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July 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

About 55 new books added to the magic book table of contents page

Abbott, Bill: House Party Magic
Alan, Don: Rubber Circus
Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 5 (last in the series!)
Bernstein, Bruce: Center Tear Technique
Copperfield, David & Janet Berliner: David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible (Fiction)
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Ultimate Mental Secrets
Gydesen, Walter: Periodical Magic
Hallas, Paul: Almost the Original TOTAT
Hallas, Paul: Magic From the Overground 2004 Lecture Notes
Hallas, Paul: The Cheap Close Up Book
Hallas, Paul: TOTAT
Harlan, Dan: Plays
Jones, Tom & Rachel Wild: Kiddies to Korporate
MacDougall, Michael: Danger In the Cards
Malone, Bill: Lecture in Southport England 2007
Marks, Tony & Bev Bergeron: Tony Marks Aristocrat of Deception
Marshall, Frances & Jay: The Success Book Volume Four
Neighbors, David & Bob LaRue (editor): Sound Routines
Neighbors, David & Charles Neff (editor): Here Comes The Sun (And The Moon)
Neighbors, David & John Luka: Mile High Lecture Notes
Neighbors, David & John T. Hopkins (editor): The Professional Coin Box Magic of Dave Neighbors
Neighbors, David & Peter Donello: Slightly Gaffed
Neighbors, David & Robert D. LaRue Jr.: Dave Neighbors – Stands Up
Neighbors, David & Robert D. LaRue Jr.: Going Blank: Packet Miracles From a Full Deck
Neighbors, David & Robert D. LaRue, Jr.: Flight Plans
Neighbors, David & Robert D. LaRue, Jr.: Silver and Pasteboards
Neighbors, David: Not Just Coins
Nelmar, Twenty Hypnotic Tricks
Nelson, Earl: Variations Revisited
Nelson, Robert: Still More Miracles in Mentalism
Newman, Ed: Newman's Notes - Lecture No. 1
Newmann, C.A. George: Clever Card Conjuring
Newton, Geoffrey W.: The Newton Line
Normansell, Andrew: Elaborate Hoaxes
North American Association of Ventriloquists (NAAoV): Ventriloquist Dialogues Book Number 6
North American Association of Ventriloquists (NAAoV): Ventriloquist Dialogues Book Number 7
North American Association of Ventriloquists (NAAoV): Ventriloquist Dialogues Book Number 8
Nu, Alain: 6
Nu, Alain: Four Told
Nu, Alain: Psycho-Chronetic
Nu, Alain: Word Work
Nu, Alain: Word Work II
Nyman, Andy: Kosher Products
Nyman, Andy: Short, Punchy, & Mental
Obermair, Gilbert: Matchstick Puzzles, Tricks & Games
Ortiz, Darwin: Gambling Scams
Ortiz, Darwin: Practically Impossible
Piatt, Ray & Lisa: Caper-Case 2000 Book Three
Piatt, Ray & Scott Davis: Caper-Case Book One
Piatt, Ray & Scott Davis: Caper-Case Book Two
Rauscher, William V.: Pleasant Nightmares; Dr. Neff and His Madhouse of Mystery
Silverman, Kenneth: Houdinii!!! The Career of Ehrich Weiss
Tabary, Francis: The Award Winning Rope Magic of Francis Tabary
Waldman, Carl & Joe Layden: The Art of Magic (PBS Television Special)
Waldron, Daniel: Blackstone A Magician's Life

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June 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Over 80 additional books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page this month, including the entire Abbott Magic Collection series and a lot of Duane Laflin books. Many of Duane's books can be obtained as ebooks from

Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic V2
Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic V3
Adair, Ian: Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic V5
Adams Press: Magic & Home Entertainment
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 01 Percy Abbott Years
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 02 Recil Bordner Years
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 03 Greg Bordner Years
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 04 Secrets and Routines
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 05 Mentalism
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 06 Halloween Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 07 Stage Illusion Plans
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 08 Grand Illusion Plans
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 09 Carnival Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 10 Gospel Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 11 Ventriloquism
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 12 Coin Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 13 Rope Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 14 Card Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 15 Silk Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 16 Paper Magic
Bordner, Greg; Chuck Kleiber: The Abbott Magic Collection 17 Escape Routines
Grant, U.F.: The Challenge Magic Act
Hill, Ed, Bob Schoof & Andrew Pinard: The Yankee Magic Collectore numbers 1-17
Illusionist: Amateur Conjurers Guide
James, Stewart & Gabe Fajuri (editor): Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks
Jarrett, Guy E. & Jim Steinmeyer: The Complete Jarrett
Jones, Little Johnny: So You Want to Be a Magician!
Kaps, Fred & Pat Page: Easy Money
Kardwell, Joseph: Magic for Beginners
Kirkham, Kirk: Locked Book of Secrets
Kumler, John M.: Jack's Stunt Book 1924
Laflin David & Teesha: Illusions
Laflin, David & Teesha: Character & Kingdom
Laflin, David & Teesha: Creative Illusions for KidMin
Laflin, Duane and Mary: Assisting the Gospel Magician
Laflin, Duane: A Practical Routine for the Linking Rings
Laflin, Duane: Amazing Gospel Illusions You Can Make
Laflin, Duane: Anatomy of a Gospel Magic Show
Laflin, Duane: Clown Style Magic
Laflin, Duane: Colorful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Costuming for the Gospel Magician and Assistant
Laflin, Duane: Effective Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Exciting Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Gospel Lessons With a Change Bag
Laflin, Duane: Gospel Magician's Open Sesame
Laflin, Duane: Gospel Routines for Rope Tricks
Laflin, Duane: Greater Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Look and Laugh
Laflin, Duane: Magicisms
Laflin, Duane: Meaningful Gospel Magic
Laflin, Duane: Practical Magic for Entertainers
Larsen, William & T. Page Wright: The L.W. Pocket and Parlor Mysteries
Lee, Carol: Magic Made Easy
Leech, Al: All of Leech (compilation)
Lovell, Simon: Close Up Magic to Tapdance To
Lucas, Jerry & Harry Lorayne: The Jerry Lucas Fifty Greatest Card Tricks Booklet
Maccabe, Frederic: Maccabe's Art of Ventriloquism and Vocal Illusions
MacMillan, Ron: International Magic Studio's Wizard Pack
Magus, Jim: Sex and the Single Magician
Moehring, John: The Magical Life of Marshall Brodien
Muller, Reinhard: Cards Up the Sleeve
Muller, Reinhard: Escorial 97 Vernon Lectures in Germany
Muller, Reinhard: Flying Cards Cards Across An Overview
Neale, Robert: Bunny Bill
Palhinha, Mariano: Famous Fastened Card Trick
Palmer, Steve: Method
Paul, Marc: Image Enhancers
Penrose, Scott: Making Your Magic Magical (update)
Perovich, Michael & Stephen Minch: The Vernon Companion
Pratt, Bert: Browsing Around in Magic
Rae, Oswald: The More You Watch
Ragsdale, Bill: Magic Around The World
Sadowitz, Jerry: Cut Controls
Sadowitz, Jerry: Thanks to Zarrow
Scarne, John: 100 More of Scarne's Magic Tricks
Scarne, John: Scarne's Tricks
Scott, Walter I.: The Phantom of the Card Table
Shaw, C.K.: The Eagle Book of Magic
Skinner, W.E.: Wehman's Wizard's Manual
Sreenivas & Anitha: Combined Inspirations
Vosburg, Matthew Wayne: Vosberg's Vengence
Vosburgh, Jack: Little Miracles
Willane, William H.: Willane's Wizardry

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May 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Small update this month. About 30 new magic book Table of Content entries added, mostly under author's last names starting with "H", in addition so some various other updates.

Grant, U.F.: Pick-Pocket Stunts
Hagy James: The Perennial Mystics #1
Hagy James: The Perennial Mystics #2
Hallas, Paul: Mindful Mentalism
Hanes, Justin: Becoming Magic
Harbin, Robert: Early Harbin - Harbin x2 Part I
Harris, Arthur & Louis F. Preus: Snappy Club Magic
Hart, Steve: Manna Magic
Hartman, Jerry K.: CAAN Craft
Hayden, Allan: Bulldogs & Haydenizms
Haydn, Whit: Fast and Loose Lecture Notes 82
Hemingway, David: Stand-Up Magic Routined
Herman, Frank: Card-Kerchiefs & Their Magic
Hermanzo, Dennis: Mentalized
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 1 (Mestha)
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 2 (Qebhsennuf)
Hilford, Docc: Book Of Numbers - Vol 3 (Taumautef)
Hobbs, Stephen: Labyrinth A Journal of Close-Up Magic
Hobbs, Stephen: The Essential Sol Stone
Hodgson, A.S., S.A.S. McMillan: Fifty Years Later
Hoffman, Professor: Drawing Room Amusements and Evening Party Entertainments
Hooser, Troy & Mark Tams (editor): The Triple Threat
Hope, James: The Holistic Approach to Magic
Hopkins, Julius P.: Effervescent Effects
Huggins, Wilfred: Secrets of the Street Conjurer
Hull, Burling 'Volta': The Billion Dollar Bait *need cover
Hull, Burling: Entirely Surrounded by the Audience
Hull, Ralph W.: Supreme Mental Discernment
Hulsh, Benjamin M.: Magic at Home Made Easy
Hyland, Paul: Marc Oberon's Grips, Lines & Looks

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April 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

About 65 additonal Magic Book table of contents listings added:

Asher, Lee: Diving Board Double
Asher, Lee: Thunderbird
Berg, Joe: The Berg Book (added descriptions)
Bowen, A.F.: A Lesson in Magic - My Coin Combination
Branson, L.H. (Elbiquet): A Text Book of Magic
Branson, L.H. (Elbiquet): Supplementary Magic
Britland, David: Chan Canasta A Remarkable Man
Cs0AzCEjwFmPbrichton, Knox: Magi Magoria
DeCourcy, Ken: Ken On Kards
Douglas, Bert: ABC Book of Patter
Douglas, Bert: Magical Patter
Duffie, Peter & Fred Robinson: the Magic of Fred Robinson
Duffie, Peter & Jerry Sadowitz: Card Zones
Duffie, Peter & Robin Robertson: Diamonds From Coal
Dunninger, Joseph: Complete Encyclopedia of Magic
Durham, Geoffrey: Geoffrey Durham Professional Secrets
Eastman, Chas & David Lustig: In the Mirror
Edmonds, L.G.: the Magic Man
Edwards, Doug: Doug Edwards Lecture 2004
Eldin, Peter: Giant Book of Tricks and Puzzles
Elias, Neal: Gambling Notes
Elsdon, Mark: Eye-Popping Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Gripping Magic
Elsdon, Mark: Rubik Notes
Engstrom, A.B.: The Humorous Magician Unmasked
Erens, Oliver: Concertos for Pasteboard
Fern, Will: Bring It
Ferrentino, John & Joe Silke: Lecture Notes 1994
Finnell & Fulves: Gene Finnell's Card Magic
Fisher, Aaron: The Graduate
Fleischman, Sid: Mr. Mysterious's Secrets of Magic
Forton, Piet: Lecture Notes
Fox, Karrell: Foxy Features
Fox, Wayne: Chatterfox
Frame, Tom: Framework
Fulves, Karl: Close Up Mental Magic
Fulves, Karl: Magical World of Slydini
Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Controls Part Two Blocking Off
Fulves, Karl: Setting Up Exercises
Fulves, Karl: The Magic Book
Gallo, Mike & Richard Kaufman: Mike Gallo (lecture)
Garcia, Frank: Million Dollar Card Secrets
Gardner, Martin: Science Magic
Ginn, David: Colorful Magic
Ginn, David: School Show Presentation
Goldstein, Phil (Max Maven): Chicago Chicanery
Goldston, Will: Tricks That Mystify
Graham, Walter: Magic Secrets From the 7 Circles
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Challenge Mental Act
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets Vol. 2
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Mental Key
Grant, U.F.: 25 One Man Mind Reading Secrets
Grant, U.F.: 50 Crazy Card Stunts
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Thirteen Mysteries
Grant, U.F.: Grant's Volume One
Grant, U.F.: Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes
Grant, U.F.: The Medium's Scrapbook
Grant, U.F.: Tricks With a One Way Deck
Grismer, Ray: Spongey
Gustavsson, Christer (El Duco): Out of My Hands
Hallas, Paul: The Best of Mindful Mentalism
Kleinman, Benjamen J.; Tan Bah Chee: Best of Magic Around the World
Tunstill, Henry and Delveen (H. Naylor): The Magical Record
Zak, Frank: On the Boards

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March 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

52 additional table of contents listings for the Magic Books section:

Abbott's Vintage Collection of Old Magic Instructions 1930's and 1940's
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 10
Beam, Steve: Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 9
Berg, Joe: The Berg Book (updated)
Berland, Sam: The Magic of Sam Berland (updated)
Cannell, J.C.: Modern Conjuring
Cannell, J.C.: The Master Book of Magic
Carreon, Luis: Danzas de Monedas
Carreon, Luis: Tricks From the Border
Carrington, Hereward: Handcuff Tricks
Caruba, Bill: The Art of Folding Money
Castro, Rick & Mr. Lefty: The Cardfather
Charles, Kirk: Complete Guide to Restaurant and Walk-Around Magic
Charles, Kirk: Tricked Again
Charney, Steve: Amazing Tricks With Everyday Stuff
Charney, Steve: Awesome Coin Tricks
Charney, Steve: Cool Card Tricks
Charney, Steve: Incredible Tricks at the Dinner Table
Charney, Steve: The Kid's Guide to Magic Tricks
Charvet, David: The Bill in Lemon Book
Chuan, Tan Hock: Rough & Smooth Possibilities
Coby, Rudy: How to Become a World Famous Magician
Cole, Bryan: Lecture Notes No. 2 Bits and Pieces
Cole, Joe: MicroEconomics
Cole, Joe: Table-Hopping Tonics
Colombini, Aldo: Ensemble
Colombini, Aldo: On the Ropes
Colucci, Donato: Encyclopedia of Egg Magic
Conn, Doug: Purse'n'l Coin Routine
Conradi, F.W.: Some More Exquisite Conjuring & Soap Bubbles
Contento, Marcelo: Notes
Cox, Robert: The Trouble With Magic Is...
Crosthwaite, Roger: Foundations 1
Curzon, Roger: Lecture Notes
Cutts, Tom: AM/PM Magazine July 2002
Cyrpian, Father: You Are Magic No. 6
Daisy Bank Book of Tricks (1914)
Daisy Bank: Forty Tricks With Cards (1915)
Daryl: Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic 1992
Dayton, Ron (as KOTAH): By Darkness Influenced
Dayton, Ron: Brainstorm in My Pajamas
DelGaudio, Derek: Only Notes
Denton: The Conjurer Unmasked (1790)
Desmond, Graham: How to Entertain With a Trick Pack of Playing Cards
Detweiler, Clinton: Dialogues that Teach Bible Truths Vol 2 (vent)
DeVega: Miscellaneous Manipulations and Effects (1927)
Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Zany Balloons
Dick & Fitzgerald: The Boy's Own Conjuring Book (circa 1880)
Dietrich & Jarrow: The Trade Show Handbook
Dixon, Doc: Magic of Cox Dixon
Dixon, Doc: Magic Tricks David Ginn Can't Do
Wilson, William (Will de Seive): What! No Card Tricks?

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February Magic Book Table of Contents Update

February 2019 - 42 books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page

Albright, Howard: Albright's Exclusives
Allen, Harry & Irv Cook: Lecture Notes of Impromptu Magic
Anderson, Gene: The Part Time Pro
Anderson, George: Let the Audience Do the Show
Anderson, George: My Favorite Easy Mental Card Magic
Anderson, George: My Favorite Sucker Card Tricks
Anderson, George: You Too Can Read Minds
Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 4
Andrews, Val: Floor Show Fun and Fantasy
Arch, Dave: Tricks 4 Trainers
Archer, John: No. 1 Handy Lecture
Armstrong, Jon: Thoughts From a Former Boy Wonder
Armstrong, Jon: You Don't Know Union Jack
Aviles, Rich: Above the Fold
Ayers, Micky & Robert Moreland: The Holy City Session
Baker, James: Illusions Illustrated
Bauer, Ron: 2008 Lecture
Becker, Herbert: All the Secrets of Magic Revealed
Becker, Larry & Lee Earle: Mentalism Super Symposium II
Behnke, Leo: Entertaining With Cards
Bender, Steven: Bits and Pieces
Berglas, David: Ultimate Newspaper Prediction
Berland, Sam: Super Thimble Routine
Bernstein, Bruce: Three
Biro, Pete: Funny Stuff
Blyth, Will: Impromptu Conjuring
Bobo, J.B.: Modern Coin Magic
Bodley, Rev. Donald: Lessons In Scripture
Bodley, Rev. Donald: More Lessons in Scripture
Brent, Lu: Five Star Card Effects
Britland, David: Zennerism
Bryden, Dean: Fun With Cards (updated)
Buck, Dan and Dave: Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands
Buff, R.C.: Claudio's Mysteries
Buff, R.C.: Wizard of Knotsville
Burgoon, Tom: Breaking Bones for Fun and Profit
Burke, Eddie: Club and Cabaret Mentalism
Burke, Eddie: More Professional Mental Secrets
Burrows, J.F.: Programmes of Magicians
Busby, Jeff: Secret of the Palmettos
Chadwick, Bruce: Illusion Ministr
Cohen, Morris: Mentalistrix Encore

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January 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

100 More books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page!
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Bertol, Louis: The Kid Stuff of Louis Bertol
Carey, Vin: Vin Carey's Paper Tearing Act
Christian, Brad: Kard Klub Heat of the Battle
Crandall, Clarke (Senator): Bartender Dice Routine
Dixie, Raymond: The Boy Magician
Fulves, Karl: Charles T. Jordan Collected Tricks
Ganson, Lewis: The Complete Magic Teach-In Series
Gloye, Gene: More Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups
Hades, Micky: Encyclopedia of Suspensions and Levitations
Hades, Micky: Magic The Way I See It
Hagy, James: The Perennial Mystics #12
Hagy, James: The Perennial Mystics #13
Haist, Carl: Beer Bottle Bafflers
Hale, Howard: Jewels of Magic
Harling, Ian & Martin Nyrup: Sleight of Mind
Harris, Ben: 1986 World Lecture Tour Notes
Harris, Ben: Midnight Special
Harris, Ben: New Directions Issue 3
Haskell, Bob & Don Lawton: X-Salted Shaker
Hass, Lawrence: New Thoughts and Mysteries 2008
Hawkesworth, Eric: Making a Shadowgraph Show
Hawkesworth, Eric: Puppet Shows to Make
Heldman, Ernie: Cards That Mean Business
Herbert, Terry: The Magic of Comedy
Hilliard, John: Leaves From My Notebook
Hirata, Haruhito: Something From the East
Hobbs, Stephen: Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing
Hollingsworth, Scott: Cashing In With Close-Up Restaurant Magic
Hollins, Edward: Technicolor Munchies
Holmes, Roy: Illusions as Illustrations
Horwitz, Basil: Mental Magic of Basil Horwitz Volume 2
Hugard & Braue: The Invisible Pass
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 1
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 2
Hughes, Jack: World of Magic Volume 3
Hull, Burling: A Modern Production Act
Hull, Burling: Card Act With Patter - Electra Trance Cards
Hull, Burling: Gold Medal Showmanship
Hull, Burling: Master Book of Blindfolds
Hull, Burling: World Famous Cut & Restored Rope Feats No. 1
Hummer, Bob, Whispering Spirit
Hunter, Norman: New & Easy Magic
Ireland, Laurie: Famous Cup and Ball Routine
Jillette, Penn and Teller: Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends
Kardyro, Tony: Aces Galore
Karr, Todd: Backyard Magic
Kaufman, Richard  So Sato: The Secrets of So Sato
Kazan: Playing With Fire
Kimlat, Kostya: Card Tricks for Strangers, Pets and Magicians Wives
Klause, Roger: Whisper
Knepper, Kenton: Wonder Readings
Laflin, Duane: Change Bag Creativity, Contrivance, and Comedy
Laub, Denny & Gary Inglese: The Smagorad
Leeds Inner Magic Circle: Magic for You
Leveridge, Mark: The Leveridge Way
Lorraine, Sid: Sid Lorraine's Scrapbook
Lovell, Simon: Have Lecture Notes, Will Travel
Lovell, Simon: The Floating Key Card...Plus!
Magical Youth International: MYI Yearbook 1972
Magus, Jim: Horror Magic
Mann, Al: The Seven Seals
Mark, Richard: Mindbending Magic
Marshall, Frances: Merry Magical Christmas Book
Marshall, Horace & Edward Sequin: Historical and Modern Magic
McLittle, Alex: S7V7N
Menard, Kevin: Presents (Yellow Cover)
Mendoza, John F.: Ventriloquism Made Easy
Merry Richard, Val Andrews, & Clifford David: Merry Bits & Patter Quips
Mestrovich, Kenwood: Zombie August 1961
Miesel, William P.: Creative Card Magic of William P. Miesel
Miller, John: Lecture Notes No. II
Moulton, HJ: Houdini's History of Magic in Boston 1792-1915
Nelson, Robert & E.J. Moore: Super Prediction Tricks
Newton, Geoffrey: Experi-MENTAL
Osterlind, Richard: The Perfected Center Tear
Palfreyman, John: Magic In a Game
Pavel: Colourful Magic
Pavel: Easy to Make Magic
Pavel: Magic for Magicians
Pavel: Magically Yours
Pavel: New Magic Selection
Pavel: Star-Rated Magic
Perry, Warner: The Emerald Mystery
Petrick & Mia: Professional Magic - Coins 1
Sankey, Jay: Sankey UK 1999 Tour Volume One
Sankey, Jay: Sankey UK 1999 Tour Volume Two
Sankey, Jay: The Material Fiction of Jay Sankey - Cards
Sankey, Jay: The Material Fiction of Jay Sankey - Coins
Saunders, Arthur: The Magic Gusher
Sellers, Tom: Subtle Sorcery
Sellers, Tom: Trick Tracks
Sheey, Dick: Lecture Notes
Solari, Bob: Shoot to Kill
Stanley, Bernard: Fun With Figures
Steele, W.F.: Card Tricks You Will Do
Stuthard, Joe: Stooging Around
Stuthard, Joe: Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties
Stuthard, Joe: Stuthard's Svengali Subtleties (later edition)
Weber, Herman: Out of the Spook Cabinet
Weigle, Oscar: Color Scheme
Wilson, Gregory: Unpacked

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Dec 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update!

Sorry there was no update in November - too busy!

Added over 50 additional magic book table of contents listings:

Andrews, Max: The Magic Magazine Volume 3
Annemann, Ted: Annemann's $50 Manuscript
Fulves, Karl: Riffle Shuffle Controls Part 2 - Blocking Off
Ganson, Lewis: Mini-Slate Magic
Ganson, Lewis: Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket
Ganson, Lewis: The Dai Vernon Cups and Balls
Ganson, Lewis: The Mystery of Magic
Ganthony, Robert: Bunkum Entertainments
Garcia, Frank: Don't Bet On It - Real Secrets of 3 Card Monte
Garcia, Frank: MacDonald's $100 Four Ace Trick
Garcia, Frank: Real Secrets of the Three Ball Routines
Garcia, Frank: Tells It All in a Nutshell
Garrett, Dan: Forward Into the Past
Geer, Brian: Magical Memories
George, Harry: Harry George Versus Magic
Gerard, Andrew: Street Cents
Gibson, Walter: Complete Illustrated Book of Close-Up Magic
Gibson, Walter: Hypnotism
Gibson, Walter: Junior Magic
Gilbert, A.C.: Gilbert's Table Magic
Gilbreath, Norman: Beyond Imagination
Ginn, David: Almost Unpublished
Ginn, David: Laughter Legacy
Ginn, David: Promoting Me...and You
Gloye, Eugene: Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups
Goldstein, Phil: Isolation
Goldstein, Phil: Next
Goldstein, Phil: OCMC Notes
Goldstein, Phil: Redivider
Goldstein, Phil: September in Seattle
Goldstein, Phil: Thabbatical
Goldstein, Phil: Verbal Control
Goldston, Will: Effective Modern Tricks
Goodrum, John: Now You See It...
Gordon, John: Still Disappearing Nightly!
Goswick, Tim: Lost Lecture Notes
Goswick, Tim: Meng
Goswick, Tim: Victor
Govan, Barry & Ian Baxter: Blueprint Volume 4
Grant & Smith: Flap Slate Wrinkles
Grant, Gene: Phantini's Incredible Mental Secrets
Grant, U.F.: 50 Crazy Card Stunts
Grant, U.F.: Brain Busters
Grant, U.F.: Encyclopedia of UF Grant Magic Part 1
Grant, U.F.: Smooth as Silk
Gravatt, Glenn: 50 More Modern Card Tricks
Grubb, Millard: Magician's Promotional Toolkit
Guimarães, Helder: Reflections
Guinn, Scott: Great Scott! It's Card Magic!
Guinn, Scott: Never Miss a Trick
Guyatt, Terry: An Evening With...
Sellers, Tom: 21 New Card Tricks
Stelzel, Christian (Magic Christian): The Top Change

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October 2018 Magic Books Table of Contents Page

Added 70 additional books to the Magic Book Table of Contents page at

Acer, David: 7 By Michel Huot
Andrew Galloway: Diverting Card Magic
Andrew Galloway: Ramsay Finale
Andrews, Max: Magic Magazine Volume 2
Andrews, Val: The Big Show
Anonymous: Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks and Book of Riddles
Baker, Al: Twenty-Five Dollar Manuscript
Barnowsky, Larry: Counting on Deception
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica Analytica II
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica III - Gems From the Repertoire
Barnowsky, Larry: Magica IV - Secrets From the Vault
Beam, Steve: The Changing of the Cards
Berland, Samuel: Berland's Soap Swindle
Berland, Samuel: Biltrix Series No. 2
Berland, Samuel: New and Original Tricks With Watches
Berland, Samuel: Portfolio of More Exclusive Tricks
Carpenter, Jack: Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Clifton, John: Dr. Doom's Theatre of Blood (partial)
Corinda, Tony: The Powers of Darkness
DaOrtiz, Dani: Cardmagic SemiAutomatic 2
DeCourcy, Ken: Mistress of Pentertain
DeCourcy, Ken: Pentertain
DeCourcy, Ken: Son of Pentertain
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 1 Master Poker Demo
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 2 Royal Triumph
Dingle, Derek & Charles Reynolds: Innovations 3 Illusion Aces
Dingle, Derek: Dingle's Deceptions
Downs, T. Nelson: Tricks With Coins
Duffie, Peter: A Magician Goes to Church
Duffie, Peter: Close Up to the Point
Duffie, Peter: Double Indemnity
Duffie, Peter: Duet
Duffie, Peter: Magic That Gives the Upward Lift
Duffie, Peter: Magic That Points to the Upward Life
Duffie, Peter: Magic With an Upward Look
Duffie, Peter: Quartet
Dunninger, Joseph: Popular Magic Vol 1
Dunninger, Joseph: Popular Magic Vol 3
Duval, Ade: A Rhapsody in Silk
Duvivier, Dominique: Lecture Notes 99 American Tour
Earle, Lee: M.I.N.D. Mentalism in New Directions
Earle, Lee: The Lee Earle 1-2-3 Trilogy
Edward, Mark: Restless Plots
Edwards, Doug: Nukes
Elias, Neal: At the Table Tricks
Etcheverry, Jesus & Arturo Ascanio: More Studies of Card Magic
Evans, Joey & Alexandra: Ordinary Objects, Extraordinary Comedy Magic
Fajuri, Gabe: Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic & Conjuring
Falkner, Bob: Magic A Communications Tools Volume One
Farelli, Victor: John Ramsay's Routine With Cups and Balls
Findlay, James B.: Fourth Collectors Annual
Findlay, James B.: Sixth Collectors Annual
Fisher, Aaron: FISM 2003
Fitikides, Pieras: Crystal Card
Fortune, Jay: Radio Magic Interviews Session One
Foy, Vincent: A Cut Above
Frame, Tom: Hold'em Magic
Francis, Douglas: Spectator's Choice
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles No. 13
Fulves, Karl: The Chronicles No. 8
Fulves, Karl: The Noir Test
Ganson, Lewis: Give a Magician Enough Rope And He'll Do a Trick
Garcia, Frank: Exclusive Card Secrets
Garr, Ken: Paradox
Garrett, Dan: Easy Magic for Clowns
Giobbi, Robert: 2 Stand-Up Routines
Gladwin, Andi & Jamie Badman: The Cheetah's Handbook
Roberts, Charles & Charles Crayford: Foulsham's Card and Conjuring Tricks
Roberts, Charles: Tricks With Cards

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Sep 2018 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

73 Additional books added to the Magic Books Tables of Content page at

Anonymous (Ward & Lock Pub.): Boy's Book of Conjuring (1930)
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Mystification
Becker, Larry: Stunners!
Behnke, Leo: Will Rock Presents...
Belcher, Len: Best of Belcher
Bellwew, Frank: The Art of Amusing (1866)
Blaisdell, Frank: Original Magic
Boys' Magazine: Book of Magic & Christmas Conjuring (1932)
Brunel, George: Fun With Magic (1901)
Brunelle, Jon: Strange Science
Bryden, Dean: Fun With Cards (1927)
Burden, Lawrence: Magical Gospel Lessons 1
Burger, Eugene: Spirit Theater
Burke, Corey: Sense
Busch, Richard: Mother's Home Companion
Busch, Richard: Peek Performances
Butterworth, Philip: Magic on the Early English Stage
Carlisle, Stanton: ESPecially Yours
Carlyle E. Raymond (Edward Fowler): Lecture Notes
Carnazzo, Paul: Altriotto
Carpenter, Jack: Expert's Portfolio No. 2
Carrington, Hereward: The Boy's Book of Magic (1920)
Carroll, Jene: Magic Routines You'd Love to Steal
Carter, Christopher: Lecture Notes
Cloutier, Carl: Lecture Notes 1993
Collins, A. Frederick: The Magic of Science (1917)
Colombini, Aldo: CardsDotCom
Colombini, Aldo: Make 'Em Laugh
Colombini, Aldo: Pre Deck Ability
Colombini, Aldo: Ringing Around Too!
Colombini, Aldo: The Band
Colombini, Aldo: The Chinese Purse
Conn, Doug & Jon Racherbaumer: Conn-Fidential
Connor, R. Brooks Jr.: The McAbee Rings
Conway Pat & Walt Lees: Pat Way to Con
Cook, Cecil: 51 Impromptu Conjuring Tricks (1946)
Cooper, Johnny: Polished Presentations
Craggs, Douglas: ABC of Ventriloquism
Cramer, Stuart: Secrets of Karl Germain
Crayford, Charles: New & Original Conjuring Tricks (1926)
Cremer, W.H.: The Secret Out (1859)
Crockwell, Colin: The Business of Children's Entertainment
Crosthwaite, Roger: The Goodliffe Memorial Lecture
Culpitt, Frederick: Laughter and Legerdemain
Cyprian, Fr.: The Bottom Collectors
Cyprian, Fr.: TV Card Rise
Cyprian, Fr.: Your Are Magic 7 - Door to Door Card Sharp
Dalal, Swami: The Swami Gimmick
Damon, Dwight: Balloonatri
Daniels, Paul: Under no Illusion
DaOrtiz, Dani: Basic Moves of the MultiEffect Wallet
DaOrtiz, Dani: Card Magic SemiAutomatic
DaOrtiz, Dani: Libertad de Expression - Psychology Force
DaOrtiz, Dani: My Personal Stack
Daryl: Daryl's Rope Routine
Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
Dayton, Ron & Joseph Schmidt: Rope Worker
De Courcy, Ken: 33 Tricks with the PATEO Force
De Courcy, Ken: At the Drop of a Match
De Courcy, Ken: Dubbelkross and Simulkross
De Courcy, Ken: Exclusive Card Magic Series Numbers 1-3
De Courcy, Ken: Four Ace Intros
De Courcy, Ken: Jack Yates' Card Caprice
De Courcy, Ken: Pin-Points
De Courcy, Ken: Tricks for Travelling Tricksters
Devega: Summertime Sorcery (1939)
Dexter, Will: Everybody's Book of Magic
Dickson, Craig: For the Entertainer Lecture 2
Dingle, Derek: Lecture Notes by Derek Dingle
Dingle, Derek: The Complete Works of Derek Dingle (notes)
Herron, Carl: Have Séance Will Travel
Herron, Carl: Papers of Gautama Siddhartha
Wright, Page: Page Wright's Manuscript

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