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Jan 2022 Update!

Sorry for no new entries the last few months - I haven't been able to make the time!
Just a small update this month, only 16 books added, with thanks to Najee Williams and Ricky Pascual for promting the update with a few significant additions!

Table of Contents entries made for the following books:

Copperfield, David, Richard Wiseman, David Britland: David Copperfield's History of Magic
Jaks, Dr. Stanley: Who Is This Dr. Jaks?  
Lavand, René: Magic from the Soul
Lavand, Rene: New Orleans/Dallas Soiree
Lavand, René: Slow Motion Magic II
Marlo, Ed, Elliot Cutler (editor): Revolutionary Card Technique
Pearlman, Oz: Born to Perform (Lecture Notes)
Presto, Fay: Gems From the Junk
Pyka, John: & Bill Palmer (Editor): Theatrical Magic, The Book
Racherbaumer, Jon & Ed Marlo: The Definitive Slip Cut
Racherbaumer, Jon (Editor) & Ed Marlo: Low-Down and Cozy
Racherbaumer, Jon (Editor): The Legendary Kabbala (1971-1981)
Scarne, John: Scarne's Complete Guide to Gambling
Scarne, John: Scarne on Dice
Schlutz, Ryan: False Anchors
Walton, Roy: The Complete Walton, Volume 3


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Magic Book Table of Contents Sep 2021 Update

The following 37 book table of contents listings have been added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page at:

Ackerman, Allan: The Cardjurer
Dalal, Sam: Psychic Dominoes
Finnell, Gene: Free Cut Principle
Kaufman, Richard: Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy
Leroy, Arthur: Jimmy Shannon's At Your Fingertips
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Colors on the March
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Jacks or Better
Minch, Stephen & Martin Nash: Ovation, A Professional Act in Lecture Form
Musson, Clettis V.: Additional Weird and Psychic Effects
Musson, Clettis V.: Musson's Magic
Neale, Robert E. & Lawrence Haas: Magic Inside Out
Neuville, Christiane: Magic Tricks
Nu, Alain: Any Card...
Nu, Alain: Serial Thrillers
Nu, Alain: Serial Thrillers
Osborne, Paul: Illusions: The Evolution and the Revolution of the Magic Box
Page, Patrick: Magic Page by Page (Lecture)
Palmer, Mike: Card Magic
Parker, Mark: 4e Illusion Design
Parker, Mark: Vivify
Paul, Eric: How to Become Your Area's Top Children's Entertainer!
Pavel: 100% Magic 100% Pavel
Schär, Lorenz: Cards Against Reality
Schneiderman, Steve: Ruminations (periodical)
Schwartz, Michael & Eddie Fields: Invisible Secrets Revealed
Schwarzman, Howard: Dynamic Deceptions
Sellers, Tom: Three For Magicians Only
Severin, Florian: What Lies Inside
Severn, Bill: Amazing Magic
Severn, Bill: Magic Wherever You Are
Shane, R.: Tractare
Shankar, Junior: How's That?
Shepherd, Jack: A Lesson in Card Magic
Shepherd, Jack: Who-dunnit?
Ward, John B. (Hon. Secretary): The Mysteries Of The Mystic Seven
Whittaker, J. Burke: Guerilla Magic
Wissner, Wayne R.: Handbook for the Theme Park Magician

Hope these are helpful in you magic studies!

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31 July Update - Magic Book Table of Contents

Smaller update this time - 33 new book Table of Contents listings added to the Magic Books page
Still mostly with Author's whose last names start with "M".

Barry, Joe & John Cottle (editors) Operandi Magazine Issues 1-4
Dalal, Sam: Psychic Dominoes
Kirchner, Gerald: Daub - the Real Deal
Minch, Stephen: The Book of Forgotten Secrets
Mingo, Jack: Magic Card Tricks
Minnesota MindPsi: In The Mind's Eye - Minnesota MindPsi Collection
Mitchell, Barry: Let Me Tell You a Story...
Mitchell, Barry: The Magic of Thinking Creatively
Montalbano, Dean: Idea Factory Volume 2
Montes, Trini: Ideas
Montes, Trini: Walking to New Orleans
Moorehouse, Hank: So You Want to Make Money in Magic? Do You Do Kid Shows?
Morgan, Rhys & Robert West: Parlour Tricks
Morris, Bud: More Magic With Electronics
Mount, Dennis & Crocker: Gospel Magic Illustrations Volume 1
Mount, Dennis & Crocker: Gospel Magic Illustrations Volume 2
Mount, Dennis & Crocker: Gospel Magic Illustrations Volume 3
Mount, Dennis & Crocker: Gospel Magic Illustrations Volume 4
Muerte, Manuel: The Manuel Muerte Lecture 1998
Munoz, Oscar: The Real Thing
Munro, George: The Lightning Sketcher
Murphy, Chris: Illusion:Reality
Murray, Andrew: Anything But Ordinary
Murray, Andrew: Card Colossus
Murray, Andrew: Kaleidoscope
Murray, Andrew: Wisdom Begins With Wonder
Murray, Dr. Steve: Seven Shades
Murray, Michael: Calculated Risk Plus
Murray, Michael: Magical Problems & Mental Solutions
Murray, Stewart: Magic With Stewart
Musgrave, Andrew "The Burnaby Kid": The Jolly Almanac of Card Knavery
Ravelle & Andrée: 50 Tricks With the Corinda Utility Beaker
Stanyon, Ellis: Original Tricks of Clement De Lion


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Magic Book Table of Contents July 2021 Update

Added the following 93 Magic Book table of contents listings to the site at:

Mostly books starting with the letter "M"

Abbott's Magic Co.: Abbott's Cups and Balls Routine
Acer, David: More Power To You
Allen, Stan (editor): Magic Live! 2019 Las Vegas, NV
Briggs, J. Albert (Merbak): Magical Revelations
Carey, John: Me, My Cards and I
Foster Neil: Tops Treasury of Cigarette Magic
Foster, Neil (editor): Tops Treasury of Dove Magic
Ireland Magic: How to Do Cigarette Tricks
Kartsakis, Manos: UnVeil Part I
Lakin, Nick: SuperCool
LeClair, Jon: The LeClair Lecture II
Lee, Wallace: X-Jargon
Liebertz, Arnold: Marvelous Mysteries of Marvillo
Mackenzie, Geo. M.: Compere's Corner
Madden, Dave (Editor): The Jim Vic and Shag Lecture Notes II
Madison, Daniel: How to Cheat at Cards
Madison, Daniel: How to Cheat at Cards, Revised
Magic-Con: Magic-Con San Diego 2011 Program
Magic Magazine Editorial Board: Magic for Beginners
Magic Magazine Editorial Board: The Jumbo Book of Magic
Magus, Jim: Arcana of Bizarre Magick
Magus, Jim: Magical Heroes, The Lives and Legends of Great African American Magicians
Mandelberg, Robert: Easy Mind Reading Tricks
Mandelberg, Robert: Mystifying Mind Reading Tricks
Mandelberg, Robert: Tricks With Dollar Bills
Manos, Christopher A.: Using Magic in Drug and Alcohol Prevention Presentations
Marcom, Ralph A.: The Magic of MarcoM
Marconick: Marconick Magic Nr. 2
Marconick: Marconicks Original Magic
Marconick: Marconicks Original Magic Book 5
Mardo, Senor: The Act
Mark, Richard: Mindbending Meltdown
Markwood, Bob: Poof II You!!! The Business of Entertaining Children Continues...
Marlo, Ed & Bill Gusias: Tricks with Daub
Marlo, Ed: Card To Wallet
Marsh, Alexander: Head Wired
Marshall, Frances: A Magic Primer
Marshall, Frances: Magic Bookman
Marshall, Frances: The Super Show
Marshall, Jay: Jaspernese Thumb-Tie
Marvin, Gene: Gene Marvin's Confidential Mental Secrets
Matney, Ryan: Bada-Bing!
Matney, Ryan: Distilled
Matney, Ryan: Powerful Stuff
Matney, Ryan: Spoiler Alert
Matney, Ryan: The End Times (Book One)
Matney, Ryan: The End Times (Book Two)
Matney, Ryan: Ultramodern
Maue Rick: Theatrical Deception
Maxwell, Michael: Montreal 2000 Lecture Notes
Mayer, Ralph: Short Changed
Mayhew, Steve & John Lovick (editor): Full Frontal Mayhew
Mayhew, Steve & John Lovick (Editor): Mayhew What Women Want
Mayol, Henry: Good Magic
Mayoral, Juan: Today's Magic I
McAthy, George: Gags, Tricks and Patter
McAthy, George: Laff-Tested Dialogues
McAthy, George: New Laff-Tested Dialogues
McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Vol. 5
McClintock, Reed: Knuckle Busters Vol. 6
McComb, Billy: I Did It My Way
McCormick, Tom: Safety Chalk Talks
McDaniel Robert: Pipe Dreams
McDermott, Hurt: Artifice, Ruse & Erdnase
McDuff, Algonquin: Watch Winder Handbook
McGill, Ormond: Presenting Psychic Magic
McGill, Ormond: The Art of Stage Hypnotism
McLanachan, Peter: A Force Much Greater Than Luck
McLanachan, Peter: The Difficult Second Album
McMahan, Greg: Balloons On The Mailbox
McMahan, Greg: Birthday Fun!
McMahan, Greg: Kids Think It's Funny!
Menard, Kevin: Calculated Magic
Menard, Kevin: Spellers
Menotti, Francis: Mouthing Off
Menotti, Francis: The Creativity Show
Mentzer, Jerry: Card File
Mentzer, Jerry: Card File Two
Mentzer, Jerry: Card Routines Number Two
Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up Cues
Mentzer, Jerry: Club Clues
Merlin, Jean: Great Balloons!
Merrill, Rick: Home Schooled
Messina, Jason: Method Impossible
Meyer, Orville W. & R.M. Jamison: 13 Jumbo Card Effects
Michaels, Chris: I Could Have Been A Brain Surgeon
Michaels, Loren Christopher: Kick the Trick
Miesel, Bill: Best of Mental-Wise
Miesel, William P.: Visionary Card Effects
Miller, Anthony: Damn'd Screwball Ideas!
Millward, George: Lecture Notes
Minch, Stephen & Giacomo Bertini: Giacomo Bertini's System for Amazement
Minch, Stephen & Martin A. Nash: Four Class Acts


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Magic Book Table of Contents May 2021 Update

For May update, I've added (or modified) an additional 95 Magic Book table of contents listings.

The Main page is at:

Book contents added this month (mostly authors with last names staring with "B" and "C"):

Ackerman, Allan: Card Theater
Alexander, Scott: Denny Haney Collected Wisdom
Bacon, Reginald W.: The Jugglers Manual of Cigar Box Manipulation & Balance
Baillie, Marilyn (editor): Magical Fun
Baron, Harry: Instant Magic, the 65th Lecture
Blake, George: More Master Magic
Bloom, Gaetan: Full Bloom Volume I
Bloom, Gaetan: Full Bloom Volume II
Blyth, Will: How to Become a Conjurer
Blyth, Will: Match-Stick Magic
Bobo, J.B.: The Bobo Lecture Miracles of Magic
Bongo, Ali: Ali Bongo iTBFA 1986 Lecture Notes
Bongo, Ali: Bongo Mania 92
Bongo, Ali: Bongo Mania 92 Tokyo
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo '94
Bongo, Ali: Lecture Notes by Ali Bongo '98
Bonville, Frank: The Little Secrets
Booth, John: Magical Mentalism
Borodin: Final Curtain
Bowman, Robert P.: 50 Magic Tricks Using Comment Objects That Teach Children Strategies for Success
Boys' Magazine: New Wonder Books No. 3 Secrets of Famous Magicians
Brahams, Anthony: A Last Look at Leech
Brahams, Anthony: Rara Avis
Bridwell, Jack: Pull-ing Ahead With Your Magic
Broadway Magic Shop: Mickey's Manuscript
Brodien, Marshall: 100 Magic Tricks
Brook, Charles: Magic In the Real World
Brook, Tony: Hidden in Plain Sight
Brooke, Ken: Series Number 1 The Magic Box
Brooke, Ken: Series Number 6 Al Koran's Three Silver Rings
Brown, Mel (editor): Steve Bruecker & Mike Rogers Present Their Three Shell Game Routine
Brusselback, Bryan: The Right Way to Buy Magic
Buchanan, Lovell: Magic Lamp
Buck, Dan and Dave & Ricky Smith (editor): Card Men
Bugbee, Willis N.: Nutty Stunts
Burlingame, Hardin J: Herrmann The Magician (update)
Busby, Jeff: Secret of the Palmettos (update)
Campbell, Jeffrey L. & Ronald J. Dayton: Jeffrey L. Campbell's Crystal Cups
Campbell, Loring: Magic That Is Magic
Canar, Harry A.: Poker Deal - A Deal-Lightful Routine
Carey, Chris: Find the Stuff That's You
Carey, John: Minimalistica
Carlton, Paul: Magician’s Handy Book Of Cigarette Tricks
Carnegie, Dean Alan: One & Done Lecture
Carney, John: Enigma
Carney, John: Sleights & Insights
Carpenter, Jack & Jamie Masterson: Shadow & Shake
Carrington, Hereward: Side-Show Tricks Explained, Little Blue Book No. 1279
Carrington, Hereward: Side Show and Animal Tricks
Carter, Chas J: Magic and Magicians
Cassidy, Bob: Fundamentals
Cassidy, Bob: Strange Impressions
Cassidy, Bob: The Art of Mentalism Part One Revisited
Cassidy, Bob: The Black Book of Mentalism
Cassidy, Bob: Theories and Methods for the Practical Psychic
Cassidy, Bob: Universe
Cassidy, Mike: Lecture Notes
Chapman, Greg: Details of Deception
Chapman, Greg: The Devil's Staircase
Charles, Kirk & Boris Wild: Hidden In Plain Sight
Chartwell Books, Inc.: Card & Magic Tricks Handbook
Charvet, David: Alexander - The Man Who Knows
Charvet, David: Jack Gwynne
Chemcraft: Chemical Magic
Chesbro, Verne & Larry West: Tricks You Can Count On
Choquette, Alain: A Tribute to Gary Ouellet 1945-2002
Christianer, Louis F.: Effective Card Tricks
Christianer, Louis F.: Thimble Manipulation
Clarke, Harry: Burke's Pastime Series for Boys - Magic
Cohen, Daniel: Real Magic
Colombini, Aldo et al: Close-Up and in the Parlour – Special Effects
Colombini, Aldo: 11 Great Tricks
Colombini, Aldo: Throw in the Sponge
Colombini, Aldo: Tight Rope
Colombini, Aldo: What's Up Deck?
Colombini, Rachel: Magnets for Magic
Conley, Ron: Chicken Soup for Magicians
Conley, Ron: Drugs, Strangers and Other Dangers
Cook, Steve: Legend: An Anecdotal Tribute to Ken Brooke
Corbitt, Steve: Everybody's Favorite Uncle
Costi, Davide: For Friends Only…
Cox, L. Raymond: Tips and Tricks
Cox, Robert: Cox At The Castle
Craddock, Justin & Alex Linian: 19/20
Creasey, Scott: Mental (Magic)ism
Crockett, Jeremy: Crockett Calling
Crosthwaite, Roger: Arcadia
Curry, Paul: Out of This World
Curzon, Roger: The Guild of Magicians Nottingham Lecture Notes
Fenik: The Code
Fleischman, Sid & Bob Gunther: Top Secrets (added descriptions)
Lewis Shari & Dick Zimmerman: 101 Magic Tricks for Kids to Do
Longe, Bob: Mind Reading Magic Tricks
Marechal, Greer, Jr.: Magic for the Millions; The Compleat Magician


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27 April Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Over 90 New Book Table of Contents Added: 27 April 2021

Acer, David: Sudden Impact
Adair, Ian: A La Zombie
Andrews, Val: Stand and Deliver (The Gags!)
Bartram, Richard Jr.: Trephine, A Collection of Magic
Beam, Steve: 52 - The Buffalo Gathering Notes
Beam, Steve: Tea Time With the Pasteboards
Becker, Larry: Mentalism for the Millennium
Becker, Larry: Mostly Card-Mental
Becker, Larry: The Finishing Touches
Behnke, Leo: Cues - Variations of the Second Sight Act
Behnke, Leo: Fake Card Tricks
Behnke, Leo: Find the Ace
Behnke, Leo: Professional Close Up
Bellon, Alain: Obsidian Oblique - the Bellon Billet Techniques
Ben, David: New York Notes
Benatar, Rafael: E-Cups, a Cups and Balls Routine
Bender, Steve: Laughter Is Contagious Start an Epidemic
Bengel, Robert: Close-Up Lecture #3
Bengel, Robert: The Information Super Highway
Bennett, Nils: Creating New Magic
Beresford, Bill: Comic's Trip
Bergen, Edgar: How to Become a Ventriloquist
Bergeron, Bev: 7-11
Berglas, David: David Berglas Lecture 1976 Brighton Convention
Binarelli, Tony: My Way to Mentalism
Biro, Pete: Indian Cups & Balls
Bishop, Jonathan: Situational Sleights
Biss, James: Messing With Minds
Blackstone, Harry: Mysteries of Magic
Breese, Martin: The Bendix Bombshell
Cohen, Cambria, Elizabeth Wood, Lisa Melton, and Eric Ladizinsky: 150 Nifty Crafts, Magic Tricks and Science Experiments
Daws, Jamie: Opening Daws
Daws, Jamie: Shipwrecked
De Bevere, L.: Alphabetical Mysteries
Duffie, Peter:  Deck Direct
Duffie, Peter: 21 Card Tricks
Duffie, Peter: 7 A Collection of Miracles
Duffie, Peter: Area 52
Duffie, Peter: Card Flair
Duffie, Peter: Card School
Duffie, Peter: Card Secrets Unlocked
Duffie, Peter: Card Selection
Duffie, Peter: CarDeceits
Duffie, Peter: Cards By All Means
Duffie, Peter: Cards In Principle
Duffie, Peter: Cards Insight
Duffie, Peter: Covert Concepts
Duffie, Peter: Method In Effect
Duffie, Peter: Miraculous Minds
Duffie, Peter: N.D.E. A Near Deck Experience
Duffie, Peter: New Inspirations
Duffie, Peter: Open Secrets
Duffie, Peter: Ulterior Motifs
Duffie, Peter: Untold
Duffie, Peter: Virtual Miracles
Duffie, Peter: With Cards
Gardner, Robert: Magic Through Science
Harada, Ricardo: Escamoteur - A Study About Cone & Ball
Harris, Ben: Truly Visual Card Magic
Hawkesworth, Eric: Conjuring
Hudson, Walt: Mentalistrix for Kids
Johnson, V.E.: Chemical Magic
Jonousky, Josh: Just Joshin'
Kaye, Marvin: Handbook of Mental Magic
Larsen, William W.: The Gyp Artist
LeRoy, Arthur: Outline of Mystery
Longe, Bob: Money Magic Tricks
MacCarthy, E. Brian: Modern Sleights
MacCarthy, E. Brian: The Chameleon Cups and Balls
McBride, George: Best of Osmosis
Mellon, Ed: Mental-Wise Volume Four
Mentzer, Jerry: Magic With Credit Cards
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: Legacy - Heirloom's Darkest Secrets
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: The Underground Collection Volume One
Miller, Colin & Jamie Badman: The Underground Collection Volume Two
Racherbaumer, Jon: Sea Scams, Memes to Quicken
Robson, Stuart: Tips on Thumbs
Romhany, Paul & Hal Spear: Extreme Magic Makeover Comedy Classics
Romhany, Paul & Wayne Rogers: Briefcase Illusion
Romhany, Paul: Mental Epic Compendium
Romhany, Paul: Merge - Close Up Linking Finger Rings
Romhany, Paul: Performing Mentalism for Young Minds Volume 1
Romhany, Paul: Performing Mentalism for Young Minds Volume 2
Romhany, Paul: Secrets of a Walkabout Ventriloquist
Rose, Jim: Snake Oil
Rowland, Ian: The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading
Roxo, Rudy: Modern Master Magic
Roy, Marvyn: Mr. Electric Unplugged
Roy, Rob: Easy Card Magic
Ruthchild, Myriam & Clettis Musson: Crystal Gazing Then & Now
Rutledge, Ned & J.G. Thompson: Card Party
Samelson, Peter: Sensations
Scarne, John & Jacob Daley (editor): John Scarne's Think-a-Card
Schenk, Uwe & Michael Sondermeyer: Performing Magic for Children
Scholes, Ken: StunTrix
Sebastiano, the Great: The Book of Magic Bollocks
Van Rensselaer Alexander: The Complete Party Book

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April 2021 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

I've finally been able to add some more Magic Book tables of content to the Magic Reference site. Sorry for the long delay. No major issues, just really busy with other things right now!

Updates for 2 April 2021:

Abbott's Magic Co.: Dark Energy Secrets - Expanded PDF
Abich, Roz & Boche Kaplan: Mixed Bag of Magic Tricks
Acer, David: The Views
Adair, Ian: A1 Magic by IA
Adair, Ian: Adair's Ideas - A Collection of Novel Mysteries
Adair, Ian: How to Become a Supreme Magician
Adair, Ian: Kids' Show Selection
Adair, Ian: Pot-Pourri
Albright, Howard & T.A. Whitney (editor): The Practical Psychic's 5-Minute Card Reading System
Allen, Alexander: Natural & Close Up
Allen, Bruce and David Williamson: For Your Eyes Only (updated publishing date)
Allen, Stan: Cruise Ship Magic - The Lecture
Allerton, Bert: Disarming Card Deceptions
Ammar, Michael: Easy to Master Lecture
Ammar, Michael: Lecture Notes (2010)
Ammar, Michael: Michael Ammar Notes 2016
Andrews, Max: Sixteen Thumbtie Gems (added book cover)
Andrews, Val: Manual of Balloon Modeling Vol 1
Andrus, Jerry: Sleightly Slanted
Anonymous (Nickerson Pub): Hocus Pocus, or the Whole Art of Legerdemain (1830)
Anonymous (Worthing Co. Pub): Parlor Magic A Series of Tricks Made Easy (1889)
Anonymous: Hocus Pocus Jr (1635)
Aragon, Woody: Memorandum
Archer, Danny: Alone Again
Archer, Danny: Working Alone (added book cover)
Armstrong, George: Tricks of the Trade
Atmore, Joseph: Dunninger's Brain Busters
Avis, Jack & John Derris: Vis a Vis, a Jack Avis Book
Avis, Jack & Lewis Jones: Ahead of the Pack
Baker, Matt: The Buena Vista Shuffle Club
Baker, Roy: Miracle Shell-Coin Routines
Baker, William, Jr.: Close-Up Gospel Magic
Banachek: Psychological Subtleties 2
Banachek: Psychological Subtleties 3
Bannon, John: Avant Carde Journal, Vol 1 Issue 1
Bannon, John: Bullet Party
Bannon, John: Secret Weapons
Bannon, John: Some Impossibilia
Bannon, John: Without Volume One, Number One
Bargatze, Stephen: Four Tricks From All Four of Us
Barnhart, Norm: Comedy Balloon Hats
Barnhart, Norm: Comedy Magic With Balloons
Baron, Harry: Magic for Beginners (added book cover)
Bishop, Glenn: Early Bishop Card Effects
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 1
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 2
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 3
Bishop, Glenn: My Blog Magic Routines 4
Brent, Lu: Collected Card Mysteries
Carey, John: The Carey Files, Volume 1
Colombini, Aldo & Will Ayling (editor): Fabian's Magic Notes
Dawes, Edwin A. & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic (updated)
Daws, Jamie: Guise
Dexter, Will: The Illustrated Book of Magic Tricks (added book cover)
Hay, Henry (Ed): Cyclopedia of Magic (added book cover)
Hunter, Norman: Successful Conjuring (added book cover)
Ladanye, Jason: Confident Deceptions
Ladanye, Jason: Game Changer
Longe, Bob: Clever Card Tricks
Lovick, John: The Performance Pieces & Divertissements of the Famous Handsome Jack etc.
Regal, David: Interpreting Magic
Rubinstein, Dr. Michael: Runinstein Coin Magic
Rubinstein, Michael: Creative Coin Magic Lecture 4
Schneider, Al: Al Schneider Magic
Steinmeyer Jim: The Conjuring Anthology
Taylor, Eugene (editor): Antinomy, a Quarterly Journal about Perception & Deception
Tunnah, William F. (Amalfi): Santa's Workshop and Other Christmas Magic


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Feb 2020 New Magic Book Table of Contents Listings

For February, I've added about 54 new table of contents listings to the Magic Books page:

Andrews, Val: Unfaked Book Test
Arnold, Peter: Easy Card Tricks
Clarke, Sydney: The Annals of Conjuring
Crew, Robert & Colette Muir: Ripley's Believe it or Not! Magic and Magicians
Evans, Henry Ridgley: Some Rare Old Books on Conjuring and Magic
Fulves, Karl & Bob Ostin: Bob Ostin's New Submarine Card
Goldston, Will: Simple Conjuring Tricks That Anyone Can Perform
Miesel, Bill: Fork Full of Appetizers, Book 2
Mulholland, John: The Early Magic Shows
Orrin, J.F.: Ring Up the Curtain
Osborne, Paul: 1 Man Illusions and Illusionettes
Osborne, Paul: Holiday Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Step Right Up
Pallas, Norvin: Calculator Puzzles, Tricks and Games
Pavel 15 Micro Tricks
Pitchford, Peter: Presenting Magic
Posgate, Bruce: Dove Pan-ORama
Posgate, Bruce: Table Hopping
Prace, Jeff: Outside the Box
Priest, Carroll K.: The Blindfold Enigma
Purnell, Kyle: Never Finished Lecture Notes
Rachun, Jim (Penny Ante Jim): Short-Changing
Rauscher, William: The Great Raymond
Redford, Patrick G.: Glemme
Redford, Patrick G.: Small Word
Reed, Graham: Audience Tested Originals
Reed, Graham: Audience Tested Originals
Reilly S.W.: Abba Dabba The Mystic
Remnet, Andrew B.: Paper Bag Magic A Handbook of Ideas
Remnet, Andrew B.: Spring Snake Pandemonium!
Reum, Dr. Earl & Lindsay E. Smith: Communicating With Magic
Reum, Earl: Magic for the Civic Club
Reynolds, Charles: Card Magic
Reynolds, Steve: Route 52
Riboulet, Thomas: The Invisible Choice
Riggs, John: Psychic Psingularities
Riobòo, Ramòn: Thinking the Impossible
Ripley, G. Sherman: Magic for Boys
Riser, Harry: Secrets of an Escamoteur
Robertson, John: John's Magic Dozen
Robertson, Robin: Card Modes
Robinson, Scott & Steve Beam: Illogical - A Lecture
Robinson, Scott: Last Night at the Round Table Volume 1
Robinson, Scott: Last Night at the Round Table Volume 2
Rogers, John: Know Sleight Intended, Again!
Romano, Chuck: The Art of Deception
Romano, Chuck: The Mechanics of Marvels
Romhany, Paul & Wayne Rogers: Signed Card on Blue Stake
Romhany, Paul: Multiplying Bottles
Silano, Rocco: Lessons In Sleeving
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Magic
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Stunts
Van Rensselaer, Alexander: Fun With Ventriloquism
Van Rhee, Tony: Lecture Notes
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Jan 2020 Magic Book Table of Content Update

50 Books added to the Magic Book Table of Contents page.
Also updated the Reference Guide to the Egg Bag.

Books added in January:

Abbott, David P.: David P. Abbott's Book of Mysteries
Acer, David: Bread & Butter
Acer, David: This is a Circle
Acer, David: Toast & Jam
Adair, Ian: Oceans of Notions
Adair, Ian: Television Puppet Magic
Adams, Howard: OICUFESP Volume 3
Alberstat, Paul: Can You Keep a Secret?
Albright, Howard: Klever Kard Kodes
Anderson, A.: How to Do 40 Tricks With Cards
Anderson, A.: How To Do Mechanical Tricks
Anderson, A.: How to Do Sleight of Hand
Anderson, A.: How to Do Tricks - Card Tricks and Magic
Anderson, Gent: Gene Anderson The Book
Anderson, Harry: The Shadow
Andrews, Val: Dedicated Magic
Andrews, Val: Goodnight Mr. Dante
Bordner, Greg: The Abbot Magic Collection Volume 18 Supplement & Potpourri
Burlingame, H.J.: How to Read People's Minds
De La Mano: Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy
Grant, U.F. & Stewart James: Abbott's Hat Loading Methods
Grant, U.F.: 50 Ways to Produce a Silk
Hughes, Tom: Libraries Rock
Jermay, Luke: 3510
Jones, Gary: Life's a Beach Volume One
Jones, Gary: Life's a Beach Volume Two
Jones, Lewis: As If By Magic
Knight, Devin: A Lifetime in Magic (Volume 1)
Knight, Devin: A Lifetime in Magic (Volume 2)
Neale, Robert: Impossi-Bill Braid
Oldham, Keith: Coin Magic Basic
Osborne, Paul: Evil Illusions
Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix #2
Osborne, Paul: Kidtrix #3
Powers, Mike: Tesseract
Selbit: Magic Art of Entertaining
Stodare, Colonel: Hand-Book of Magic
That's Magic: 50 Tricks With Scotch & Soda
Williams, Walt: Nu-Trix With the Square Circle
Yates, Jack: Accusation
Yeager, John: Further Magic With Dots
Yeager, John: More Magic With Dots
Yee, Shaun: Cardwitched
York, Scotty: Cups & Balls
York, Scotty: Passport Wallet
Zabrecky, Rob: An Exploration At the Intersection of Magic and Theatre
Zella, Frank & Jimmy King: Woffledusters
ZeTuer, Prof: Magic Rabbit Book
Zingg, Allen: Billets - Naturally
Zoerman, Robert J., Jr.: MagicBob's Potpourri Lecture

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Dec 2019 Magic Book Table of Contents Update

Happy New Year! Just added 28 additional books this month to the Magic Book Table of Contents page:

Ackerman, Allan: Here´s My Card (added descriptions)
Banachek (Steve Shaw): Psychokinetic Time
Banachek (Steve Shaw): Psychokinetic Touches
Banachek: Psychophysiological Thought Reading
Banfield, Jake: Magic Tricks With Coins, Cards and Everyday Objects (needs cover)
Becker, Larry: Larry Becker's Stunners! Plus! (updated)
Berland, Samuel: Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
Bordner, Greg (Producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 14: Card Magic & Routines (added descriptions)
Bordner, Greg (producer): The Abbott Magic Collection Volume 4 Secrets and Routines (added descriptions)
Congreave, Chris: Congreave's Curiosities
DeCourcy, Ken: After Dinner Technique
DeSouza, Marc & David Acer (editor): DeSouza's DeCeptions
Elsdon, Mark: Mentalism Reveals
Goldstein, Phil: Mawny Notes
Gravatt Glenn: Second Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
Gravatt, Glenn: Encyclopedia of Self Working Card Tricks
Johnson, Matthew: Mixing It Up
Leveridge, Mark: British Close-Up Magic Symposium: All nine Symposium books (descriptions added)
Wind, Asi: Asi Wind Chapter One
Windley, Charles: Teaching & Learning With Magic
Windsor, Tommy: Suitcase Side Show
Wisch, Bill & Rocco Silano: The Winning Edge
Wiseman, Ronaldo: Lecture Notes
Woodbury, Rand: Illusionworks
Wright, T. Page & William Larson: Page Wright's Notebook
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