The Magic Reference Pages!   magician

These pages are provided here for the serious magician. There are no secrets revealed here, but rather some tools that may help you in your performing art. This is a non-commercial site, and these pages are for informational purposes only. Nothing is for sale here. The pages are split into the following sections, which can be accessed via the links across the top of each page:

1. Magic References: This page provides links to the various bibliographic reference pages for effects such as the Linking Rings, Color Changing Knives, and more. Each page provides a listing of Books, Videos/DVDs, and Products that reference the specific effect.

2. Magic Book Contents (Table of Contents, or TOC) Listings: This page provides an index to hundreds of magic book table of contents listings. This will help you search for an effect in the books you own, or to browse the contents of a book before buying it. This section will only grow with your help.

3. Magic Articles:

Should Christians perform magic? A Biblical perspective.
Beginners: an article to help you get started
Technical Notes: information about the layout of these pages

4. How to Submit: Do you have a magic book not listed here? I'd love to post the table of contents listing? This page provides you information on the general formatting I recommend.

5. Magic Links: links to many magic shops offering books and products related to the effects featured on this page.