Laflin, Duane: Positive Magic
©1993 Duane Laflin
Softcover, Comb-bound, 8.5x11", 68 pages
Positive Magic
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Duanve Laflin: Positive Magic


Contents (book ToC):

1 Introduction
2 Why Positive Magic?
6 They Don't Care How Good You Are!
8 A Booking Secret
9 Positive Magic is...
10 How Is Positive Magic Done
12 The Routine Section Of This Book
13 Who Is Special? (Professor's Nightmare)
16 Torn And Restored Napkin
21 The Enchanted Hanger
24 Egg Bag Antics
29 Multi-Colored Rope Link
32 Comedy Mind Reading
35 A Positive Routine For The Gozinta Boxes
38 Half And Half Silk
43 How To Handle Mistakes!
49 The Sword Cabinet
52 Blendo Lesson
54 A Secret Message
56 Spell Them For Us Now
62 Too Late Toy Shop Trick
64 Format For The "Respect" School Show
66 Format Of A "Positive Magic" Show For A Family
67 The End