Submission Information

This site can't grow (at least not very fast) without your help!

I'm always interested in the following:

1. Corrections to listings, such as incorrect web site addresses, incorrectly spelled names, dead links and so forth.

2. Additional references for the Magic Effect Reference Guides/Bibliographies. If you know of significant books, lecture notes, videos, or products that should be referenced for an effect, please let me know so I can add them. In general, I'd like to have the author/manufacturer, title, description, cost, and where the item can be purchased. Any comments applicable to the specific effect would be helpful. For example, if you have a new book with a linking ring routine in it, you might add a comment such as "linking ring routine uses 17 rings of sizes from 3 inches to 3 feet!", or whatever is applicable.

3. Additional Table of Contents listings for Videos or Books. Any magic book or video that is not listed is certainly appreciated, with a concentration on close up magic preferred. Please send any contributions in plain text in the following format if possible:

Author's Last Name, First Name: Title of Book
Copyright Date, Publisher
Illustrator or other significant contributors
Number of pages, Type of Cover
Comment: Write a short description of the book or any significant notes you want to make about it overall. Not intended as a full review!
Contents: In the following format
Page Number; Effect/Chapter Title; Short description. Please try to avoid revealing any secrets!

I'll do the necessary HTML formatting to keep the style the same as the current pages. Please ensure that comments and descriptions are your own so as to respect all copyright ownerships. Thanks!

Please send any contents listings or suggestions to me at: