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Last update:  Mar 2021: Added Gary Sumpter's Ace Magic Studio.
May 2020: Added
Centre de Recherche sur la Prestidigitation (In French)

I've broken the areas down into: General Magic Information sites, Magic Shops, and Christian Magic, and Wholesale Dealers.

General Magic Information, Forums, Reviews, etc.
Documentations Des Arts Magiques (Documentation of the Magic Arts) Magic Reference Guides and more! Great, but only in French
Another Source for Book TOCs: Denis Behr's well done magic book table of contents database
Philip Sweeting's Blog on Bicycle Card availability in the U.K. Dan Watkin's coin magic site; tons of great reviews. Quite dated (2010), but still valuable.
New! Centre de Recherche sur la Prestidigitation - French site for Magic Research
Brian Watson's Cups & Balls website Bill Palmer's Cups & Balls Museum site with tons of pictures and information about the cups and balls
The Genii Magazine discussion forum w/Richard Kaufman Another Source for Book TOCs: Book TOCs and discussions forum Magic Bunny UK Magic Forum The Magic Cafe Forum: excellent!
Martin's Magic - photos & descriptions of 1000's of books and magic props Review site with tons of information Harvey Nerzof's Magic Reviews site; download them all as a PDF file. Not updated since 2007! Book information and Reviews - older companion site to Martin's Magic site, above.

Shopping Recommendations: My first recommendation is to try and find a good local shop near you. Sometimes prices will be a little higher than mail order, but overall it is still better to buy local. You can see stuff demonstrated, you can see what you are buying, and if you develop a good relationship with the owner, he or she can let you in on good deals, let you weed out the good stuff from the junk, and so forth. It generally costs more to run a store front than just a warehouse (or garage!) and a web page. However, many magicians don't have stores local to them, or the local stores aren't very good, or they just don't carry what you are looking for.

This listing (in somewhat of an alphabetical order) does not represent every good shop, and note that some listings are here for the sake of the magic reference pages and I have never shopped there. Also, especially for some of the smaller shops, it may be wise to contact the owner before submitting an order. Some websites are old and may not be current, even though the ordering pages are still available.

Magic Shops Shops I frequented and personally recommend are noted by (***). Absolutely Magic (Andrew Pinard). La Maggiore resin shells & 3 Shell Game items Abbott's Magic Company. A "Classic" Magic dealer with a huge catalog (***) Abe Books Search Site. Search tons of used book dealers (not magic specific) (***)
Ace Magic Studio. Gary Sumpter's site with exclusive magic and mentalism
David Acer's Catalog of books, DVD, and lots of info, videos, etc.
Alakazam's magic shop recently opened a USA website. General magic shop. Frank Starsinic's The Ambitious Card. Great Custom Magic: Leather Chop Cups, etc. (***) Michael Ammar Magic. Products by Michael and others, shows, tips, and a chat room. Chef Anton's and Whit Haydn's School for Scoundrels Store Lee Asher's page. Catch 33 Monte and more. Keith Bennet's Magic (U.K.) for Tango Coin Magic Martin Breese International: UK magic, Digital Gen on CD, The Bendix Bombshell Wallet, and lots more! Brad Burt's Magic Shop, San Diego, California. Provides good advice. Last update shows 2008! Bradbury Books & Beyond, Another great source for used books Camirand Academy of Magic, Canada. Carries Gary Ouellet's material and unique items John Carney's Site (Carnycopia book, vids, more) Mike Caveney's Magic Words (Linking Coathangers) Chazpro Magic. Manufacturer, General Magic shop.
Conjuring Arts Research Center - eBooks, cards, subscriptions to Gibecière journal, Ask Alexander, and more
Doug Conn. Tricks of My Trade, ConnJuring books. Crosewl Magic: Renaissance Faire, Custom Wood products (***) The Cuckoo's Nest. General site, good selection of wallets. Note: out of business, but website is still up. Paul Cummins Site: From a Shuffled Deck in Use
Dan and Dave Productions: Dan and Dave Buck's magic Daryl's Fooler's Droolers Magic store. Davenport's U.K. Publishers and makers of magic since 1898 Daytona Magic. Large Florida dealer, manufactures some items. Dean Dill's magic: Dean's Box, Dean's "O" Kito, more Denny & Lee's Magic Studio. Manipulative magic, new/used books. (***) Diamond's Magic; Excellent Book/Video prices Doc Eason's Rocky Mountain Magic. Videos, manuscripts, and more.
Don Bursell's Used Magic El Duco's Magic Supply
Dutch Illusion Design. Mostly illusions, but also Giant Linking Rings Magic Apple general shop. Newsletter provides blunt reviews. E-bay used and new magic listings. Buy with caution! Emagictricks general magic shop (brick & Mortar and Internet) in the U.K. Empire Magic. Good, general magic shop:
FAB Magic Company: general magic shop, manufactures some products (***) Fabric Manipulation: Egg Bags and more by Lynetta Welch
Fantasma Magic - beginner to pro magic Cody Fisher Magic, featuring Cody's DVD & specialized products Five of Hearts Magic Productions (Colin Rose): Quality wood products (U.K.) The Flicking Fingers: "The Book, or Don't Forget to Point", and lecture notes Eddie Gibson's unique coin magic (U.K.) Paul Gordon's own card effects, more. Nice site. Hades Publications. Lots of unique books Harries Magic. Makers of quality Cups for the Cups & Balls
Jeff Hobson's website for his signature Egg Bag routine, DVD, and props Hocus Pocus Magic Shop, CA. Large shop. Houdini's Magic Shop. General shop, features inexpensive locking ring set, some unique products
Mark Burger's House of Magic with quality Burma products Jay Leslie, chop cups, ring & string, more International Magic in the U.K., founded by Ron MacMillan of "Symphony of the Spheres" I Saw That! Canada. Book reviews, original magic, and more (***)
JBTV United Kingdom; Mark Mason's creations and much more. Now with a USA site as well! JCR Magic, San Antonio, Texas, general shop Joe Jesse's Home page & Jumbo Coin Magic, Extreme Koin magic Martin Joyal on the Memorized Deck, plus new and used books
Kaymar Magic in the U.K. General shop. Bob Kohler Magic. Small shop features unique line of quality products Roy Kuepper's World of Magic Site: custom coin boxes & apparatus. Canada Todd Lassen's quality custom coins L&L Publishing. Videos and effects. Excellent catalog.
L&L Publishing for e-Books & video downloads Michael Lee's Millennium Cups available again at $550 (March 2009)
Levent Magic - Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls and more Jarle Leirpoll: Pocket Power, videos, essays, and more. Self Publishing e-Book & Printed Book Service, has a few Magic e-books Lybrary (Chris Wasshuber): e-Book site with many excellent offerings (***) Mark Leveridge Magic (U.K.) Unique products, downloadables MagicBox UK: nice general magic site The Magic Depot. General Magic, downloadables, and more (***) Magic Incorporated. Good general magic, great book catalog. (***) MagiKraft Magic featuring magic by Martin Lewis
MagicNook: Magic of Magicbob Productions, Jim Garrish, Brian Miller Magic, the Fiki Bros, and more
Peter Monticup's general site. (***)
Magic Voitko: Victor Voitko's shop featuring the Flying Linking Rings (Russia) Jerry Mentzer's South Carolina magic shop MHMagic Magazines: used magic magazines and auctions Magic Spoonerisms. Bill Spooner's publications and offerings. Magic Warehouse. Carries wallets, more. Aldo Colombini's Wild Colombini site (formerly MammaMia Magic) Chris Manos Magic. Chain of Chance, Police magic.
Merchant of Magic (U.K.), general shop
Merlins Wakefield (U.K.) large shop, carries some unique items Tim Felix' Midwest Magic, IL; General Shop Todd Karr's The Miracle Factory; publisher of Roy Benson by Starlight, Al Baker, more Joe Mogar's Magic Stars Color Changing Knives, Thimble Magic (***)
Ron Allesi's The Mystery Emporium; used magic Nielsen Magic; Posters, Vanishing bottles, etc. Owen Magic Supreme, makers of high quality and expensive apparatus Penguin Magic general dealer; excellent video demonstrations, free shipping Mike Powers Mall of Magic: Boston Box routine Paul Howard Pro Magic Catalogue U.K.
A "store" site for; sells one-up effects periodically (not a regular shop; see also site above)
Quicker Than the Eye - nice used book and apparatus site.
Redefine Magic: carries Redefine Pro Linking Rings RFA Productions Wallets, Channel One magazine. Geo. Richbark & Co. Illinois, Manufacturer of small to stage magic. Rings 'N Things II Cups and Balls, Chop Cups, Magic Wands, etc. James Riser Magic: Manufacturer cups & balls, more plus lots of info (***)
Rodger Lovins Magic: Color Changing Knives and more Ronjo Magic. Large dealer and manufacturer. Jay Sankey's Magic Shop - Occasional free tricks! Jeff Scanlan Site: Universal Thimble Set, Eugene Burger's Thought Sender... Jamie SchoolCraft's Precision Magic: custom coin work Brett Sherwood "World's Most Beautiful Cups"
School for Scoundrel's Store. Whit Haydn & Chef Anton. Steve Shufton: Floating Match, Okito Box, DVD Bob Solari Magic Shop. Unique items, Chop Cup Mug (Offline Oct 2014)
Sterling Steal's Website: 17" Linking Rings and more Stevens Magic Emporium. Quality company with excellent catalogs. (***) Stolina Magie (German) Some unique products... Todd Strong's Perceptual Motion. Dice Stacking and Juggling Tannen's Magic. Old supplier, large warehouse. Carries some hard to find items.
Tirofog Inc.: Magic shop also manufactures Eggs-Actly eggs and a few other products
Magic by Pauline Tong (Dan & Pauline) Pauline makes some well regarded Egg Bags, and site offers other magic as well The Trick Shop. Features downloadable e-books. Diamond Jim Tyler's Website, features extracts from Pockets Full of Miracles book Van Dokkum's Cups and Balls site. Quality cups, wands, linking rings (Netherlands)
Vanishing Inc. - a great general magic shop; manufactures & produces as well Viking Manufacturing. Carries Collector's Workshop items as well. David Evangelista's Visual Magic Shop: Magnetic Hold Out and other unique items Alan Warner quality custom wood products Wizard Craft, a whole line of magic, carries O'Connel wallets from London John Rogers Wooden Cigars; custom cigars of wood and magic effects Metro Detroit, Michigan Brick & Mortar shop Meir Yedid Magic, carries and produces effects, videos, etc. Shaun Yee's Magic (Italy)
Zauber Kellerhof (Germany): German magic dealer

Christian & Family Magic
These sites either specialize in Gospel Magic or at least carry some Gospel Magic products.
Amaze Kids - sister site to Vanishing Inc., run by Danny Orleans and specializing in family & kidshow magic Steve Axtell's puppetry page with a few illusions Creative Children's Ministries: with downloadable Object Lessons Fellowship of Christian Magicians organization home page David Ginn's books and more for the Gospel Magician
Duane Laflin Magic. Gospel Magic Author. La Rock's Fun & Magic; General magic and a decent Gospel Magic selection Children's ministry with puppetry & illusion Doc Haley's Gospel Magic products Daytona Magic carries some Gospel Magic Brent Smith's The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop in Alberta, Canada. Small shop, some Gospel Magic
WholeSale Dealers D. Robbins Inc., Wholesale Distributor, also handles Sam Delal (Electrofun, India) imports Fun, Inc. Magic Wholesale Distributor (operates Royal Magic and Hampton Ridge lines) Bazar de Magia: Argentina Funtime Innovations Private Limited (formerly Electrofun Magic); manufacturer and distributor in India (Sam Dalal). D. Robbins distributes their stuff in the USA. Johnson Products, Inc. Machine shop, manufacturer of coin gaffs, Cups & Balls. Magic City Wholesalers MAK Magic wholesale distributors (also handles Mark Mason's JB Magic line from U.K.) Magic Maker's Inc. Makes some good stuff but also some "knockoffs" Murphy's Magic Supplies: Wholesale Only Sasco Magic: wholesale manufacturer of ovebr 150 coin gaffs and tricks. Getting service not found errors Jan 2020 George Schindler's Show Biz Services: several unique items Tango Magic of Argentina: wholesale coin tricks and color changing knives (knives discontinued) Vernet Magic - thumbtips, etc. Sells wholesale only.

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