Brain Trauma
Harris, Ben: Crossroads
Harris, Ben: Mentallica - Heavy Mental Magic
Harris, Ben: New Directions Five
Harris, Ben: New Directions One
Harris, Ben: New Directions Six
Hart, Steve: Tricks to Make them Laugh
Hartman, Jerry K.: After Craft, More Card Trickery
Hartman, Jerry K.: Card Devilry
Hasbun, Bob: Out of the Box
Havil, Julian: Impossible?
Hawkesworth, Eric: Conjuring
Hawkesworth, Eric: Pleated Paper Folding
Hawkesworth, Eric: Rag Picture Shows
Hawkesworth, Eric: The Art of Paper Tearing
Hayden, Allan: New 'Modified' Mighty Silver Bulldog
Hecklau, Axel: Details
Hedan, Vincent: Lecture Notes
Hemingway, David: Aspects of Magic
Henderson, Brad: The Dance
Herman, Black (Benjamin Rucker): Secrets of Magic-Mystery & Legerdemain
Hetzler, Bruce: Bev Taylor's Town House Magic
Hickey, Preston Langley: Parlor Problems
Hickok, Chuck: First and Last Lecture
Hickok, Chuck: Thought-Full Telepathy
Higham, Justin: Bold and Illogical Card Moves
Higham, Justin: Clairvoyant, Mental Topper and The Mind-Reader's Dream
Higham, Justin: Highlights
Higham, Justin: The 75% Production and the Trick With No Method
Higham, Justin: The Complete Illogical Dribble Force
Mentzer, Jerry: Eddie Fechter´s Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians
Mentzer, Jerry: Paul Harris' Super Swindle!

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August 2022 Magic Book ToC Update

Small update this month, just 17 new Magic Book Table of Contents entries, four books updated with descriptions, and a few miscellaneous updates not listed.

Anderson, George B.: How To Be A Junior Magician
Bordner, Greg (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4 Secrets and Routines (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (producer); Chuck Kleiber (compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 5 Mentalism (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 6: The Halloween Magic (updated with descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (Producer); Chuck Kleiber (Compiler): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 9: Carnival Magic (updated with descriptions)
Cohen, Steve: Max Malini, King of Magicians, Magician of Kings
Crosthwaite, Roger: Lecture Notes 1
Crosthwaite, Roger: Lecture Notes 2
Fetsch, Hen: Who's Fooling Who!
Fisher, Rick: The Three Magic Words Just Say No!
Fitch, Bob: Hidden Secrets
Fogel, Maurice: Gives Himself Away
Galsworthy, John: Concerning the Palming of Cards
Gladwin, Andi: 52 Explorations; Jack Parker's Final Legacy
Guimarães, Helder: Don't Xerox Lecture Notes
Guinn, Scott: 2001 A Magical Odyssey
Hallas, Paul: Card Magic for the Enthusiast
Hallas, Paul: Magic From the Overground (partial contents)
Hallas, Paul: Mentalism With Cards
Hallas, Paul: The Englishmen's Lecture Notes
Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Cards, Condensed From Modern Magic (updated)

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