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Last update: March 2018
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List of Articles:
Believe On the Lord Jesus Christ  Mar 2018
A message on Salvation
The Proverbs Categorized: March 2007
The Book of Proverbs (KJV) broken up into categories. It is sometimes helpful to see what God has to say about a particular subject when the verses are all grouped together. I found this a very valuable exercise.
Bible Versions: April 2008
A relatively short presentation on Bible Versions. Promotes the KJV and includes a comparison test with the NIV.
Baptism Dec 2003
Study concludes that infant baptism is not warranted and that there is Biblical support for all three modes of baptism.
The Lord's Supper: Apr 2009
A look into what it is, how often should it be celebrated, and who can partake. Not yet as thorough as I would like!
Iniquity of the Fathers Dec 2003
Will the Iniquity of the Fathers Will Be Visited Upon the Sons? (Short answer: No)
Bible Software: April 2015
Listing of many, many bible study programs for the Windows, Mac, Linux, and PDA platforms.
Bible Software Overview: April 2015
General overview of software to be used for Bible Study
Bible Software Evaluation Criteria: April 2015
Covers some things to look for in Bible Software, and the general criteria I look at during evaluations
Bible Audio: Bible in MP3    April 2010
Faith Comes by Hearing, and Hearing by the Word of God. A listing of some of the different Audio Bibles available on the market.
Electronic Audio Bible Devices: April 2015
While you can copy Bible MP3s to an MP3 player yourself, there are several commercial products available that have already done this for you, some with special advantages. See this chart for more information
Approach2Homeschool  Jan 2005
This is an article outlining our approach to homeschooling utilizing a combination of approaches with an emphasis on the Christian classical approach as taught in the Bluedorn's Teaching the Trivium book. Includes our current daily homeschooling schedule for 2005. We hope this can be an encouragement and a blessing to all those who read it.
Use Caution when Selecting Homeschool Materials: Dec 2003
Short article on being careful of what you buy for your homeschool needs.
Be Careful Little Eyes Mar 2004
Study on our education and viewing it through a Biblical Worldview.
Christianity & Magic Tricks July 2003
Can a Christian perform magic tricks or illusions? (Short answer: yes, but with caution!)

Music Software: Various piano and music tutor software programs available. I starting looking for music software to supplement our children's piano lessons. There are quite a few programs available, and this article is an attempt to list many of them with a bit of information about what they do.

Buying A Piano.  I didn't know how hard it was to buy a piano until we started looking. Pianos can be purchased new anywhere from $2000 to well over $50,000! A "must have" resource is Larry Fine's The Piano Book. It provides tons of information on selecting and buying a piano and teaches much about how they work and what separates a good piano from the not-so-good. Remember, however, that the views are from one person (though ratings are based on interviews with lots of piano technicians). The bottom line should be that you purchase the piano that you like.

Salicylate Intolerance: Cheryl's story of her Salycalte Intolerance and some potentially helpful resources. There is today much more information available about this issue than when this article was written over 10 years ago. Note - this is NOT medical advice, just our experiences with this condition.
Wet Shaving: An article I wrote quite some years ago on wet shaving with a traditional blade, shaving cream, and a quality badger brush.