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Toy Wooden Railroads

Information compiled by Doug A, e-mail:
Last Update: Oct 2010

There are tons of web pages out there about model trains, but there are not many that cover wooden toy railroads (though the number has certainly increased these past few years!).

This section of the website is split into 6 pages (not including this one). Click on the links at the top to go to one of the following:

1. Buying Page provides an overview of wooden railroads and the available features.

2. Suppliers Page showcases many of the current manufacturer's of toy wooden trains and railroads.

3. Historical pages feature lots of photos of mostly "older" train sets, some of which are no longer available. Right now including:
Skaneateles Handicrafters (Haba/T.C. Timber)
Jack-Built Snap-Trains
Micki Sweden
Lincoln Log
Learning Curve
Lionel Licenses
Ertl Hometown Roadway
Strombecker TootsieToy
Lights, Camera, Interaction!

4. Thomas! page provides some information on other Thomas the Tank Engine trains (non-wooden).

5. Links Page provides links to Internet sites that carry wooden trains or have more information about them.

Thanks to the many people who have contributed new links, updates, and other info. I really appreciate it.
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